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Say Goodbye to common Swimming pool Myths

Most people love swimming pools and would love to have them in their backyards. However, there are some common worries and myths about swimming pools which deters people from taking the plunge and investing in having a private swimming pool. Listed below is a list of the most common myths surrounding swimming pools their installation and usage and why they’re actually false or partly false. We hope that this information will help you make a better decision regarding owning a private pool.


1 My backyard is small

False! Today there are a many companies who are providing a wide variety of pools in different shapes and sizes which can fit in your small backyard too. If your backyard is small in size, a plunge pool is the best option for you. Plunge pools are small in size but swim jet systems can be fitted on them.


2 Having a swimming pool will lower my house valuation

Completely False! On the other hand, having a swimming pool on your property can increase your home value. In areas predominantly having a warmer climate, a swimming pool on the property will help increasing the valuation even more.


3 My backyard will be in a mess for months

Not true! Today there are several companies which are manufacturing ready to fit pools, which do not take months for building a cheap swimming pool in the backyard. If you choose a composite fibreglass pool, the pool shell is readily constructed as per your specifications. It is delivered to your home and installed directly in the ground. Installation requires some amount of digging, but it is for a small period of a few weeks before the pool is completely ready. Using these ready pools take much lesser time than building a concrete pool.


4 I don’t need to shower before getting in my private pool

False! It is important to shower before you enter a pool whether a private pool or public pool. Showering before swimming helps in keeping it cleaner and avoiding impurities from entering the pool.  If you shower every time before you enter the pool, you would not have to use extra chlorine to keep the pool clean.


5 Winterizing the pool is not required

Neither true nor false. Winterizing a pool is completely a personal preference. It is mainly determined by the temperatures and climate of your area.  If you have harsh winters, freezing temperatures can lead to damaging the pool equipment. Winterizing the pool will save you the pool maintenance during the winters. Whereas many people opt for a heated pool, keeping it open.


6 The pool water in is clear which means the pool is clean

Not necessarily. Though a cloudy or muddy pool could mean there is a problem with the filtration process, it is important for you to check your pool chemicals even when the water looks clear. Clear waters could also be having some chemicals or impurities in it.


7 My pet dog should not swim with me

False! As a dog owner, you need to take a few precautions to ensure the safety of your pet. You can take your pet along with you in the pool, but before allowing him to do so, ensure that the dog can move in and out of the pool to safety easily. Never leave your dog unattended in the pool, it is important to keep them under supervision always.

So leave behind your worries, and say goodbye to all the misconceptions and myths. Go ahead and fulfil your dream of having a private pool. The market is flooded with so many options for different types, sizes, shapes of pool. Choose a swimming pool type which suits your requirements and fits your budget.


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