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Leather Lounge Myths

The versatility of lounges makes them arguably the most crucial piece of furniture in any home. Besides offering space for sitting as you relax, watch TV or hang out with family, they can also double up as beds. Because of its significance, most homeowners take their time when choosing the design, style, and type of fabric on their lounges.

Regarding fabric, people usually have to pick between leather and the rest. Despite the many distinct advantages of leather, as well as its classic natural appearance, people fail to buy leather furniture because of misinformation.

The following are some of the widespread myths on leather lounges.

They are Difficult to Maintain

Some people wrongfully claim that leather furniture requires special chemical treatment to prevent cracking and warping. What they do not know is that leather is one of the material that requires the least maintenance. Unlike fabric lounges that require vacuuming to remove accumulated dirt, leather does not stain quickly and requires a damp cloth to clean. Even better, they are resistant to allergens, making them the best choice for allergic people.

They Age Quickly

Synthetic leather lounges are the reason why some individuals think that leather furniture ages quickly.  The reality is that lounges made of genuine leather last for years without losing their colour and suppleness. The only requirement is cleaning stains and wiping off any water, which is in itself a straightforward process.

They are Uncomfortable

No type of furniture fabric can match the luxuriousness offered by leather. Leather is naturally soft and assumes the shape of your body, which further enhances the cosiness of the seat. The only situation where a leather seat can get slightly uncomfortable is during hot conditions. At such times, the fabric will absorb heat and make you feel sweaty. Otherwise, leather is the only fabric renowned for endless warmth.

If you want your leather lounge to stay comfortable throughout, use it exclusively indoors. Too much sun can make it hot, while extreme lows can shrink it a bit.

They are Expensive

Although genuine leather lounges are significantly costlier than other types of furniture, you are much better off purchasing them. In the long run, the extra money you paid upfront will be repaid because the lounge will last for longer without needing repairs and replacements, unlike fabric lounges.

They are Fragile

Another myth that people spread about leather is that it is fragile. While it is not entirely resilient, it is less vulnerable than other types of fabric. Because of its lush nature, it takes a significant amount of force to impose damage on leather. Moreover, it does not become fray when exposed to the sun. You can prolong the lifetime of your leather fabric by adding a protective coat onto it.


Most people who speared myths about leather have probably used faux leather, whose qualities are far apart from those of genuine leather. As seen above, leather has numerous advantages and lasts long if it is maintained correctly. It is also a much healthier option because it does not absorb dust.

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