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How to Find My Stara Manager in NSW?

Strata managers are an essential part of strata schemes. Their professional expertise is a valuable resource deployed toward running a thriving and effective living community. Therefore, their presence and visibility are crucial.

A strata manager’s duties are vast and wide-reaching, touching every aspect of the strata. They range from financial, administrative and social responsibilities, all of which impact the owners and residents of the strata in their care. Therefore, their position may seem paradoxical; after all, how can finding someone involved in a wide range of things within the community be anything but straightforward? And yet, finding your strata manager sometimes requires a little effort to attain a favourable outcome.

So, no matter if you need to speak with your strata manager on an issue that requires their attention, you would like to ask them some specific questions or want to keep the information on hand for a rainy day. Here are some suggestions on how to find your strata manager in NSW.

First, you can try making face-to-face enquiries. As long as you know the right people to ask, you are very likely to find what you are looking for, hence:

Find an owner- their membership in the owners’ corporation- which is primarily responsible for selecting and hiring the strata manager- certifies that they are likely to know who the manager is.

  • Ask your letting agent- if you are a tenant, you will have access to the letting agent, who may, in turn, have occasion to meet or speak with your strata manager.
  • Ask a Real Estate Agent- a realtor with listings in the strata scheme will need to inform any prospective lot buyers about the strata scheme’s management. Therefore, they may give you the information upon polite inquiry.

However, if you prefer to use a more indirect avenue:

  • Strata managers often post notices on community bulletins or information boards. Now, some even use social media. So try a cursory search of these places to find any useful clues.
  • Inquire your local council or body corporate. To use the owners’ corporation, you may write a letter and post it to their letterbox. The box should be located in an easily accessible area within the property as stated by law.

Finally, you may opt to avoid all the extra steps and go straight to the internet to perform your search. If you choose this route, there are three ways you can go:

  1. Log on to the strata’s website and seek the pertinent information from there.
  2. If your strata doesn’t have a dedicated website, but you know how to find it online, try using a search engine; see what results come up.
  3. Some strata management companies maintain databases of all their employees. Therefore, if you know the company that lists your strata as a client, you may turn to them to find the information you seek.

Finding your strata manager in NSW is essential if only to have access to the party responsible for the success of your living community. So it would be best if you didn’t dismiss the need to have the information on hand; it may come in handy sooner than you think.

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