What’s The Deal With Protein Bars

What’s The Deal With Protein Bars

Sometimes people need a little help when it comes to their journey for better health. We live in a time where quick and easy are two very important factors, seeing as we’re always so very busy. Now if you’re someone who works a full day and then also works out once or twice during that day, what do you do when you need a quick pick-me-up, snack or filler until you can eat a proper meal?

Protein bars have come a long way since their cereal counterparts that we used to take to school back in the day. There are now so many different kinds to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best protein bars available, all you have to do is try one or two out and see which one you like best. Maybe you like all of them and just rotate between them each month.


1.       Quest Bars

These bars are known for their great taste, they are packed to the brim with nutrition, is high in fibre as well as protein, and very low in carbs. There is also no added sugar, so you can enjoy the taste without the guilt.


Flavours available:


Coconut Cashew

Apple Pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Double Chocolate Chunk

White Chocolate Raspberry


Mint Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Brownie

Cinnamon Roll

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Rocky Road

White Chocolate Blueberry


2.       Soul Bars

If you follow a raw diet then the Soul Bar is for you. Every bar has 17-18g of protein, is high in fibre, omega 3, calcium and has no added sugar. It is 100% raw and has blended fruits, nuts, grains and whey protein isolate. Gluten-free and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Flavour available:


Acai Berry

Chia & Quinoa

Chocolate Coconut

Honey Almond


3.       FitJoy

This forward-thinking brand source the best ingredients to give you the best protein blend. Their bars are free from gluten, maltitol, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives.


Every FitJoy that is purchased has a portion of its proceeds go to underprivileged children. So you’re not just living a healthier lifestyle but also making a difference.


4.       Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie

Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie is a protein bar that has been taken to the next level of chocolate. It’s drizzled and filled with chocolate so you’ll be wondering what you’re eating is actually good for you.

It has a fresh-baked flavour that can be used as a meal replacement or snack when you’re too busy to boil eggs or you’ve forgotten your snack at home. It’s low in cholesterol and has 20g of protein per brownie.  This protein snack will definitely have you coming back for more when the chocolate cravings start hitting hard.


5.       Flapjacked – Mighty Muffin

Yes, this isn’t a protein bar but we figured when you had your fill of those bars perhaps a change in texture would help.


Gluten-free, high in fibre and packed with protein, this muffin is filled with the nutrition that you need if you’re hankering for a snack or you don’t have time to sit down and eat lunch. 20g of protein and 5-6g of fibre, this muffin will leave you satiated and with a smile on your face. It only has 200-240 calories per serving (1 container). They’ve even added a patented probiotic called GanedenBC30 that will help support your immune system and digestive health.

All you have to do is add water then microwave for about 35 seconds and then you’re delicious meal or snack is ready!

We really don’t have any excuse when it comes to our health. With so many great options available it makes our decisions for a healthier lifestyle a lot easier.


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How to Decide Between an Inbuilt Fireplace and a Freestanding

Well folks, this is a tough question. There are so many variables that need to be considered when choosing between an inbuilt and freestanding fireplace. Both fireplaces will make your home warm in winter and provide a cosy space for friends and family to congregate. The difference between the two fireplaces mainly has to do with aesthetics. Freestanding fireplaces have a more traditional look whereas the inbuilt fireplace has a more modern appeal. In this post, we will compare and contrast the two fireplaces to help you make the tough decision.


Freestanding Fireplaces.

My love affair with freestanding fireplaces, especially wood fuelled, dates back to my upbringing in the country. My parents had an old potbelly in the lounge room that we used to sit around to keep warm in the winter time. The crackling of the fire was like the soundtrack to my childhood, as we sat around and gazed at the fire, getting lost in the magic that was contained in the potbelly. The heat emanated through the room as my brothers and I would sit around and play board games in front of the fire, while the family cat and dog would stretch out on the rug. It was the only time they would get along.

The whole experience of going to collect firewood with my dad, cutting it up and bringing it into the lounge room was part of the fun. It was always a fight between my brothers I to see who got to stoke the fire next.

For me, it’s all about the nostalgia and the rustic appeal with freestanding fireplaces. The act of cutting the wood and getting back to your primal instincts has a certain appeal – although not all freestanding fireplaces are wood fuelled. Nowadays you can get gas powered as well, which is ideal for those who want the rustic looks without the hassle of cutting and storing wood.

