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Underground water storage offers numerous benefits when you look to be savvier in your consumption of this precious resource. It is also a vital tool for water conservation. Therefore, when you are purchasing one, there are numerous factors to consider before making a final selection.

The purchase of an underground water tank may seem like a straightforward process; after all, you only need to select a tank, install it and fill it. Yet this is not an accurate assumption. No matter that they all share an underlying purpose, different tanks are often designed for various purposes. So, identifying why you need one is crucial in making the right choice.

Beyond the need to identify its purpose, there are other considerations to keep in mind throughout the purchase process. So here’s what to look for in an underground water storage tank.


The tank’s size should hold enough water to meet all your needs. However, while making your choice, you must remember that underground water tanks are virtually impossible to move after installation. Therefore, it is best to account for any projected growth while selecting your tank. If you are unsure about the best dimensions, you can consult with an expert. Contacting a professional, be they from the manufacturer or a tank installation expert, opens up an avenue to use their experience to determine the ideal size based on your requirements.


Purpose plays a key role in the purchase of an underground water tank. The one you select must suit your primary requirements for a tank. This distinction is important, primarily because of the differences in manufacturing. So, a tank that holds drinking water will be different from the one you use to store water for garden irrigation.

Tank design differences are also a product of the need for safety. They help you maintain appropriate separation between potable and non-potable water.


An underground water tank’s construction must prevent contaminants from entering the water supply. If they get in, these pollutants render the entire supply unusable. Moreover, the only recourse left when dealing with contaminated water is costly cleanup. Therefore, to avoid a scenario such as this, you must only consider buying a tank that has the following safety features:

  • Rain protection.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Screened air vents.

Without these features, your water supply is likely to get contaminated.


There is a wide variety of materials used to manufacture underground water tanks. Each has some advantages and drawbacks. However, the best material for these tank types is plastic. Plastic has proven to be the most durable option available compared to concrete and metal. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to handle, thus making installation easy. Once in place, plastic is non-corrosive and mostly seamless, so you don’t have to worry about rust or the use of sealants that are likely to fail and cause a leak.

Getting the right underground water tank can be very advantageous. Therefore, you must be very deliberate during the selection process. That way, you get the best tank available and ensure that you are well set up for a long time to come.

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