Isuzu NZ Launching New Light Duty Range

Isuzu Motors has a long history as a revolutionary truck builder and has gained world-class status for its consistency in setting the standards for the trucking industry globally. Isuzu’s dedication to research and development aimed at continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has cemented the company’s position as the market leader all over the world.

One of the company’s main development strategies is to focus on personalized customer care. This means that the organization does not work on a one-size-fits-all model but rather takes time and invests in research to find out the needs of each client. This strategy is clearly visible in the wide range of country-specific modifications made to the Isuzu UTEs as well as the truck spares available.

The secret behind Isuzu’s growth and market penetration globally is to work with local companies to establish a truck dealer network in the region. This allows Isuzu to focus on technology and performance of the vehicles and train local technicians and sales teams to meet their stringent customer service standards. In New Zealand, Isuzu has been able to use a specialized franchise system to establish the country’s most extensive car dealer network. This network now consists of 12 master truck dealers with an additional 11 approved service outlets.

Despite being the market leader for 18 years consecutively, Isuzu is dedicated to continuously improve its service to the New Zealanders. This work ethic has kept the company far ahead of all its competitors in the market and will ensure that it stays ahead for decades to come. One of the unique innovations that Isuzu has implemented for New Zealand customers is known as the Isuzu Clean Air Solution (I – CAS) technology. This system is designed to use the latest technology to limit emissions while increasing the truck’s efficiency. Other eco-friendly solutions offered in Isuzu trucks include ‘in-cylinder’ combustion optimization and exhaust after-treatment processes.

In line with its continuous improvement strategy, Isuzu designers have been working closely with technical and sales personnel from New Zealand to carry out region-specific research over time. This research has led to the development of a number of upgrades for the Isuzu N – Series trucks or Light Duty Range. The N – Series consists of trucks weighing 5,500 to 8,700 kg. The upgrades and developed will set the trucks a step above the competition making them the most cost-effective and easy to operate light-duty trucks in the NZ market.

Colin Muir, the Isuzu Trucks New Zealand general manager confirmed that his technical team had been working closely with Isuzu in Japan for almost two years to tweak the new models. Rigorous tests were carried out in Australia to verify the truck’s performance before they were deemed ready for sale in New Zealand. Moreover, the NZ technical teams were included in the design and testing processes to make sure they are ready to offer support to new and prospective owners. Isuzu is set to launch the new N-Series trucks for the New Zealand market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Apart from the N – Series, Isuzu has a wide range of truck models that come in several shapes and sizes for various purposes. These trucks can be classified into four other categories as listed below.

F – Series trucks have a gross vehicle mass of 10,000 kg to 30,000 kg and are referred to as the Medium Truck Range. The local dealer network in New Zealand offers a range of 40 truck models in this Series.

Heavy F – Series trucks weigh between 18,000 Kg and 30,000 Kg and are designed for long distances. The FV and FY are the two models available in this series and come in three basic configurations, namely, 8×4, 6×4 and 6×2. These configurations give you various options of bodies to fit on the Heavy F – Series trucks including freight containers, concrete mixers and garbage crushers.

The Giga Series is the fourth category in the Isuzu NZ line and consists of trucks whose gross vehicle mass are 24,000 Kg to 29,000 Kg. This truck features Isuzu 6WG1 Diesel Engines and has been a top seller in New Zealand since 2016.

The Specialised Series consists of a full range of trucks that have been made for specific purposes. There are many applications that need modified trucks designated to suit the client’s requirements. Trucks in this category usually weigh between 5,500 Kg and 14,000 Kg.

Commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation on which the Isuzu is built. The management teams are always open to innovation. Ideas from clients, technicians, and sales teams feed into the design process of new vehicles. This attitude and adaptability to change have kept Isuzu as the market leader in New Zealand for 18 years in a row going on 19.

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The Lopi Probuilder Series in Focus

When it comes to home heating, Lopi has for a long time been one of the most trusted brands not only in Australia, but the world over. They are renowned for heating products that are suitable for different types of homes and covering a wide range of spaces from big houses to smaller, cosier living areas. This means that regardless of the type of space you are working with, you can get a Lopi heater, even if the space you are working with is simply your bedroom.

