Drain Cleaning Without Harsh Chemicals

Clogged drains don’t happen overnight. If you pay close attention (and you should), you’ll probably notice when the water takes a little longer than usual to go down the sink. It may be a single sink or different basins around the house. Sometimes, it affects the toilet too. Instead of the water swirling straight down, it may rise closer to the top of the bowl before dissipating. The lag time doesn’t have to be dramatic – it may only take a few seconds more than it ordinarily does, but it’s a sign the drain is starting to blockage.

If you don’t take corrective measures, the blockage will pile up and eventually, you could end up with smelly drains, stagnant water, sludge bubbling back into the sink, or toilets that won’t flush at all. By the time things are that bad, you’ll have to call in a professional, and that could cost you a lot of money. Being observant (and routinely checking external drains) will help you identify potential clogs earlier. As soon as you notice the growing mess, don’t rush for chemical solutions. They work, but they hurt the environment too.

Manual options

Instead, use greener methods of unclogging your drain.  Start with that most trusty of plumbing tools – the plunger. Use a regular plunger for sinks and a toilet plunger for toilet bowls or corner drains. (The curvature at the corner may make it inaccessible or impractical to use the regular plunger because the cup won’t cover the hole well enough for effective suction.) If it’s a basic clog, it will clear. But if multiple pipes are affected, it’s probably the external drainage that’s blocked.

You could try using a drain snake or wire hanger to push the clog outside, or if you can see the blockage, you could put on gloves and try to manually pull out the accumulated debris. Only do this is the mess is visible. Otherwise, call a plumber. On the other hand, if the clog is localised, like a kitchen sink or hand basin, you can pour a mix of hot water and dishwashing liquid down. Or you could try a home remedy like baking soda and vinegar, which is mild enough to avoid eroding your pipes but strong enough to clear clogs.

plumber blocked drains Sydney

Kitchen chemicals

Begin by pouring hot water down the sink. It will melt any greasy bits blocking the pipes and push them further along. Then sprinkle baking soda, making sure it goes down the drain rather than sitting on the surface of the sink. Baking soda is a mild alkali (sodium bicarbonate) with a pH of 9. Then pour white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide down the drain. You might hear some fizzing and see some foam bubbling up the drain. That’s the reaction between the alkali and the acid (vinegar = acetic acid, pH 2.4; hydrogen peroxide = pH 2.7).

Let the chemical reaction finish, wait ten minutes, then pour more hot water down the drain to see if it’ll go down. You may have to repeat the steps two or three times. By the third round, you could unscrew the sink trap, place a bucket underneath, and do the hot water-baking soda-vinegar-hot water cycle while using a drain snake in the horizontal portion of the trap. Push the clog further along the pipe and hopefully out into the open, letting it access the external drain. Then you can go outside and fish out the residue.

Green clean

It’s interesting to note that while vinegar and baking soda are most frequently cited as natural de-cloggers, there are people who don’t believe it’s a functional combination. After all, the reaction is too mild to have much effect – they say. This school of thought says the real secret of #VineBa is the hot water that goes before and after, melting the greasy gunk. Still, since you already have these organic products in your home, you could give it a try before you go out and buy something expensive or potentially poisonous.

Not all drain cleaners are toxic though. If your home remedy and coat hangers haven’t dislodged the blockage, you could try a certified green de-clogger. These brands use enzymes to destroy debris, but they’re fully biodegradable so they don’t mess the soil, sewers, or waterways. Brands include Enzyme Wizard cleaning liquids and Antizyme pellets. Enzyme cleaners and de-cloggers work by ‘digesting’ blocked matter and converting it into water and carbon dioxide. They’re gentler on your pipes, and don’t have to be heated up before use.


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Human Sexuality

We’ve come a long way since the 19th century, when women were being cured of their “hysteria” by innovative doctors who simply stimulated them to orgasm. Lord knows we all can get a bit edgy when it’s been a while since we’ve had some relief, so to speak.

Human sexuality is a broad topic that’s traditionally been not talked about, not shared amongst friends and the community in conversation. These days, it’s not uncommon to have a gay uncle or aunt in the family, a trans sibling. Your friend at work might pop down to the dungeon for a session with a dominatrix to help relieve their work stresses. Your friend might tell you all about the latest 3-day Tantra workshop she attended down the coast.