If you ask me though, if you’re going to get a freestanding fireplace you may as well go the whole hog and get a wood fuelled fired fireplace. It’s more of a sensory experience as you feel the warmth, look into the flames, and hear the fire crackle as it bursts through an air pocket in the wood. You also get to smell the slight aromas of the burning wood. Some freestanding fireplace models also come with cooking facilities, so you can have some nice homemade food cooking on the cooktop as you sit around the fire basking in the warmth.

Freestanding fireplaces do take up more room than their inbuilt counterparts, so if you’re lacking in space you might want to opt for the latter.


Inbuilt Fireplaces

Inbuilt fireplaces are very modern looking and sit flush into the wall of your home. They are very sleek in design and usually are only available in gas powered. Inbuilt fireplace has a variety of what they call “media’, which means faux logs and rocks. To be fair, they have done a great job in replicating the natural logs and rocks that would be used in a wood burning fireplace.

Inbuilt fireplaces have all the modern conveniences such as temperature control, remote, and fans. Some are even fully programmable and have a set and forget format. Set and forget means that once you set the schedule the fireplace will turn on and off to conform with the schedule.

As I said before, they look great in modern looking houses and will do everything the freestanding will do and a whole lot more. Inbuilt fireplaces are often more efficient than freestanding as they have fans to push the air out and have the capacity to warm larger spaces. They can also be hooked up to a central system that can warm the whole house through a series of vents.

Some freestanding fireplaces have fans, but it’s highly unlikely that you will find a freestanding wood fuelled fireplace with a fan as it’s too dangerous. Imagine a fan blowing embers around your living room and burning the carpet and maybe even the cat!

Making the choice between a freestanding fireplace and an inbuilt fireplace comes down to a few factors such as functionality, style, and efficiency. As far as functionality goes, some freestanding will have cooktops which you won’t find in an inbuilt unit. But the inbuilt unit will come with a remote and can be more efficient. As far as style goes, freestanding has the more traditional rustic appeal whereas Inbuilt are more suited to a sleek modern appeal. As far as efficiency goes, inbuilt and freestanding are quite efficient, it all depends on the model and efficiency rating, so it pays to do some research when it comes time to making your purchase. Usually they will have an efficiency rating clearly marked on the fireplace in the store and if they don’t ask the attendant.

Choosing between freestanding and inbuilt will come down to your own personal preference and the features you require. They will both keep you warm and that’s what counts.

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Alfresco Dining Done Right This Summer

Summer is the favourite time of year for many Australians because of the extra hours of sunlight and the opportunity to cool off in the ocean on one of the many beautiful beaches our country has to offer. The warm season also delivers some of the yummiest produce that can be eaten straight away at a picnic in the park or exquisitely prepared in an outdoor kitchen.


The history of outdoor dining goes back to medieval times when hunting parties used to enjoy a feast of various meats before setting off on the hunt. It was only later that the more formal version of the picnic emerged due to early urban planning that provided gardens and green areas in major cities. The arrival of public transport and automobiles in the 20th century made picnicking in the great outdoors popular for families and in this era, the wicker picnic basket became a favoured accessory. Today, most Australian restaurants and pubs offer a patio dining area or beer garden where meals and a beverage can be enjoyed.


Whether it’s for a weekly catch up or a special celebration, alfresco dining is a pleasure we all enjoy during the warm months and for most of us, it means firing up the barbecue.


But with the dream of owning a house with a backyard or patio for entertaining, outdoor kitchens have made their way into the lives of many and alfresco dining is now not only restricted to barbecuing. As dining al fresco is not left to the restaurants anymore, many Australian homeowners consider adding a pizza oven to their outdoor kitchen to surprise their family and friends with succulent dishes. With a wood-fired pizza oven, great cooking experiences can be enjoyed which go way beyond the Neapolitan pie, from smoked meats and fish to local favourites such as roast leg of lamb or homemade Chicken Parmigiana, there are only a few dishes, which cannot be created in a pizza oven.


If you consider adding a wood fired oven to your alfresco dining area, find out the best recipe to inaugurate the new gadget this summer.


Mussels with chorizo the Portuguese way

Mussels are great food for entertaining. Steamed in beer and paired with delicious spicy sausage, this wood-fired recipe is sure to please the gourmet taste buds of your guests. The recipe is made for three people but easy to double.