Lopi heaters are known for their durability and ease of maintenance, qualities that most people look for in a fireplace. They are also incredibly easy to use, and highly environmentally friendly. This is because of their dedication to efficient fuel burning technology that ensures that they squeeze out as much heat from as little fuel as possible. It is this type of fuel economy that saves you a bundle on gas or wood, depending on the type of heater you are working with.

What is the Lopi Probuilder Series?

One of the most popular series of fireplaces by Lopi is the ProBuilder series. This is a line of entry level linear gas heaters that consists of three models, the 42, the 54, and the 72. They come equipped with the latest in fireplace technology, some of which you can only find on a range of high end models with other manufacturers. Even though this is a range of entry level fireplaces, the renowned Lopi quality is not compromised in the design or the functionality.  To understand how good these heaters are, let us take a look at each of them individually.

The ProBuilder 42

This is the baby of the ProBuilder series, but it packs quite a punch. It is perfect for anyone looking to heat a smaller home or one room in a larger space. In fact, most people prefer to install the ProBuilder in their bedroom, since it is capable of heating up to 100 square meters of space. Even with the diminutive size, it still manages an elegant design that points to a person that understands taste and has excellent class. It comes with twin blowers that power the natural draft venting system. There is the option of getting the proprietary GreenSmart technology is included, although with the 42, you get the basic version. The output is an impressive 4.62 Kw with an Mj range of a 26mj at high and 14 Mj low. This heater is capable of using both natural gas and LPG. You are guaranteed comfortable radiant heat with great natural convection for years to come.

The viewing area is substantial for its size and you are afforded an incredible view of tall dancing flames. You also get a range of glass options, with black glass, cobalt, platinum, and bronze glasses among the choices.  Should you feel like you need a different mantel, you have the option of picking between a concrete mantel with a hewn timber effect, and a polished concrete one as well.

The Probuilder 54

This is the middle child of the family, measuring almost 1400 millimetres in width. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to heat midsized spaces or one of the larger living rooms in a big house. This is because it is capable of heating up to 150 meters of space with an output of 5.98 Kw. The Mj range is at 34.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG in the higher side, although the lower end of the spectrum changes, being at 19.2 Mj on natural gas and 18 Mj on LPG. You still get the comfortable radiant heating as with the smaller heater, and natural draft sending warm air throughout your home thanks to exceptionally quiet twin blowers.

As with all the heaters in the ProBuilder series, the heavy-duty construction is evident in the 54. You can tell that a lot of thought and patience went into the craftsmanship to ensure that this heater remains dependable for years to come. You also get the GreenSmart Basic remote control as an option.

The ProBuilder 72

This is the largest of the series, coming in at an impressive 1.8 meters in width. It is capable of heating up to 200 square metres of space, making it an excellent choice for large spaces. Although it is large, none of the fuel economy is lost; you get a large viewing area with a beautiful view of tall dancing flames without compromising on how much gas you use. The build quality and the exquisite craftsmanship ensure that this is a view you will enjoy for years to come. The output is an impressive 6.56 Kw with an Mj high of 43.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG. The lows however change, with natural gas giving you 33.1 Mj and LPG coming in at 22.3 Mj. Optional changes include the mantel, different types of glass, and rock embers. You can also get the proprietary GreenSmart basic remote control as well.

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Privacy Obligations to the Debtor and Third Parties

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is responsible for privacy regulation and has set out rules for collection agencies and individual creditors on how personal information is to be collected, managed and used within the process of debt recovery. These principles must be complied with and under the Privacy Act 1988, which was designed to protect the privacy of a debtor and third parties, legal obligations were made concerning how to deal with personal information. Personal information means any confidential data that makes it possible to identify an individual, as the person in debt should be treated with respect and revealing his or her financial position can have far-reaching consequences.


The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) regulate the handling of the debtor’s personal information by private sector organisations or individual creditors with certain key obligations. Personal data is not to be collected unless the information is necessary for the organisation to recover the debt. Such sensitive information might concern the debtor’s race, religion, health issues or criminal record. All this data must be retrieved directly from the debtor unless this is imprudent, and only by legal means. Once the data is collected directly by the creditor or collection agency, the debtor should be informed about the fact that personal information was collected, the name organisation that collected it, for what purpose and which consequences will appear if the information was not provided. Furthermore, the organisation’s contact number should be passed on to the debtor and the opportunity to find out which information was collected. The debtor should also be informed about how he or she can approach the APPs to file a complaint about the collection of personal data.