Sexuality covers behaviours and feelings regarding sex and how someone feels and interacts as a sexual being. It also involves whether they repress or express desires, fantasies, and the way they behave sexually. It’s less about romantic relationships and more about sex – and everything surrounding it.

In Australia, we’re lucky to have a fairly relaxed attitude towards human sexuality, although there’s still a long way to go. Same sex marriage was only just legalized recently. But we can compare it to other cultures where women are required to cover up lest they distract men. Lord knows it wouldn’t be easy to hang out in a burka on a 40+ degree day in Australia – respect to those that do, it can’t be that comfy!

An individual’s sexuality has been said to be a combination of nature and nurture. That’s to say that some of their sexuality is simply “the way they’ve been born” and some is shaped by their early childhood experiences. If you watched a lot of porn growing up, then when you reach the time to have sex yourself, you might think that real life should be like porn. Hint to anyone young and reading this – it shouldn’t be, or at least should be all the time, unless you’re role playing, but that’s another topic.

premature ejaculation


The way that you feel about your own sexuality changes across the course of your lifetime. As a teenager you might be ashamed and embarrassed about masturbation, as an adult you might be asking your friends for advice on which is the best new vibrator or fleshlight on the market. Your interests may also change. Someone who has only ever dated men may suddenly find themselves sexually attracted to a woman, which can be confusing or exciting, or some combination of both.

The way that you feel about other people’s sexuality is important, too. It is best to try as hard as you can not to judge people for their sexuality and sexual choices, so long as they are not harming anyone. In a recent episode of Broad City, it was joked about that all teachers “jerk off” to their (upper high school) students. While it was horrifying to Abbey, Illana explained it away as “jerking off isn’t a crime” but putting hands on a child is horrifying. While this is a little extreme, it speaks to people’s attitudes towards sexuality. Just because it isn’t your “thing” doesn’t mean everyone has to be the same as you. We aren’t lemmings. As humans we are beautiful because of our diversity and that includes in sexuality, too.

There are plenty of issues that can arise within people surrounding sexuality. Anxiety over performance may cause premature ejaculation, or even the inability to get an erection for men, or vaginal dryness or “clamping up” of the vagina in women.These sorts of issues are best worked through with the help of a therapist specially trained in sexuality and can often be alleviated by cognitive therapies and medications.

People may be ashamed of certain practices that they fantasize about. However, that’s why the internet is a wonderful place. While you might not have worked up the courage to tell your new girlfriend or boyfriend that you’d like to try swinging, you can join online groups and message boards and talk about these sorts of things with others in the same boat. You can be sure, whatever your sexual issue or preference, there are plenty of other people out there going through the same thing right now or have been through it before.

So, if you’re concerned about anything in the realm of sexuality seek out some forums to chat to others about the same thing or visit a doctor or therapist who has experience in working with sexuality.

Sex and everything surrounding sexuality is a wonderful thing and nothing to be ashamed of. We should all adopt the mantra of the BDSM community in reminding ourselves that so long as something is safe, sane, and consensual (and legal) then let people be who they want to be and do what they want to do.


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Christmas gifts hampers brisbane

Christmas Gifts for the Gourmet Friend

We all have one. A friend who has a penchant for the finer things in life. In this case, it’s finer things in life that you can stuff into your face with the utmost grace and poise, obviously. The gourmet friend is someone who is always in the know of new restaurants to hit up after work. They are also sometimes found in the kitchen, trying to recreate dishes they saw on MasterChef the night before. Their fridge is always stocked with homemade pesto and sauces they have either made or acquired from some dark alley where you have to use a secret knock.

Well, Christmas is peeking over the horizon and if you’re one of those people who has order and organization in your life you’re probably started to make a list and check it twice and thinking about what to buy your friends, some naughty and some super nice.

Well, this post is to give you some ideas of what to get your gourmet friend.

A Degustation Experience

Degustation is a fine dining experience where you get to taste the chef’s finest dishes in small portions. There are usually about eight to ten courses, paired with wines. Your gourmet friend will be frothing at the mouth as he explains the subtleties of the flavours and the possible ingredients used. If you do decide to go with them, humour them by joining in with the gastronomic banter and do some internet research so you too can speak the gourmet lingo.

A Pasta Machine

The gourmet friend won’t except conventional dried pasta and will relish in the fact that they have the ability to make their own fresh linguine with clam sauce. They will invite you over and be delighted to share their new found past time of making fresh pasta. As the fork filled with fresh pasta approaches your mouth for your first bite, the gourmet chef will sit in anticipation, as they wait for your reaction and before you have even swallowed it will ask your opinion. Of course, you are going to say that it’s the best pasta you have ever tasted. And it probably will be, if your friend is that foodie. You could always be a harsh critic and say that you have had better, teasing them to outdo themselves next time.