Ingredients: 1,5kg mussels, 300g sliced chorizo, 1 yellow capsicum diced, 3 cloves of garlic minced, 1 jalapeno diced, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 onion chopped, 1 small can of diced tomatoes, 2tbsp parsley chopped, salt and pepper to taste, 200ml ale, crusty baguette


Method: fire your pizza oven and let it cool down to a temperature of about 450C. Meanwhile, pour the olive oil in a large skillet, add the chorizo slices and let them brown off. Once the sausage is caramelized, add the onion and capsicum and let the vegetables sweat for about 4 mins stirring occasionally. Season the mix with salt and pepper. Add the jalapeno and garlic and let cook for further 3 mins. Pour in the ale, bring the mix to a boil and let reduce by three quarters making sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the skillet. Add the tomatoes and let simmer until all flavours have come together for about 10mins and the liquid has reduced. Clean your mussels and check your pizza oven. Place the mussels in a large roasting pan and pour over the chorizo sauce. Slide the pan into the oven and allow to cook until the mussels open -this should not take longer than 3 mins. Give the pan a little shake after about one minute for the sauce to distribute and all shellfish to cook evenly. Remove from the oven and serve immediately with some crusty bread and a cold beer.


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Volkswagen are Closer to Becoming A Global-Truck-Player

The Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH company, now known as the Traton Group, has been making strategic moves in the past few years that have set it in a path to become a global leader in the trucking industry. Playing on its strengths, the company has grown by making strong strategic partnerships and acquisitions effectively sparking quantum growth in the company’s output.

The Traton group has managed to maximize profits by working on the strengths of each brand under its banner resulting in synergies that are unmatched all over the world. This consortium has led to increased sales in each brand due to technological and logistics support from the group. Production costs are also at an all-time low for each partner benefiting from the shared infrastructure and technical equipment as well as expertise.


In Pursuit of Global Leadership

In order to become a global leader in the trucking industry, the Traton Group needs a significant stake in the European, US and Japanese markets. Building a brand to become a market leader in any of these markets is expensive and would take a lot of time. With the group’s target to become a Global Champion with a turnover of 1 Billion Euros per year by 2025, the company had to employ a revolutionary strategy.

In 2006, Volkswagen slowly began increasing its footprint in the trucking industry by doubling its shares in MAN from 15% to 30% and 68.8% of Scania AB in 2008. In January 2009, the company took what seemed to be a side-step by selling its Brazilian subsidiary company, Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus, to MAN SE. This move made sense when Volkswagen then took a controlling position in MAN SE by increasing its shares to 75.03% in 2012. In 2014, Volkswagen made the move to take 100% ownership of Scania AB which incidentally included the Scania’s shares of MAN SE.

This relentless pursuit of a leading position in the trucking industry resulted in the creation of Volkswagen Truck & Buses GmbH in 2015, a company that would bring together Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus, MAN and Scania under one roof cementing Volkswagen’s leading position in Europe and South America.

Nevertheless, in order to compete in the global arena with the likes of Daimler and Volvo, Volkswagen still needed to penetrate the US and Japanese market. The company got back to work evaluating and negotiating partnership deals that paid off two years later when Volkswagen managed to buy 16.6% shares of Navistar Inc, a leading American Truck company that can trace its origins back to 1831. With a stronghold of the Truck, Bus, Engine and Defense markets of the USA, Navistar is the perfect partner to introduce Volkswagen into the US playing field. The Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH officially rebranded to The Traton Group in 2018.

After establishing a foothold in the US market, Traton set its sights on Japan in order to acquire the missing piece in its puzzle towards becoming a global champion. Traton’s courtship of the Japanese playing field began with the acquisition on a small stake of the Isuzu Group, one of Japan’s giants in truck production a few years back. Unfortunately, this relationship did not bear fruit and the companies parted ways, leaving Volkswagen to get into talks with Toyota’s Truck production subsidiary, Hino. In April this year, Traton and Hino officially announced that they had established a strategic partnership with a focus on e-mobility and the setup of a procurement joint venture.