The creditor or collection agency Sydney is asked not to disclose the information to third parties such as the debtor’s partner or family unless the individual has consented to it. Personal information should also only be used for the purpose of retrieving debt and not passed on for direct marketing and messages such as voicemail or business cards not left behind for third parties to be heard or seen to not reveal the individual’s financial debt.


Against third parties, who they sometimes need to collect personal information from, creditors and debt collectors also have privacy obligations. Under APP 3 third parties may only be approached and their information also collected by the collector if necessary for the purpose of recovering the debt. These parties must also be notified if their data has been collected.


Once the personal information is collected, the creditor or debt collection agency should take any steps possible to make sure the debtor’s data is correct and timely. Under no circumstances should information be used that is not complete and relevant. Personal information should, by all means, be kept confidential and secure against misuse, loss, modification and especially not accessed unauthorized if kept over time. Once the personal information is no longer needed to recover the debt, or required by a court in case the creditor decided to take legal action, the data must be permanently eradicated and the record maybe even destroyed. All the time, the debtor has the right to access the personal information collected about him or her and correct it. Naturally, there have to be security settings for the debtor to access and correct the personal data to prevent the information from being deleted.


In part IIIA, the Privacy Act furthermore conducts the treatment of personal information contained in consumer credit reports. A credit report should not be handed out by the provider to an external collector unless it contains details about the certain debt, information that reveals the identity of the debtor such as name and address and personal insolvency information about the individual.

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8 Pool Accessories You Have to See to Believe

Even though summer is still far away, us pool owners can’t wait for the warm days to come and spend the long weekends by the pool downing some cold beverages and throwing the first pool party of the year. The great thing about owning a pool is the number of fun gadgets that have been developed over the years to make pool time more enjoyable. As kids are easily entertained with floaties, goggles and snacks, hosting a pool party for adult friends and neighbours can be a real challenge. If you want to have the best gadgets and accessories for next season’s pool party, we’ve got it all here from inflatable slides to movie screens hence there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Inflatable movie screen

If you want to turn your backyard pool into everybody’s favourite hangout spot next summer, get the inflatable movie screen. Watch movies and sporting events or even enjoy video games on this portable screen and transform your swimming pool or garden into a premier entertainment spot.


Floating speaker

There really is nothing better than swimming in your own pool and listening to your favourite music being endlessly streamed from your floating speakers. Despite the splashing surrounding, the speakers transmit a clear powerful bass while using Bluetooth to connect to your device. The speakers have a watertight battery compartment and buttons moulded into the casing to ensure a waterproof audio experience.


Poolside climbing wall

As rock climbing has recently become popular again, this is maybe one of the coolest pool accessories of all time. The wall is built using a Lexan climbing surface, which is attached to a stainless steel frame. Poolside rock climbing is a fun sport with a slippery twist and best of all there is no safety gear required as you can simply let yourself fall back into the water once you’ve reached the top.


Inflatable slide

The perfect pool accessory for kids and adults alike is an inflatable pool slide. If you don’t want a permanent pool feature but love to slide down into your backyard oasis, this is your best option as the water slide inflates for hours of fun but is easily stashed away after the party.


Floating beer pong table

Only a few party games are this well known and liked as beer pong. While the game already requires a great deal of skill and luck, imagine aiming for the cups, which are floating on water. The table made from raft grade material features holes for 10 cups on each side and even has a ball holder.


LED light show ball

The floating equivalent to a disco ball is a gadget, which projects a dramatic light show onto the bottom and sides of your pool to add colour and mood to your party. The 3 AA battery powered accessory will shine a variety of random lightning patterns using five different colours. The 4 LEDs cover a lighting range from 2 to 3 meters and shut off automatically after an hour.


Floating drink holder

We all know the giant floating birds or unicorns, but floating your drinks in style might be something new to some pool owners. The classic pink flamingo design is sure to make your friends laugh, but there are also palm island drink floats on the market. Get yourself a fleet of these cute drink holders, which fit almost any size of cup or beverage and have high-side walls so that your drink will not tip over.