A Foodie Magazine Subscription

When the gourmet friend is not watching cooking shows, you will often find them flipping through magazines and reading reviews on new restaurants. They eagerly wait by the mailbox for each month’s issue so they can gather ideas and invite you around for a meal of their new creation.

australia Christmas gift basket

Winery Tour

A winery tour is an ideal gift for the gourmet friend. They will get to the see the process from grape to table of their favourite drink. Most of the farms also have other gourmet treats and preserves that the gourmet friend will start drooling over and maybe get a little too excited. A gift that has this power will help you form an even stronger bond with the gourmet friend and you will be invited around more to try their creations. And low and behold as their cooking skills increase and so will the pleasure of the dinner invitations.

Wine Club Subscription

Yes, there are wine clubs. Kind of like the old CD club where you receive a few CDs every month. This is for wine. You may have seen these people at the airports at stands trying to lure you in with a glass of free wine. Yes, it worked on me. This is a great gift hamper for you and your gourmet friend, because after all, when you go over for dinner you are going to need something to drink with the meal. And at least if the food is bad the wine will wash it down nicely.

The Gourmet Gift Basket

This is an easy one;a no-brainer that requires little effort on your part, although has maximum results. These baskets are filled with the finest food and drink from Australia and all over the world. They contain everything to get the dinner party started. If your gourmet friend invites you over to try one of their new creations at least you will know the pre-dinner snacks and drinks will be of a gourmet standard. But be careful!The gourmet friend may feel threatened by the quality of the goods in the hamper that may overshadow his kitchen prowess.

Cook for Your Gourmet Friend

This is a tricky one. Find a dish that is ridiculously tedious to make that contains ingredients that you have to search for in far corners of the city and cook it for them. But don’t cook it for them begrudgingly. Cook it with love and care and I’m sure your gourmet friend will appreciate every mouthful. Maybe try a few practice runs on your not so gourmet friends and if they give it the thumbs up then there is a fair chance that the gourmet friend will too.


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Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas is that time of the year where you get to spread good cheer and give. It is also the time to get together with the family and review what has happened all year long. The one thing most people look forward to, is the exchange of gifts on Christmas morning, although traditionally, the men in the house are often short changed. This is because most people never really know what to get the men in their lives, and the misconception that all gifts for men are expensive. This is why token baskets are quickly becoming the goto solution to gifting for special occasions and gatherings.

Gift hampers come in handy especially during the holidays because they are easy to put together and customise, to mean something to the recipient. Since they contain a variety of items, you can have something frivolous, something for immediate use, and something functional all in the same basket. They are also presented in a carefully wrapped package, and more often than not come with a card where you can pen words to make him feel valued. Whether you are looking for something for your dad, your brother, favourite male co-worker, or your boyfriend, here are some of the Christmas popular gift baskets ideas for him.

The classic Chivas

Whiskey is a great gift to give someone, especially if it good and properly aged. The centrepiece of this hamper is a 12 year old bottle of Chivas Regal from the oldest of the distilleries still operating in Scotland. It also comes with a five pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a box of salted cashews. They also throw in a box of mixed olives and roasted peppers, and caramelised balsamic relish from Ogilvie and Co. Fine food merchants.

All this is packaged in a premium gift box that oozes sophistication and style. It is a gift that is perfect for your man especially since he gets to share the chocolate with you after.

Make him a gentleman

This is the perfect gift for the men in your life that enjoy a little time to themselves and value good grooming. It is a well put together gift box with some of the best cleaning products that will have his skin singing in happiness for quite some time. It comes with an all in one wash from Urban Rituelle that is meant to cleanse, condition, and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling invigorated. It is gentle enough to use on the face, body, and even the hair. The aim of this cleanser is to moisturise the skin while at the same time removing the dirt and the sweat.

christmas gift basket melbourne

This hamper also has a scrub that removes all the dead skin from his face using crushed walnut shells and small bamboo particles. It also contains green tea extract to balance the skin tone and remove toxins from the skin. Lastly, there is an aftershave balm that contains chamomile, green tea, and a bunch of the herbs to soothe the skin after a shave.

