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Colouring and Maintaining your Hair

Nothing can beat the feeling which you get just after visiting a salon and getting a complete hair makeover. While exploring new hairstyles you can opt for different lengths and cuts, along with a dash of colour which will change your look completely. Newly coloured hair, styled beautifully, will make you glow with satisfaction. Whether you opt for a subtle shade or experiment with a completely new look, the makeover is a totally fun process. However, you need to try to choose a shade or colour which complements your complexion and also harmonizes with the season.

If you have got hair extensions done to add more volume to your hair. Do not worry, hair extensions can also be coloured and experimented with for different styling. However, it is advisable to consult a professional hairdresser to take his expert opinion on the type of colours which can be used and the type of cut you should opt for depending on your complexion, face cut, hair texture etc.

So if you are planning to colour your hair or are dying to have a complete makeover, don’t forget to consider the below-mentioned points before taking the plunge.


Choose the Colour based on Your Skin Tone

Each individual has a different skin tone. If a certain colour looks good on your friend, It does not mean it may look good on you too. Not all hair colours are suitable for all types of skin tones. It is important to trust your hairdresser and take his opinion before choosing a shade for your hair.

Warm skin tones look great with shades of browns. Look for shades which have “golden,” “bronze,” or “copper” in their name.

Cool skin tones generally have a blue or pink tint in them. Go for cool colours for your hair, look for words like “ash,” “platinum” and “champagne” in the shade name.


Moisturizing the treated hair

If you want your hair to retain the colour and look good for a longer period, keep them as moisturized as possible.  Let go of the regular shampoos and conditioners and start using sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners. Colouring and treating your hairs with chemicals make them dry and brittle.  Use products which are specially made for damaged, dry, and coloured hair. It is advisable to use a moisturizing mask every week, to retain the moisture of your hair and stop them from getting frizzy and brittle.


Do not wash hair too frequently

Avoid washing your hair frequently, as washing them daily will lead to fading of your hair colour. Regular washing strips away the natural oils from the hair. Buy a good quality shampoo, which restores the oils and cleans the hair thoroughly. Try to maintain a gap of a few days between each wash.


Get a Professional to colour your hair

Bleaching hair and using low-quality hair colours may result in damage to your hair. Saving money by using cheap hair dyes, may force you to end up spending a lot more on repair the damaged hair.  Mixing colours and preparing the hair solutions at home may end up giving you a disastrous result or you may not achieve the final look which you were expecting.  A professional hair expert can guide you on the choice of colour. They are well experienced to mix and manage the colours in a way which will give you the best results.  The stylists are trained to use the latest techniques, which help in enhancing your natural locks.


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