Bumper car boats

These motorized bumper cars are not only a great way to get you from one end of the pool to the other for the next snack, these babies have a power steering with a large built-in water blaster so you cannot only maintain pool dominance by bumping everybody around but squirt your way to the bar.


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Tips For Sourcing Mercedes Truck Parts in Perth

Mercedes Benz is without a doubt one of those luxury car and truck brands that are synonymous with style, class and luxury. The car brand is known worldwide and is loved by many of the rich and famous. Mercedes is still up there with Rolls Royce, Alpha Romeos and Bugatti’s, and while the Mercedes Benz is well known and respected in the luxury car market, there has been an increase in interest when it comes to their trucks and utility vehicles.

Originally starting as a military vehicle, the G-Class series of Mercedes is now doing so well in the luxury car market that in 2018 a newer model was released. When it comes to Mercedes trucks they have really made a name for themselves, moving from the luxury car market into trucks, wasn’t easy, but they made the transition seamlessly and today their trucks are admired for their longevity, power and beauty.

Mercedes today is loved for its fuel efficiency. When it comes to cars, a lot of people see Mercedes as a real *gas guzzler*, but when it comes to diesel, it’s another ball game. Diesel fuel is thicker which means it burns at a slower rate which gives the driver more power per litre. Mercedes trucks are powered by diesel which gives them better fuel economy than other truck brands out there, even if those trucks are also diesel powered. When it comes to buying a truck, new, or old, power is a big selling point and when your truck engine can haul a larger load – for less money why wouldn’t you choose Mercedes?

With more and more Mercedes trucks on the road in Perth it means spare parts are generally easy to buy. We are lucky in Australia, as in many other countries around the world spare truck parts for Mercedes vehicles are rare and expensive. Sourcing spare truck parts in Perth is relatively simple, most spare part dealerships will have them in stock, or they can be ordered in for you. A simple Google search of nearby truck spare parts dealerships will have a list of reputable dealers at your fingertips.

As the saying goes *game recognises game* and due to the fact, there are so many Japanese trucks on the roads, when a driver of a Mercedes truck spots a driver of another Mercedes truck they are often interested in having a chat, from talking about how well their truck performs to other guy topics such as football or fishing…. If you do run into a fellow truck driver you can always ask him where he gets parts for his truck from as well, he may be able to tell you who to go to, and who to avoid.

When it comes to buying truck parts you want to get it right first time, you want good quality, genuine or top quality after market spare parts. Who knows you may even end up keeping in contact and helping each either out when either of you need a spare part!

You can always look online for spare parts, while you search for spare parts dealerships or outlets, there are also other areas to look at when looking for spare truck parts in Perth. Gumtree or online forums are handy places to look. A note of caution, when buying anything through selling places, Market Place, Gumtree, Forums etc, always check that the parts are genuine and authentic. If you can, take the time to really familiarise yourself with the part you are looking for, this way you’ll be able to teach yourself to tell a genuine spare part from a fake.

This is important because if you do get a good deal on a part, you only have a short time to decide if the dealer is genuine and the part is too. When shopping for parts, take the part you need with you, this way you can place them side by side and do a *spot-the-difference* check, ensuring you are buying the correct part.

Word of mouth – it’s been around for centuries and for a good reason! Talk to your mechanic, talk to fellow drivers, ask around at forums for a good truck spare parts supplier, after a while you’ll notice the same names popping up again and again. These suppliers have built up a good name for themselves, a good reputation so you know it’s safe to buy from them. Even without verbal recommendations, they are still easy to spot. They are always endorsed by original truck manufacturers.

These suppliers often have a good distribution network with offices, partners and delivery services all over Australia which means you can buy a part – in person – or online wherever and whenever you want.

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A close up look at gas insert

A Close up Look at Our Gas Inserts

Traditional fireplaces burn fuel, they have an open hearth and have a chimney flue system. Todays newer fireplace inserts are small units that fit into an existing fireplace space. Fireplace inserts can be electric, gas, wood, or pellet and are often made from steel or cast iron. Fireplace inserts are more like a stove as they enclose the flames in a metal box which creates a closed combustion system


Why choose fireplace inserts?