Beer and barbecue

Does he enjoy a day out grilling? Then this is the hamper for him. The talking point in this hamper is Jamie Oliver’s food tube BBQ recipes that will have him experimenting on the grill all summer. It comes with a collection of 50 recipes that he will have the time of his life replicating. The hamper also comes with a chopping board, and oven mitt and a collection of barbecue foods that he will enjoy. These include beer nuts and savoury parmesan paprika cheese bites from Charlies. A collection of condiments including tomato chutney, chilli mustard, and Australian peppercorn Shiraz mustard are also added. Finally, he gets to wash all this down refreshing pale ale from James Squire.

Turn him into a mixologist

If he has ever been interested in making drinks and cocktails, but he never really got around to learning, then this is what you should get him this Christmas. It comes with a book called the art of mixology, which is a collection of cocktails, both the classic and the more contemporary type. He will learn to make everything from the James Bond martini to the brandy alexander and everything in between, impressing not only the rest of the family but guests as well. This hamper also includes a glass cocktail shaker from Gentleman’s Hardware to get him started on the journey.

It comes with a 750ml bottle of Bartender Cocktail simple syrup as the first item on the road to an expansive collection of ingredients that will undoubtedly have fun collecting. This will include rum, whiskey, vodka and various gin brands, as well as more exotic ingredients such as curacao. Finally, there is a box of scorched milk chocolate almonds. All this is packaged in a stylish gift box.


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Sexual Activity Makes People, Including Quite Older People, Feel Better

When it comes to sexual activity, in the western world we have come to the overall conclusion that everything is ok as long as we don’t harm each other in any way. Today almost any preference is respected and appreciated, no matter if we pursue love relationships or simply want to engage in sex. While our first attempt of coupling is usually sweet and tender as much as it is authentic and genuine when it comes to exchanging feelings, we also develop an understanding of what kind of approach and attitude we like when it comes to courting but also develop our boundaries. In our following attempts of love, our body language towards the current partner might have changed already as well as the way we communicate. We might then try to combine our emotions with our sexual desire and practice ourselves in the passionate game of seducing our partner, learn more about intimacy and our own sexual preferences. The enjoyment of real love and commitment usually develops within the course of time and the obstacles a relationship goes through, but it is no secret that regular sex makes us feel healthier and draws us closer to the partner.

In a lot of life aspects, ageing is commonly associated with improvements in quality. Whether it is common life skills, higher proficiency in our work, our financial situation or general domains of our lives that improve with time and practice. So how come society and media make us believe that the only exception to this pattern seems to be the quality of our sex life? The assumption that sex is only a domain for beautiful and young people is entirely wrong. Like wine, sex often gets better with age and recent studies revealed that a lot of men and women state that the best sex they had was in their 40ies. There are certain key factors why sex can be better with older age. One is, that more experienced women have a better chance of orgasming.premature ejaculation This is why in fact a lot of women think that sex gets better with age as they also become more confident in bed. A lot of times, sex in the early 20ies is about experimentation like trying new things out, exploring boundaries and new partners. With older age people also might have come to terms with their body image and especially men who have feared intercourse because of early ejaculation problems might have overcome their performance anxiety. Once people are more confident, it can lead to wilder, more adventurous sex, which can be more satisfactory for both partners.

In fact, a lot of men and women over the age of 60 are quite sexually active and continue to see sex as an important part of life. While it is true that physical health is declining with age, there have been a lot of medical solutions on the market to treat sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, which might increase with age. Thanks to such prescribed drugs, nowadays almost anyone can enjoy intimacy well into the old age. Whereas the frequency of having sex might become less with age, there seems to be no relation to frigidity. While young people tend to have more sex, older ones seem to enjoy it more as they have gained better knowledge on their desires and their partner’s preferences, hence the experience tells them what they really want out of their intimate life. Furthermore, recent studies have found out, that the quantity of sexual encounters does not have anything to do with the quality. As people age, they often become more empathic with the partner, hence the thoughts and effort invested in sex might grow when one gets older. The change in priorities could find its reasons in the benefits of life experience. Until late in life, good-quality relationships gain their success through the sexual quality of life and ageing. Life experience is therefore closely related to a good sex life.


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Logo design

Recent Logo Concepts to Consider

A logo is one of the most important marketing tools as it identifies a business or a brand in its simplest form using a mark, symbol, flag, lettering or an icon to stick in people’s minds and become a familiar graphic image on the market.


