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Why Our Kids Should Be Exercising More and How to Get Them Moving

If you aren’t scrolling through your latest gadget, then you have probably made plans to acquire it. Unfortunately, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and our kids quickly pick up our bad habits. The older generations were an active lot, and if something isn’t done, then active lifestyles will quickly become a thing of the past. We have become a lazy generation, and unfortunately, children are the most affected.

kid exercise

This article explains why young people need to get out of their comfort zone and stretch some muscles.

Why young people need to exercise

  1. Fosters health: Active children are less prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Besides, agile kids maintain activity into adulthood and will likely become the go-getter kind in the future.
  1. Increases self-esteem and worth: Several studies have established that kids who engage in exercise improve their body image, self-esteem, and worth.
  1. Social development: As young people take up exercise sessions, they meet their peers, socialise, and make friends. If they find comfort in team sports, they will undoubtedly do well in groups in adulthood.
  1. Boosts mental health: Through research, inactivity or more screen time has been associated with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Apart from the health benefits of exercise, it is a perfect distraction from the negativity that fosters mental health issues.
  1. Improved performance at school: Any form of exercise increases blood circulation to the brain, contributing to clear-thinking. Additionally, it increases the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for our memories. You can expect better performance in math and reading areas with better mental health.
  1. Boosts Vitamin D levels: Typically, exercise is an outdoor activity. This way, young people can exercise while taking up their Vitamin D dose, vital for healthy bones. However, ensure they use sunscreen and wear a hat, especially at midday when the UV index is high.

How to get your child to engage in exercises?

The Department of Health has established that only one in ten Australian young people meet the set guidelines of exercising for at least one hour every day. Unfortunately, most children and teenagers fall short of this recommendation.

How well do you know your child? Would they prefer team sports or non-competitive sports? That depends on their personality style. If you can determine what they enjoy or like, it’s easier to get them moving in the first place and keep up with the routine afterwards.

As they say, like a parent, like a child, or at least something between those lines, if you could set a good example by taking up an exercise routine, they will undoubtedly notice and probably follow suit.

5 Excellent exercise activities for young people

Your child may be good at PE and school sports, or not, and that’s okay. Either way, they may find other activities out of the curriculum interesting. The excellent news, there are several options to choose from, so your child will surely find what’s perfect for them.

1.      Gymnastics

The ‘nastics’ incorporate fun, fitness and boost one’s flexibility. It is especially apt for children who like to take up challenges, and once they can finally balance in the air, it inspires a sense of fulfilment. For various recreational programs or competitive gymnastics, as per your kid’s preference, search for a local gymnastics club near you.

2.      Ice skating

At least the icy weather provides one good thing; a skate around for our children to relish at your local ice skating rink. Suppose your child is keen; in that case, they can take up figure skating lessons too. In addition, if they are motivated by group participation, some rinks have ice hockey clubs.

3.      Trampolining

To successfully lure your kids from the addictive screens, trampolining may do the trick. It is another exercise that most young people like, just that it may require an additional investment in the trampoline. But that shouldn’t stop you, as your local trampolining centre offers lessons. While at it, your child will surely appreciate the opportunity to meet with new friends on the holidays and weekends, perfect for social growth!

4.      Climbing walls

If you would like to bring everyone at home along, this sport will cater to that. It increases physical strength and confidence.

5.      Boxing

Boxing classes are ideal if you wish to instil some discipline without being the ‘harsh’ parent. Physically, it fosters a build-up of stamina and strength, and if initially, you had difficulty finding a boxing club that accommodates young people, most clubs nowadays cater to all ages!

Free activities for young people

Not to worry if the additional costs that come with a new sport are not feasible for you. Find a suitable one for your child below:

●       Running

Not everyone is thrilled by competitive sports, thanks to our personalities. However, running is a great substitute. Sponsored by the charitable organisation Parkrun, there is a weekly 5K run in various parks all over Australia for all ages. To secure your spot, register online in advance.

●       Dog walking

Young people can exercise while volunteering in their local community to walk the dogs. Research has established that with only 20 minutes of walking, one can influence brain activity.

●       YouTube

If your child dreads the outdoors, that is nothing you can’t handle. YouTube has proven to be quite resourceful and will get them moving inside the walls of your home. At least, that is one step away from the couch. Additionally, there is an endless list of exercise programs perfect for everyone. However, check the fitness video beforehand to ensure it’s appropriate for their age. It would also be very encouraging if you could join in!


Inspiring our children to exercise is a positive contribution to their health and adulthood. First things first, find a local club near you today to establish your options!

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