Synergetic Advantage

Through the collaborative partnerships in Traton, the company has been able to successfully launch RIO, a groundbreaking cross-brand logistics technology that is now operational in more than 340,000 MAN and Scania trucks keeping them connected wherever they are on the globe. RIO is an open cloud-based platform that caters for the entire supply chain. Rio is the first digital logistics platform of its kind that is independent of vehicle manufacturers and telematics systems. It consolidates activities carried out throughout the supply chain improving efficiency and saving money for the truck companies.

Lead Engineering is a concept in operation in the Traton Group that has significantly reduced operating costs and sped up the production of vehicles. In this concept, each brand takes the lead in the development of specific projects. This allows each brand to focus on their strengths and in the end the whole team benefits from world-class solutions. For example, one brand can build large 13-litre engines while another focuses on the 5-litre engines and Truck spare parts.



This expansion strategy has worked well for Volkswagen. By building on the strengths of already established companies and a clear focus on developing strategic partnerships across the globe, Volkswagen is well on its way t becoming a global leader in the truck and bus industry.


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Some Debt Collection Techniques

Debt collection has unfortunately become part of any business no matter its size or nature. When a few customers fail to send in their invoices on time, it is vital for the in-house finance department to be able to respond in an appropriate and effective manner. Knowing that positive cash flow is essential for a company’s well-being and growth, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has published guidelines for an effective debt collection process. In order to collect the receivables in a timely manner, we have put together some easy steps for you to follow when a customer’s payment is past due date.


Friendly reminder

Once a customer’s payment is overdue, try to get in contact via email or even try calling the company. A lot of times the reasons why the outstanding amount has not been paid on time are trivial and minor issues. It could be, that the customer put the money into the wrong bank account, used a wrong payment channel or has simply forgotten the due date. Sometimes it just needs a friendly reminder for the debtor to recognize his payment responsibilities. To speed up the payment process, attach your contact information and bank details as well as the overdue invoice to your email.


Follow-up payment reminder

On the occasion that the debt still remains unsettled after having gotten in contact with the customer, it is time to send another email as a follow-up reminder or pick up the phone again. The wording should be more direct as to communicate the urgency. However, you should keep in mind that the goal of such contact should be to maintain the debtor’s goodwill and encourage timely payment.


Final notice

Given the customer has still not paid in accordance with agreed upon terms or missed extended payment dates, your next email should be firm and contain all information on the outstanding debt, your request for immediate payment and maybe even the notice that if the debt will not get settled within a certain time period, you will hand the invoice over to a debt collection agency. It is important that such final notice does not hold empty threats as involving a professional might be more likely to get immediate results and furthermore take some stress off the own finance department.


Direct contact

Once you have sent your final notice and the customer has still not responded in terms of settling the payment it is advisable to pay the company a visit given the creditor is located in your area. If less intrusive means such as emails, letters and phone calls failed, a face-to-face contact might be appropriate and necessary. Communicating about the issue in person can sometimes help to solve the problem and might be beneficial for your future work relationship.


Letter of Demand

Issuing a Letter of Demand should be considered as last resort when all efforts to collect payment in a professional manner are exhausted. A Letter of Demand is issued after first and second reminder letters were not effective and the final demand for the debtor to pay the outstanding amount in order to avoid legal action. The Letter of Demand is a formal document and provides clear indication that legal action will be launched if the debt isn’t paid, hence one should be aware that writing it might damage the relationship with the customer.


Leaving all those steps to the in-house finance department can be a stressful and unrewarding task. Furthermore, the number of employees needed to chase such payments can hamper a business, as the team should be focusing on other areas of the business. This is why every business owner should consider hiring a debt collector to not only save time and human resources but to prevent the need from having to send out a Letter of Demand in the first place.

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Whey to Go

Lifting weights, doing cardio and any other form of exercise that you enjoy, usually means that you need more protein that will help repair damaged muscles and also help rebuild them. This all leads to a stronger, healthier and leaner body. But where do you get your protein fix from? Do you consume a large amount of chicken, steak and spinach? This type of eating can get very boring very quickly. And not everyone has the time for meal prep, and even if you do there will be days where you just won’t be able to get around to it. Now, if you haven’t heard of whey protein you must have been living under a rock or in a tribe where there is minimum human contact. Whey protein has changed the way people work out and recover. And with so many different kinds of products promising results on the market, it can be difficult to navigate and decide which ones work and those that don’t.