If you are setting up a new business, you have to understand that logos don’t often sell the business directly nor describe it. Hence your logo should identify the brand in a way that it classifies and is memorized and not explain its purpose. In simple words, a logo should be your business conceptualized by an icon. For your CI it is important to know what makes a good and effective logo to develop creative ideas with a logo designer.


The usual guideline to develop this distinctive and unique graphic is that it should be simple to aid recognition. A good logo is timeless and still effective in the following years to come. Hence, the more abstract an icon is, the more enduring it might be and possibly understood by following generations. Your logo should also be versatile in terms of being applied to different materials and mediums such as t-shirts, business cards, brochure design and banners no matter its size and background colour.


A good logo should work both in vertical and horizontal format and of course be appropriate for public display to any age and audience. Also keep in mind that the more colour you use, the more expensive your icon will become in the long run and if you intend to use writing, certain fonts bring across different messages and might not always be appropriate for your purpose. For example, a children’s kindergarten icon will more likely use a childish font and bright colour scheme, whereas this would possibly not be suitable for a law firm. A trademark should be recognized at a quick glance, thus make sure your logo isn’t too detailed in design.


To establish a brand identity when designing your logo, you might want to look at recent logo concepts to be up to date with the 5 latest trends in logo design.

Catalogue design

Creative typography

Text-based logos are not only great but also effective. To carry the name of the brand is simple and straightforward and can be done in many ways without being boring. This years trend still goes strong with handwritten logos to appear quirky and authentic, chaotic typography where the letters aren’t used linear to present a casual and playful brand or split typography where the business’ name is still clearly readable but with a gap or space between the letters. This year you will see more experiments with typo where either negative space or cropped typography is used for a modern design.


Bright colours

As the palette of colours you can choose for your logo is literally endless, take advantage of the latest trend in using vibrant hues and get creative with variations to come up with an energetic and funky fresh style for your logo. Suffice to say the intense colours should still be aligned with your business or brand but set them apart from the competition. Also take in consideration that using a lot of different colours will not only lessen the moment of instant recognition but effect costs when printed multiple times.


Geometrical outlines

Basic geometrical shapes have always been favoured for their sophisticated look in architecture, fashion and graphic design. To this year, beauty is still found in minimalistic, simple geometric shapes such as lines, circles, rectangles and points. These shapes create clean and elegant visual marks with a balanced and timeless but contemporary look. To make a logo distinct, designers now layer the different shapes together to reflect a brand’s identity.


Letter stacking

Since 2016 letter stacking has gained popularity in the design world as a sophisticated and elegant way for branding. Especially for long names and phrases that are hard to perceive, strategically placed letters on top of each other, below or side-by-side, this logo format is used to create a graphic block with an exclusive layout. Often paired with bright colours and shapes, stacked letters become visually appealing and catchy as the font becomes the entire logo.


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last longer in bed

The Link Between Seafood and Sex

You’re probably well aware that seafood is considered an aphrodisiac. It doesn’t generally apply to tuna and trout, but it’s an accepted ‘fact’ in regard to octopus, squid, and shellfish. The scientific reason behind this may be their high zinc content. In men, zinc is a key factor in the production of testosterone, so low zinc levels can easily lead to erectile dysfunction.

If shellfish ups a man’s testosterone levels, it makes sense that it would make him more open to sex. Also, women have low levels of intrinsic testosterone as well, so it’s likely that a jolt of it would put them in the right mood from bedroom activities as well. Still, is this assumption based in fact or is it just one of those things people say?

The Harvard School of Public Health ran a study trying to figure this out. They followed 501 couples, both before and after they tried to conceive, over a period of four years. The couples lived together, and regularly shared meals. They were asked to keep food diaries, with the specific aim of logging how many times they consumed seafood in a week.

Low mercury fish

The couples were all American, and as a caveat, all their fish consumption was safe. Many Americans worry about eating seafood, because fish is said to contain mercury. However, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has verified that 90% of seafood in America has low mercury levels and is therefore safe for your plate. Armed with this reassurance, the couples in the study noted how often they ate (shell)fish and how frequently they had sex.

premature ejaculation treatments

The results of the study, showed that 92% of the couples got pregnant within a year of trying, and that these couples had fish more than twice a week. Among couples that had fish more frequently – over eight times a month – their sex count rose by 22%. The caveat in this study implies they shared meals more often and probably spent more nights together, which may be a more reliable cause of their higher volume of sexual activity.

