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Brushing your teeth

Is brushing alone enough for your teeth?

Most individuals take brushing their teeth only as an acceptable bare minimum in taking care of their teeth and do not do much after. Toothbrush bristles can only cover the open surfaces of the teeth and may have trouble reaching the surfaces in between teeth. This may be detrimental towards one’s oral health as the hidden surfaces account for a significant surface area of your teeth and so should be taken into consideration when assessing your oral health as a whole. In this article, we will be covering some other techniques and tools you can use to improve the health of your teeth.


Flossing your Teeth

Perhaps the most effective manner to reach in between your teeth, you should floss your teeth at least once a day. The process involves rubbing a thread of flossing in between your teeth to dislodge any food that may have formed a paste on your teeth or any minute pieces of food. This food, combined with the steady supply of moisture from your saliva as well as the general warmth of your mouth forms the ideal environment for the action of bacteria. This may lead to the formation of plaque and even may lead to tooth decay as the bacteria begin to break down your teeth. Extreme tooth damage may even lead to the loss of teeth.

The technique employed is just as important as well. While moving the flossing thread from side to side, one should also move diagonally to dislodge the paste formed on one’s teeth. This continuous diagonal movement increases your chances of removing more food in between your teeth.


Mouthwash Products

Mouthwash products are a mixed bag as some are purely used for freshening your breath without any real contribution to your oral hygiene. You should search for products that have fluoride in them as this is the primary element in toothpaste used in nurturing the health of your teeth.

It’s worth noting that mouthwash products should not be used as a primary means of oral hygiene nor replace brushing your teeth.


Bottom Line

Remember, your mouth forms the ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria. If you are looking for the absolute bare minimum when it comes to your oral hygiene, then brushing your teeth twice a day as well as flossing at least once a day should be enough. This will aid in preventing the formation of dental caries or gingivitis.

If you have any queries on oral hygiene or any concerns as regarding the health of your teeth then a quick online search should be enough to identify a dentist near you. For example, “dentist in Maroubra” should be the appropriate search item for any residents in Maroubra.


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