Here are some of the best whey protein powders on the market:


1.       Cellucor Whey

A small name for a nice range of products, each promising to help bulk you up and lean you out. COR-PERFORMANCE was made with one goal in mind – to deliver as much pure protein as possible, without skimping on quality. It has a fast digesting Whey Protein Isolate based formula that boasts with 25g of protein per serving that can be taken any time of the day. Before or after workouts. Minimal carbs and fats with added digestive enzymes, it mixes perfectly and has some really delicious flavours available.


Flavours available:


Molten Chocolate

Whipped Vanilla

Cinnamon Swirl

Peanut Butter Marshmallow

Cookies and Cream

Strawberry Milkshake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


2.       PowerCrunch

100% high-Dh hydrolyzed whey protein powder. A story has to start somewhere, especially great ones. And for the Power Crunch Family, Proto Whey protein powder was the driving force that brought a company to life. It was introduced to the market in 1996, and their flagship product hit the shelves, boasting with the most intelligent protein supplement that the market has ever seen. It still is the efficient protein delivery system. PowerCrunch Whey protein delivers just the right amount of High-DH Whey Protein Hydrolysate to produce the most effective and nutritious punch.


Flavours available:



Cookies and Cream



3.       Staunch Whey Isolate

This is no cheap protein blend. While other companies might be selling you a blend of cheap and expensive forms of protein mixed together, Staunch Whey Isolate is 100% pure whey protein isolate that has 24g of protein, 1g of carbs and 0g fat per 100 calorie scoop. It’s so simple that it is effective, without adding any other unnecessary nonsense that you will not need when bulking up and getting lean.


Flavours available :


Caramel Von Mocha

Hot Chokkie

Vanilla Ice Cream


4.       Pro Supps – PS Whey

A formulated real and true whey protein. There are no cheap protein fillers. Just good ol’ fashioned whey proteins. It supports lean muscle development as well as your metabolism. There are hardly any sugar and fat, so you can rest assured that your body is getting exactly what it needs without the extra stuff that you don’t need.


Pro Supps – PS Whey:


Increase strength and muscular growth

Fast digesting protein to replenish and recover

Increase muscle protein synthesis

And is 100% tested


Flavours available:


Banana Pudding

Glazed Doughnut

Campfire Marshmallow

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Milkshake


5.       Phenomenal Labs

Phenomenal Labs believe that there are two secrets to a really great protein product, the first that being of flavour. If something isn’t palatable how are we going to enjoy it on a daily basis, especially after a tough workout or first thing when we wake up early in the morning before the gym.


The following secret is a combination of fast and slower absorbing protein sources. Having both present in a protein powder means that the amino acid absorption lasts for hours after you’ve ingested it.


Flavours available:


Choc Malt

Vanilla Honeycomb


These are a few of our favourite whey protein products available. All you have to do is find the one that you really like the taste of and that wields the results you want.


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Wow Dresses

Wow Dresses

The majority of soon-to-be-brides will lean towards a more traditional wedding dress for their big day and yes there are plenty of more demure gowns to pick and choose from. But what if you want a dress that completely wows and blows your groom and guests right out of the water? Thanks to some amazing forward-thinking designers there are such amazing dresses to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one will suit your big day.


1.       Sottero & Midgley – Ariya

Most of us grew up wanting to be princesses, some of us grow out of it and others, well, still watch Disney and dream of wearing a dress fit for royalty on their wedding day. They Ariya is all that and more. It’s modern with a touch of fairytale and will completely wow everyone attending your big day. Fitted at the top with lace detail and an illusion styled back, the skirt is made of tulle that creates the beautiful ball gown effect.


2.       Made With Love – Harlie

If you want wow without the flash then the Harlie dress will be the answer to all your prayers. It’s form fitting with a slit that will reach your thigh. It boho chic with a touch of modern sophistication. The train is long enough to make just enough of an impact as well. This wow dress is for the bride who loves simplicity but loves to make heads turn.


3.       Christina Rossie – #4375

This dress might only have a number for a name, but it looks like it should be called something extremely exotic and mysterious. It has a fitted waistline with a soft tulle skirt and the bodice has exposed illusion boning, which gives the dress a very sexy look. It might not be for everyone but the bride that does decide to wear this dress will leave her guests and groom’s jaws hanging on the floor.