  • Inserts are cleaner and easier to maintain than a traditional open fireplace
  • Inserts are cheaper to install than open hearth fireplaces
  • You can place the insert into your existing fireplace if you don’t really use it and would like to make it useable and cleaner and more efficient
  • They are better at creating heat and can produce up to five times as much heat than older fireplaces
  • You can still enjoy the look and feel of your old fireplace

Lopi Gas Inserts

Lopi Gas Inserts


Thanks to Lopi gas inserts you can convert your existing brick chimney into an effective and beautiful gas fireplace. These inserts have been designed for simple installation into masonry with a flexible flue and a range of finishing plates and faces to fit into an existing fireplace perfectly. The premium models (DVL and DVS) can be finished with your choice of internal media including Stone Fyre-Art or Driftwood, or two types of traditional logs with the Ember-Fyre or Dancing Fyre log options.




This gas insert has been designed to turn an existing brick fireplace into a stunning heat source that is economical to use, you get to enjoy all that heat from your fire without loosing some of that heat up your chimney. This small gas insert will change your open fireplace into a gas flame fireplace that creates not only warmth, but a lovely ambiance. With a combination of radiant heat, convective heat and reduced depth dimensions this insert is perfect for small to mid-sized masonry fireplaces. The DVS insert features Ember-Fyre a realistic wood like flame with a heat output that is controlled by the GreenSmart gas system. You also have the choice of the Dancing-Fyre burner with a choice of stone, driftwood or traditional log media, and the insert can be personalised to blend in with your existing home decor.




This gas insert has been designed to turn your exiting fireplace into a stunning source of heat. You’ll enjoy all the warmth, with none of the heat lost up your chimney. The DVL GS2 combines radiant heat and convective heat, and, with reduced depth dimensions this insert is perfect for medium to large masonry fireplaces. Great for heating large rooms such as living rooms and comes with ceramic glass to produce greater radiant heat. Combine that with a quiet convection blower it means all the heat is circulated quickly to increase overall efficiency.


Lopi Radiant Plus – Large

The perfect way to convert an existing brick fireplace, and great for large areas. This particular model boasts high heat output, a large viewing area and wood burning display that looks realistic. This insert will make a splash in any room and uses the Green Smart basic system with electronic ignition and an optional standing pilot mode to give you a fast start-up on those cold nights and mornings. Equipped with variable dual blowers that can be switched off if you would rather enjoy radiant heat, and it has been designed to provide year-round comfort that can be tailored to your specific heating needs. There are three face options available to complete the look and a large viewing area that is the largest in its class.


Lopi Radiant Plus Small (available soon)


A compact and small unit that fits where most inserts can’t, so it’s great for smaller masonry fireplaces. Despite its size it features a lovely viewing area and fire display, with Green Smart basic system and an optional standing pilot mode for easy start-up on those cold mornings and nights. With dual blowers that can be switched off completely, it can be tailored to your heating needs, there are three face options available, with, despite it’s size, a large viewing area.


Lopi gas inserts are designed to be installed in your existing fireplace to provide comforting radiant heat and natural convection to warm your home.

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The 5 best supplement combinations for muscle growth

The 5 Best Supplement Combinations for Muscle Growth

Most guys start working out with one goal in mind, to get ripped. The starting points sometimes differ, with some starting out skinny as a twig, while others start out looking to shed fat, but the ultimate goal is usually the same; to grow some muscle. The journey to large bulging muscles is long and requires a lot of discipline, coupled with a good number of hours in a gym. These are the dues you have to pay to play with the big boys, quite literally.

Once you have a mental image of your gym goals, there comes the nutritional aspect. As soon as you start lifting serious weights, the one thing that becomes a constant concern is your diet. Nutritionally, your diet needs to be balanced, with most of the calories you take in coming from proteins instead of carbs and the bad kinds of fat. This is where supplements come into play. They help you meet your daily calorific intake without having to result to unorthodox or unhealthy options such as fast foods. To help you come up with a proper dietary table, here is a list of supplements that are essential for muscle growth:

Whey protein

This is one of the most important supplements for anyone looking to gain muscle. It is full of amino acids that are essential for the building of muscle, while ate the same time providing you with the fuel to workout with heavier weights for a longer time. Whey being a milk based protein is also absorbed rather quickly in the body. It also increases the body’s ability to produce anabolic hormones that are essential in growing muscles. Whey protein also has the added benefit of containing Leucine, which has been known to activate muscle growth on molecular level.  For anyone looking to bulk up in a healthy way, this is definitely a starting point. For best results, take 20 grams of high-quality whey protein powder, such as Gold Standard Whey, before you start your routine, and 40 grams an hour after you are done with training for the day.