USDA recommends we eat 200g of fish in a week while most Americans barely eat 75g. The study showed that eating more fish – particularly shellfish – not only increaseslonger lasting sex frequency but enhances fertility as well. It makes sense then that a man who experiences erectile dysfunction might consider adding more fish to his diet – or at least sharing fish dinners with his partner. The intimacy of preparing the meal together may be part of it.

Mind over matter

Most cases of early ejaculation and erectile matters are psychological. And one of the best ways to solve it is to ease the mental pressure. If a man can focus on just having a nice cosy dinner two or more times a week, if the dinner involves talking, cooking together, and cuddling, and if the menu includes foods high in zinc that will raise his levels of testosterone, then everyone is happy.

Zinc has been used as a health supplement for centuries even among indigenous communities. It was thought to heal wounds and prevent blood clots that could lead to strokes, heart attacks, kidney problems, thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, and complications in pregnancy. It improves the health of your cells, organs, and blood vessels. Zinc is thought to thin your blood, helping it flow better. This is important on sexual matters because enhancing smooth blood flow to the penis is the best way to facilitate and extend the duration erections.

Sex has other benefits. You improve your levels of trust and connectedness with your partner, and for men, it has a big effect on their self-esteem and how they see themselves. Good, consistent, satisfying sex lowers stress levels. It’s good for your heart, both anatomically and emotionally, and is even thought to lower your risk for certain types of cancer. And – of course – if you’re trying to start a family, sex is a big part of the equation. If all you need to gain these benefits is have a few extra plates of fish, it seems like a good idea.


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bed bugs control sydney

Do Bed Bugs Pose a Health Threat?

Don’t let the bedbugs bite.’ Why not? We’ll get to that in a bit. First we want to see why the very idea of bedbugs is so terrifying. Well, adult bedbugs can squeeze into the tiniest spaces, from mattress folds, doorways, and skirting boards to those crevices between your bed frames and seat cushions. A female bedbug lays between one and five eggs every day. Her eggs hatch into nymphs that can ‘hibernate’ for more than 500 days without food.

Once these dormant nymphs sense food they ‘wake up’ for breakfast and within months they start to have babies of their own. This means an infested space can be empty for nearly two years and still develop a bedbug problem as soon as someone new takes residence. Because bedbugs can fit in the tiniest space, they can stowaway in suitcases, books, shoes, or sheets.

In a single night, a bedbug can travel 30 metres, but they usually restrict themselves to a 2 metre radius of their primary food source – your bed, with you asleep in it. They generally spend their days sleeping, while their food is away. They moult five or six times during their lifetimes, which are a year and a half on average, assuming they don’t go into dormancy. Every subsequent exoskeleton is stronger, making them resistant to many pesticides.

Spartan feeding habits

Bedbugs generally gorge themselves on blood once a week. Their presence doesn’t relate to cleanliness, because a vacant space can be pristine and spotless, but if there are dormant bedbugs in it, they’ll attack the second a new host arrives. They can even hide behind wall paper, so cleanliness isn’t a solution. They don’t pass on any diseases or infections, but their bites can disrupt your sleep, itch when you’re awake, ortrigger allergies if you’re susceptible.

Bedbug bites are hard to spot. In some people, they don’t show up until two weeks after the attack. The bugs have a very clinical system of predation. They slip you an anaesthetic and a chemical that stops your blood from clotting. This way, you won’t feel their bite or swat them away, and your blood stays fluid until they’ve drunk their fill. If the bites do appear, they’re small, itchy swellings, like a mosquito or flea bite.

sydney pest control

Still, even though these insects only need to eat once a week, their presence is easy to detect. Look for rusty blood spots – they poop blood after they bite you. You can check for the bugs themselves in your sheets, headboards, and bed spaces. If you can’t spot the live insects, you may see their moulted outer ‘shells’. Bedbugs range from 1mm to 7mm in size, and their bites can make you scratch so hard that you peel your skin or develop a rash.

Do you smell what the bugs are cooking?

When you have a bedbug infestation, you might sense a sickly sweet, damp, mouldy smell around your bed or next to the bedbug nest. They can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces and be transported across continents without alerting airport x-rays. That’s what makes their attacks so indiscriminate – they can slip into a nunnery or a honeymoon suite.

