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Why a Pre-Sale Detail Is a Must before Selling Your Vehicle

A pre-sale detail is a special detailing package offered for vehicles destined for the market. Aside from having the right documentation, it’s important for your car to be in the right condition before hitting the market or delivery to a new owner.  Pre-sale detailing covers a lot of areas and offers remarkable results. Here are a few reasons why you should have one done before selling your vehicle

Good aesthetics

Pre-sale detailing focuses on restoring or accentuating the look on your car. A car that looks good, performs well in the market. There are several services available on the pre-sale detailing package that focus on how your car looks.

Paint care

One of the areas that takes the hardest hit during the operational life of a car is the paint job. Dirt and other contaminants destroy the original aesthetics of your paint job and leave a dull, unpleasant look. Pre-sale detailing takes care of the paint through cleaning, decontamination, polishing and sealing. These processes require special products and equipment. Nonetheless, the results are always satisfactory. Good paint care restores the aesthetic appeal of your used vehicle and might be the selling point you need to close a deal.

The lights, trim and wheels

Headlights and taillights often lose their original shine when oxidation occurs. To restore the original look, a polishing compound is applied on the lights. Moreover, a plastic sealant is also used to prevent future oxidation. Chrome, vinyl and plastic trims are cleaned and dressed with the appropriate protectant as part of the pre-sale detail. Finally, the wheels are washed and a protectant is applied to improve lustre and prevent cracking.

Good cabin ambience

Another selling point for a car is the cabin experience. Pre-sale detailing ensures your cabin not only looks good but also feels good. The primary detailing service that improves cabin experience is interior detailing

Interior detailing

The seats and the floor are often the primary targets in interior detailing. Vaccuming, steaming, shampooing and conditioning are some of the processes employed in the detailing. The approach varies according to the material used on the different surfaces. Stain removal and seat restoration require more aggressive techniques and products. Interior detailing covers all areas in the cabin from the dash, roof, floor and seats to the door panels. The trunk is also included in the detailing. Following a thorough interior detailing, the cabin feels fresh and looks appealing. The experience in the car is like driving a new vehicle.

Increase in sales value

Pre-sale detailing has an impact on the sales value of a car. The value of your car has a bearing on how the car looks and feels. Detailing restores your vehicle to its original aesthetics and can mask some repairs. Pre-sale detailing also ensures your vehicle gets the right attention and doesn’t disappoint on the aesthetic front. Moreover, an engine wash (a service available on some pre-sale detail package) makes a used vehicle look newer and better maintained.

The pre-sale detailing service is a must for anyone looking to put their vehicle on the market. It will help your fetch better deals and close them fast. Ensure the detailing package you get has all the services you are looking for. The detailing is a worthwhile investment

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