Another favourite for anyone looking to gain muscle is creatine. It is made from three types of Amino Acids, namely Arginine, Methionine, and Glycine. They way this works is that it increases the amount of energy that your muscles produce. This in turn makes it possible for you to perform more reps with greater weight at the gym, which stimulates muscle growth and lets you get bigger. Creatine also works by increasing the amount of water that gets drawn into your muscle cells, which stretches them thereby stimulating long term growth.

For the most efficient results, take between 2 and 5 grams of creatine immediately before your work out. It could be in the form of creatine monohydrate, creatine malate, or creatine alpha-ketoglutarate. It is best ingested right before your workout, in order to flood the cells and keep you ready for your workout and the increased reps you are looking for.

Branched Amino Acids

This is a broad group of amino acids that are essential for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue after the stresses of a brutal workout. They are referred to as BCAAs and typically include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Among these, leucine is considered superior, with research showing that it can stimulate muscle regeneration on its own. BCAAs provide the body with a host of benefits including increasing the energy needed for the workout, stimulating muscle growth, and reducing the effect of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits the production of testosterone while increasing the breakdown of muscles. They are best taken as 5-10 grams with your protein shake before and after a workout.

Casein protein

This is the other essential protein that is derived from milk. It comes in below whey in terms of importance, mainly because it is digested a lot slower in comparison. This particular quality however, makes casein the perfect supplement to take just before getting into bed. This is because it prevents catabolism by emptying at a slow and steady rate. It also boosts post workout muscle growth and recovery in a way that is similar to whey protein. Some people even suggest taking both in a post workout shake for better results. Casein protein is best taken at 20-40 grams right before you go to bed.

Beta-alanine supplements

This is a little known miracle supplement. When ingested, this amino acid is combined in the body with histidine (another amino acid) to form something called carnosine. Research has shown that having higher levels of carnosine gives your muscles more strength and endurance. This comes from its ability to enable the muscles to contract more forcefully and for longer periods without giving in to fatigue. Studies conducted on athletes showed that using Beta-alanine allowed them to have more power and muscle strength. When taken with creatine, it causes increased muscle growth and a faster fat loss. Take 1-2 grams before every workout, together with creatine for best results.  

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Are All Oil Filter Parts The Same?

Plain and simple, oil is the life blood of your engine, when it comes to truck spare parts all oil filters are not the same. As oil circulates around your engine it picks up dirt and contaminants and that can damage your engine, which if left can ultimately kill your engine.

In the early days of the internal combustion engine, they didn’t use oil filters which meant engines required frequent oil changes. Eventually the first full-flow oil filtration system was developed. This allowed oil to flow through the filter before it reached the critical working components inside the engine.

Oil enters the oil filter through a series of small holes on the outer edge of the base flange, where it is directed through the filter, exiting through the large centre hole. Today most oil filters are equipped with an anti-drain back valve, this valve holds oil inside the filter to prevent dry engine starts (where the engine is started with no oil).

Early oil filters were based on a replaceable element that fitted inside a metal housing, when you changed the filter, you changed the housing and discarded the element, cleaned the housing and added a new filter. By the mid-20th century, spin-on filters became popular – this was where the filter element and cartridge were self-contained. You removed the works, discarded it and screwed on a new filter during the oil change process.

Today there has been a move back towards earlier designs where oil is filtered through an element contained inside separate housing. Of course, todays vehicles require far less oil changes than those of the past.

Today there are a range of oil filters available but remember – not all oil filters are created equally – you get what you pay for.

Is there a difference between the different filters – standard, high performance, race filters and synthetic filters – yes, there is.


You need to consider your engine, for example when it comes to a race car – they seldom experience a *cold start*, oil is changed frequently, and the oil used is thicker. Racing filters are designed to work with these thicker oils, and some race filters are not fitted with drain back valves.

Filter media is different again, with some filters engineered with synthetic filter media, rather than pleated paper-based media. The synthetic media is believed to be able to capture small contaminants over a longer period of time, and some synthetic filters have special blends of rubber used for gaskets and drain back valves. The reason for this, as with filter media, they have been designed to last longer, with some filters having larger and longer bodies than conventional filters giving them more capacity.

