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How Staging Your Home Can Get You a Better Sale Price This Summer
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How Staging Your Home Can Get You a Better Sale Price This Summer

The real estate market today is competitive. As a property seller or manager, one should always be looking for ways to have the edge over the competition. A way to truly uncover the full potential of the home you want to sell and impress prospective buyers. Today more than ever, agents are becoming more and more innovative in getting their homes to sell fast and at the best possible price, and one particular method that is gaining steam as a relatively cheap yet effective way to  ‘beat the competition’ is home-staging.

In simple words, home-staging is preparing a private residence for the marketplace, with the end goal of creating a visual representation of what the home will look like with furniture and a touch of décor. Staging makes it more possible for the house being sold to appeal to a large number of potential buyers and hence selling swiftly and possibly at a much better price. Thanks to reality TV, home-staging is becoming more popular not only in Australia but also around the world, and its benefits are becoming more evident.

The advantages of home staging are numerous. To begin with, they transform a home from an otherwise cold and lifeless space with no furniture or spark of colour, to a more inviting home, that potential buyers can paint a mental picture with. They are more likely to ‘mentally move in’ when the home is staged. If done well (with a neutral palette), potential buyers can become personally attached to the property as they imagine residing in the wonderful space you’ve created through the staging process.

Next, the staging process can make the property seem spacious. If done well, a stager can create a seamless flow between different spaces in the house and hence maximise the floor space of the house. This will not only give the buyer ideas on how best to arrange the furniture in the house but also maximise the space and giving the impression of a large home, hence increasing the chances of a swift sale.

The third advantage of home-staging is that your homes become much easier to market, especially for buyers who prefer to search online first for their home. When staged, (and with the right photography skills) your home will look like it is straight out of a home décor magazine. Statistics show that over 90% of buyers start their search online and therefore with the right staging skills, they will be inevitably attracted to your front door, ready to make a purchase!

Home-staging also helps to accentuate the best features of a property that is for sale. Whether it is its spacious nature or its authentic and vintage look, the right furniture can enhance these features to their fullest potential.

On the flip side, another less talked about the advantage of staging is that it may help to distract from any negative features that your home may have, this may include a countertop that the buyer is not the biggest fan of or a pale wall colour. The buyer will be completely blown away by how bright and spacious the home is, turning a blind eye to any negatives.

This list of benefits is far from exhaustive. Home staging can be a silver bullet if you are struggling to sell a home in this competitive market. However, these benefits can only be realised if the staging is done correctly. A big difference in your property’s perceived value can be achieved with a small investment in the appearance of your home.

It is also important to note that there is no one size fits all method for home-staging, as each home is unique and should be staged accordingly to accentuate its dominant features and enhance its best attributes.  Call your property styling and home staging  company, have your home staged today and sell that house!

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