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Leather furniture is an excellent, durable option with a long useable life. A leather lounge can remain in excellent condition with proper care long after its initial purchase. Moreover, leather furniture embodies the feeling of classic timelessness that endures ever-changing style trends. Therefore, the benefits of opting for a leather lounge make it ideal for the homeowner who seeks longevity and comfort throughout the year.

In addition to the ease of maintenance and proper cleaning practices, you must also consider the aesthetic effects of a leather lounge. As you create the ideal room design, you must consider the type, shape and size of all furniture to maintain the perfect level of cohesion throughout. More often than not, you may find that your lounge forms the basis upon which you build the rest of your room’s appearance. This tendency makes choosing the right one important.

Leather lounges come in numerous styles, shapes and sizes. You can find anything from L-shaped couches and love seats to armchairs, tree seaters and even leather lounge beds. In addition to this style variety, leather lounges also come in numerous colours. Such a range of choices and options can make the selection process daunting. So, the pointers below may help you take your first steps in choosing the colour of your leather lounge.

How to Select Your Lounge’s Colour

Selecting the right lounge colour is not always as easy as picking out your favourite hue and calling it done. In truth, it often takes careful consideration of various factors before coming to the right choice, particularly since it is not easy to change a lounge’s colour. Therefore, before you step foot in a furniture store, keep the following information in mind:

White Lounges

White leather exudes a classic feel that draws you in. However, this colour lounge presents one glaring downside: dirt, stains, and other usage markings are more noticeable. Moreover, it always needs to be in a neat and tidy area, lest the environment diminishes its appearance. So, if you have children, pets, or are constantly entertaining guests, a white leather lounge may not be the best choice.

Black or Brown

Black and brown leather are the most popular colours in use today. However, while they look just fine in the home, black and brown leather lounges have a more corporate feel. Consequently, you are more likely to find them in professional settings, including home offices.

Black and brown leather furniture makes a room appear more stately. In addition, they make it easier to hide stains, dirt and other messes. As a result, you must carefully consider your home’s general aesthetic while deciding if a brown or black leather lounge is suitable. But remember that some style variations will make these colour lounges perfectly acceptable for use in the living room.


While black, white and brown are generic colours, there are other leather colour options with more neutral tones. They include mild beige, pale grey and light brown or tan. These variations are versatile enough to adapt to almost any room theme and décor. Therefore, if you want a leather lounge that will allow you more creative freedom in your choice of décor, then it is best to opt for one with neutral colours.

Other Colours

Leather furniture is not restricted to the more generic colours mentioned above. You can also check with your local furniture expert about the ‘less conventional’ leather colours available. This option has many benefits. First, it allows you to make a bold statement using your furniture. Secondly, matching your leather lounge to your wall colour will create the illusion of space and make a small room seem larger. In addition, it will create more cohesion that ties all aspects of the room together. Finally, a leather lunge with a solid hue can withstand any change you make to the wall colour.

Aside from the wall, your leather lounge colour choice must also complement or tastefully contrast the floor. So, remember that your concrete, tile or wood floor plays a role in choosinga leather lounge.

If you are overwhelmed by the extent of consideration you must account for in choosing a suitable colour leather lounge, you only have to contact your local furniture dealer to get more information and some guidance in making the right choice.

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