There are many variables found inside oil filters – so what is the right truck spare part for you? It depends, you need to read and study the different specifications of each filter to determine the oil filter that’s right for your needs, and, for your truck. If your truck is newer you should also consider your warranty, use that as a guide and choose an oil filter recommended by your truck manufacturer. Not all filters are seen as compatible by your vehicle manufacturer and this is important when it comes to your warranty.

You may also want to consider the pros and cons of using high grade synthetic oil and a top of the range oil filter in an old truck, likewise it doesn’t make sense to use cheap oil and a cheap filter in a top of the range truck. In the end, choosing a filter is just like choosing oil – pick the one that’s best for your truck, and your budget.

Filter facts

  • Filters are not created equal – the intended application for a given oil filter has a big impact on the design and engineering component.
  • In an engine, oil enters the filter at the filter pad, from here it circulates through the series of smaller holes in the outer area of the filter. Oil is then forced through the filter element – from the outside in and then towards the centre of the filter.
  • When a filter does its job, internal engine components such as the valvetrain, camshaft and connecting rods are protected from any contaminants that can cause damage to your engine. These components are expensive, so it is important to pick the right oil and the right oil filter to promote your engines life.

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Looking After Your Car Can Save You Money In The Long Run

Most people do not understand the benefits of taking good care of their car. For some, as long as the engine runs, they are comfortable with letting the car be. They never take their car for check-ups or servicing, and continue to ignore any warning lights that go up in the dash. They keep doing this until the car suddenly dies on them, in most cases at the most inopportune of moments. Carrying out repairs on such a car ends up being very costly

It is therefore in your best interests to take proper care of your car, by making sure it is serviced. Here are some of the reasons why taking good care of your car is a good idea:

Increases your safety


One of the main reasons why you should regularly maintain your car is to ensure safe driving. You will be able to notice problems before they become debilitating and potentially deadly. Problems with your car’s breaking system or suspension are hazardous and could mean doom on the road.

You should keep in mind that just because your car is still running, does not mean everything is working the way it should. Such vital parts as brake pads, suspension joints, and bushes are usually hidden within the bowels of the car. As such, it is hard to notice the wear and tear since it is gradual. You end up being lulled into a false sense of security, thinking all is ok until one or more parts suddenly give up and you end up in a crash. Making sure your car is regularly checked could avoid such an eventuality. This includes checking tyre pressure, air and cabin filters and oil levels among others.

Lowers the cost of running

Most experienced motorists understand the value of running regular maintenance on your car. When a problem is diagnosed and sorted out in time, it saves money. First, it stops the program from aggravating and spreading out to other parts of the car. For instance, running a car without coolant could damage your engine irreparably, necessitating the replacement of the whole unit. This is a very costly affair overall.

Another way where regular maintenance saves you money is through fuel consumption. When a car is running smoothly, it consumes fuel more efficiently, and you are able to get more miles to the gallon. Putting in new oil and air filters increase fuel consumption efficiency, while running on properly inflated tyres will reduce something called rolling resistance. All these lead to improved fuel consumption.

Maintains the value

At some point, you may want to sell your car. It could be due to a number of reasons, including upgrading to a newer model. The second hand car market is notoriously competitive. Most prospective buyers always lead with the question, “What condition is it in?”.  For these people, it is not enough to say “everything works fine”

When your car has a full service record, it becomes easier to offload. You can produce this as evidence that your car has been properly cared for. Another way you can maintain the value of your car is by taking it for detailing. A proper cleaning, stain and odour removal and polishing once in a while could go a long way in changing the perception of your prospective buyer towards your car. Proper detailing when coupled with a smooth running vehicle also let you better appreciate your car.

Regular care will also improve the longevity of your car. Just like the better you treat your body, the less likelihood of you taking ill, well maintained cars run smoother for longer.

For insurance purposes

Insurance premiums are sometimes reviewed upwards in the event that your car fails an inspection. A well maintained car is likely to maintain the normal premiums. It is also less likely to cause you to rely on auto assurance, especially for instances like breaking down in the middle of nowhere, where a tow truck or flatbed is required. Such and exemplary insurance record goes a long way in when dealing with the same provider, even for other vehicles in your family or in case you change cars.

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