4.       Melissa Diaz – #6078

Another gown with a number as a name. It makes sense though because how do you name a black wedding dress that is short and has a detachable skirt that flows in the wind? This dress is completely different from anything we’ve seen before. And if you’re the bride who doesn’t want to get married in white or any of its cousins, then this dress is the one to beat. A short lace gown with a gorgeous skirt that can be attached for the ceremony and tossed aside for the reception.


5.       Wendy Makin – Marilyn

Don’t want to get married in black or white? Why not opt for a beautiful and chic floral styled gown that is simple yet elegant. You really don’t have to be a bride for a second time to wear a dress that isn’t white. Times have changed, and traditions were made to be bent.


These gowns are made to order so if this is what you have been looking for don’t hang around and wait till the last minute.


6.       Sheath – Darby

The Darby is that Hollywood glam styled dress that is made of satin and clings to the body like a second skin. If you love showing off your curves that don’t skip this dress. It even has a separate train coming down from the back to add to its wow factor. This is one dress that not any bride will choose to wear, so those who do will really stand out from the crowd.


No matter what type of wow you are looking for, there is something for you out there. Perhaps you like one of the dresses but not enough to want to wear it. If that’s the case, then have a look at that designers’ other gowns that are available. Who knows you just might be pleasantly surprised.


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Isuzu NZ Launching New Light Duty Range

Isuzu Motors has a long history as a revolutionary truck builder and has gained world-class status for its consistency in setting the standards for the trucking industry globally. Isuzu’s dedication to research and development aimed at continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has cemented the company’s position as the market leader all over the world.

One of the company’s main development strategies is to focus on personalized customer care. This means that the organization does not work on a one-size-fits-all model but rather takes time and invests in research to find out the needs of each client. This strategy is clearly visible in the wide range of country-specific modifications made to the Isuzu UTEs as well as the truck spares available.

The secret behind Isuzu’s growth and market penetration globally is to work with local companies to establish a truck dealer network in the region. This allows Isuzu to focus on technology and performance of the vehicles and train local technicians and sales teams to meet their stringent customer service standards. In New Zealand, Isuzu has been able to use a specialized franchise system to establish the country’s most extensive car dealer network. This network now consists of 12 master truck dealers with an additional 11 approved service outlets.

Despite being the market leader for 18 years consecutively, Isuzu is dedicated to continuously improve its service to the New Zealanders. This work ethic has kept the company far ahead of all its competitors in the market and will ensure that it stays ahead for decades to come. One of the unique innovations that Isuzu has implemented for New Zealand customers is known as the Isuzu Clean Air Solution (I – CAS) technology. This system is designed to use the latest technology to limit emissions while increasing the truck’s efficiency. Other eco-friendly solutions offered in Isuzu trucks include ‘in-cylinder’ combustion optimization and exhaust after-treatment processes.

In line with its continuous improvement strategy, Isuzu designers have been working closely with technical and sales personnel from New Zealand to carry out region-specific research over time. This research has led to the development of a number of upgrades for the Isuzu N – Series trucks or Light Duty Range. The N – Series consists of trucks weighing 5,500 to 8,700 kg. The upgrades and developed will set the trucks a step above the competition making them the most cost-effective and easy to operate light-duty trucks in the NZ market.

Colin Muir, the Isuzu Trucks New Zealand general manager confirmed that his technical team had been working closely with Isuzu in Japan for almost two years to tweak the new models. Rigorous tests were carried out in Australia to verify the truck’s performance before they were deemed ready for sale in New Zealand. Moreover, the NZ technical teams were included in the design and testing processes to make sure they are ready to offer support to new and prospective owners. Isuzu is set to launch the new N-Series trucks for the New Zealand market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Apart from the N – Series, Isuzu has a wide range of truck models that come in several shapes and sizes for various purposes. These trucks can be classified into four other categories as listed below.

F – Series trucks have a gross vehicle mass of 10,000 kg to 30,000 kg and are referred to as the Medium Truck Range. The local dealer network in New Zealand offers a range of 40 truck models in this Series.

Heavy F – Series trucks weigh between 18,000 Kg and 30,000 Kg and are designed for long distances. The FV and FY are the two models available in this series and come in three basic configurations, namely, 8×4, 6×4 and 6×2. These configurations give you various options of bodies to fit on the Heavy F – Series trucks including freight containers, concrete mixers and garbage crushers.