And since a single bedbug can lay more than 500 eggs in a year, once they’re in your bed, you’re done. Your best move is to call in bedbugs’ pest control. The bugs won’t make you sick (unless you’re allergic), but they can cause panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, and skin problems. They’ll also mess up your sheets, and even though hygiene has nothing to do with it, having bedbugs in your home can make you feel dirty. Plus, they will ruin your guests’ perception of you … and then promptly follow them home … which you’ll still get blamed for.

Don’t scratch that itch!

If you spot a bedbug bite, try not to scratch it. Apply an antiseptic ointment and swallow an antihistamine pill to counter potential allergens. Boil and bleach all your bedlinen and seat upholstery, then have exterminators thoroughly inspect and spray your entire space. The pesticide has to get everywhere – in drawers, behind wall hangings, beneath wall paper, inside skirting boards – everywhere.

If even one bedbug survives the massacre, you’ll have 500 in no time, and each one of the can hunger strike for 500 days and live, so make sure you get them all. After treatment, invite your exterminator to routinely inspect your space and make sure no stray bugs lived to tell the tale or restart their bedside family.

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Father's Day Gifts hampers

Father’s Day Gifts for the New Dad

The birth of a child is a magical time and one could say it is when a boy really grows up and becomes a man. As the child enters his life, so does a new found wisdom that comes with the responsibility of raising a child. It’s quite an adjustment for everyone involved. Priorities shift, perspectives change and the parents really begin to see what’s really important in life. The joyous occasion of a delightful new addition to the family is a means to celebrate to mark the occasion. Both parents deserve a little something for all their hard work and discipline during the labour.

In this post, we will take a look at some gift hampers for the new dad to celebrate the beginning of a new life and to show appreciation for all his patience, understanding and helpfulness over the pregnancy period and during the labor.

Fishing Equipment

The new father would probably appreciate some quiet time to himself after his parenting duties have been done and what better way to do it than a spot of fishing. It’s the ideal past time to get away from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city life and get back to nature. Fishing is also great for the whole family to spend some quality time together. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood was fishing with my dad. We never did catch much fish, but it was all about the ritual. My baby brother and I would play in the water and eagerly await my Dad to reel in the big one. It never did happen, but it didn’t matter.

Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Hamper

This is the ideal gift for the new parents to celebrate their new gift to the world or wetting the baby’s head as we call it Australia. A toast to new beginnings and a happy and healthy life to follow. The hamper contains a bottle of the world-renowned Don Perignon champagne and some gourmet chocolate treats, all beautifully wrapped to mark the special occasion.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest foray into the portable gaming market. This is a great console and the perfect gift for the young at heart. It features HD graphics that have to be seen to be believed and it will offer hours of entertainment when the kids have gone to bed. Also when the baby gets a bit older the father and child can enjoy some quality bonding time as the two of them have fun and play on the system.

Gift Baskets for Him

Well Groomed Men’s Hamper

New parents barely have time to scratch their head let alone keeping up with grooming. They are too busy adjusting to their new life of parenthood. This hamper is a great gift for the time poor new father. It contains all the manly essentials to keep his appearance looking fresh, such as all the shaving essentials, a toiletries bag, and boot polish, all presented beautifully in a gift box.

Netflix Subscription

Both parents will appreciate this gift, for nights of broken sleep, for the in-between periods of tending to the new bubs every need. Netflix is the new way to watch television, with all the best shows and movies on demand.

Grill Master Gift Hamper

The birth of a child tends to bring family and friends together to celebrate and what better way to do it than the traditional Aussie basket. This hamper has all the essentials needed to get your BBQ underway. It has an apron and utensils so the new dad is kitted up before he steps up to the barbeque plate and starts flipping steaks. Also featured in the basket is some gourmet goodies such as sauce, relish, and some antipasto delights.

Detox Wellness Gift Basket

The new father’s new lifestyle may need a nudge along to let go of some of the old past times of partying with friends. The Detox Wellness Gift Basket will aid him getting all the old days out of his system. The basket contains everything that is needed to detox the body as well as treating himself to some quality skin care products.

Gym Equipment

Being a father is hard tiring work and it’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine. The time-poor parents will be struggling to find time to go to the gym. So, if they have some gym equipment around the house it will much easier to sneak a quick workout in. Mum’s looking to get back into shape after bub will be sure to appreciate this gift, too.

These are just a few ideas on what to give the new father this Father’s Day. So, let’s celebrate the gift of life and may many happy returns fill us will contentment and joy. Cheers to life and cheers to the new dad.


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