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What makes a Good Truck Driver?

What makes a Good Truck Driver?

When it comes to road safety you need good drivers on the roads to avoid tragedies. Many states take drivers through intense assessments before issuing licenses. The entire process is designed to ensure anyone behind the wheel is competent. Driving a truck requires more specialized training and the assessment is more thorough. Considering assessments are not done frequently and some bad drivers slip through the system, it’s important to know what makes a good driver before allowing them to operate your truck or ferry your goods. Here are some things to consider to know a good truck driver

Where they got their training.

Truck driving is a skill that is acquired through rigorous training. The skill of driving a normal sedan or a pick-up does not directly translate to a truck. The differences are massive due to the size, power and weight of a truck. Nonetheless, training from the right school is enough to turn any driver into a competent truck driver. Truck driving courses are offered by numerous driving schools but some names are known for modelling world-class drivers with more than basic competency. Their courses are designed to expose truck drivers to all the necessary training they need to perform their duties. Employers can attest to the performance of specific truck drivers from particular driving schools and this shows the importance of where you did your training course.

Driving experience

Experience is a major feature in any job application. In a field where practical skills are necessary, experience goes a long way in determining performance. Sometimes the only difference between an amateur truck driver and a professional is experience. Experienced truck drivers have an edge over new drivers. They have confidence in their skills and their practical knowledge is far more superior. An experienced driver executes manoeuvres more efficiently and the probability of errors is kept to a minimum. In case of an eventuality, an experienced driver is likely to deliver better outcomes. Experience should not be judged according to the number of years in the profession but by the duration, a driver has been actively on the driving seat.


In some professions, it’s harsh to judge someone by their personality but for a truck driver, personality has a strong correlation with performance. A good truck driver has to be reliable. Trucking is a business that operates with strict deadlines and the consequences of late deliveries or pickups can be costly. A reliable driver can deliver on their timelines. Self-dependency is a key trait for a good truck driver. Truck drivers take sole responsibility for a truck and its cargo. Therefore they must be fit to operate on their own. At the event of a problem, a truck driver must seek the first solution before calling in help. A good truck driver should be able to handle a lot of stress. Setbacks are common in the profession and the long hours don’t make it easier. The right traits go a long way in guaranteeing the performance of a truck driver.

The track record

A good truck driver is good on the wheel and paper. The competency of a truck driver can be assessed by their performance in the course of their profession. Assessment should look into successful deliveries, punctuality, the number of accidents, traffic offenses, and recommendations from previous employers. A good track record equals a good truck driver.

If you have a good truck driver that’s one less concern in your business.


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