The Giga Series is the fourth category in the Isuzu NZ line and consists of trucks whose gross vehicle mass are 24,000 Kg to 29,000 Kg. This truck features Isuzu 6WG1 Diesel Engines and has been a top seller in New Zealand since 2016.

The Specialised Series consists of a full range of trucks that have been made for specific purposes. There are many applications that need modified trucks designated to suit the client’s requirements. Trucks in this category usually weigh between 5,500 Kg and 14,000 Kg.

Commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation on which the Isuzu is built. The management teams are always open to innovation. Ideas from clients, technicians, and sales teams feed into the design process of new vehicles. This attitude and adaptability to change have kept Isuzu as the market leader in New Zealand for 18 years in a row going on 19.

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The Lopi Probuilder Series in Focus

When it comes to home heating, Lopi has for a long time been one of the most trusted brands not only in Australia, but the world over. They are renowned for heating products that are suitable for different types of homes and covering a wide range of spaces from big houses to smaller, cosier living areas. This means that regardless of the type of space you are working with, you can get a Lopi heater, even if the space you are working with is simply your bedroom.

Lopi heaters are known for their durability and ease of maintenance, qualities that most people look for in a fireplace. They are also incredibly easy to use, and highly environmentally friendly. This is because of their dedication to efficient fuel burning technology that ensures that they squeeze out as much heat from as little fuel as possible. It is this type of fuel economy that saves you a bundle on gas or wood, depending on the type of heater you are working with.

What is the Lopi Probuilder Series?

One of the most popular series of fireplaces by Lopi is the ProBuilder series. This is a line of entry level linear gas heaters that consists of three models, the 42, the 54, and the 72. They come equipped with the latest in fireplace technology, some of which you can only find on a range of high end models with other manufacturers. Even though this is a range of entry level fireplaces, the renowned Lopi quality is not compromised in the design or the functionality.  To understand how good these heaters are, let us take a look at each of them individually.

The ProBuilder 42

This is the baby of the ProBuilder series, but it packs quite a punch. It is perfect for anyone looking to heat a smaller home or one room in a larger space. In fact, most people prefer to install the ProBuilder in their bedroom, since it is capable of heating up to 100 square meters of space. Even with the diminutive size, it still manages an elegant design that points to a person that understands taste and has excellent class. It comes with twin blowers that power the natural draft venting system. There is the option of getting the proprietary GreenSmart technology is included, although with the 42, you get the basic version. The output is an impressive 4.62 Kw with an Mj range of a 26mj at high and 14 Mj low. This heater is capable of using both natural gas and LPG. You are guaranteed comfortable radiant heat with great natural convection for years to come.

The viewing area is substantial for its size and you are afforded an incredible view of tall dancing flames. You also get a range of glass options, with black glass, cobalt, platinum, and bronze glasses among the choices.  Should you feel like you need a different mantel, you have the option of picking between a concrete mantel with a hewn timber effect, and a polished concrete one as well.

The Probuilder 54

This is the middle child of the family, measuring almost 1400 millimetres in width. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to heat midsized spaces or one of the larger living rooms in a big house. This is because it is capable of heating up to 150 meters of space with an output of 5.98 Kw. The Mj range is at 34.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG in the higher side, although the lower end of the spectrum changes, being at 19.2 Mj on natural gas and 18 Mj on LPG. You still get the comfortable radiant heating as with the smaller heater, and natural draft sending warm air throughout your home thanks to exceptionally quiet twin blowers.

As with all the heaters in the ProBuilder series, the heavy-duty construction is evident in the 54. You can tell that a lot of thought and patience went into the craftsmanship to ensure that this heater remains dependable for years to come. You also get the GreenSmart Basic remote control as an option.

The ProBuilder 72

This is the largest of the series, coming in at an impressive 1.8 meters in width. It is capable of heating up to 200 square metres of space, making it an excellent choice for large spaces. Although it is large, none of the fuel economy is lost; you get a large viewing area with a beautiful view of tall dancing flames without compromising on how much gas you use. The build quality and the exquisite craftsmanship ensure that this is a view you will enjoy for years to come. The output is an impressive 6.56 Kw with an Mj high of 43.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG. The lows however change, with natural gas giving you 33.1 Mj and LPG coming in at 22.3 Mj. Optional changes include the mantel, different types of glass, and rock embers. You can also get the proprietary GreenSmart basic remote control as well.

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