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What are the Benefits of Solar Heating for My Pool

Having a swimming pool allows you to make the most of your backyard as space for entertainment. However, what happens when you cannot use it because it is too cold outside? Is there any way to make your pool useable even in cooler weather?

The only way to keep a pool at ideal operating levels even when it is cold is by heating it. But, this solution can get expensive. It takes tremendous amounts of energy to heat a pool; therefore, if you don’t have the budget to cover these costs, it may seem as though you should resign yourself to only having use of your pool at certain times of the year.

However, you can employ an alternative and cheaper method to heat your pool—solar energy. Opting for solar pool heating offers you an excellent and effective surrogate for the traditional heating options.

If you are interested in a more cost-effective pool heating method, read on to understand how it works and the benefits of solar pool heating.

How does solar pool heating work?

Using solar energy to heat your pool works through a system of components that operate together to generate electricity that heats the pools. The system consists of a series of solar panels or tubes made of plastic or rubber- also known as a solar collector- and a controller.

You must pump some pool water into the solar collector to heat your pool, which absorbs the sun’s heat. As the water flows through the collector, it gets heated before flowing back into the main pool structure. The digital controller regulates this process by automatically turning on the system when the right conditions are met, then shutting it off once the pool reaches the desired temperature.

What are the benefits of solar pool heating?

Using solar energy to heat your pool has many advantages, namely:

It is a cost-saving measure.

Solar pool heaters don’t require any fuel to run. Instead, they use the sun’s heat, a freely available renewable resource to heat your pool. Therefore, using this system allows you to save significant amounts of money annually- funds that you would have otherwise used to cover the more expensive gas and electric bills.

Beyond the cost of sourcing the energy, solar heating systems also help you save on maintenance. This boon is a reflection of the fact that they are low-maintenance appliances. Even the controller automatically flushes the system during peak use season to ensure it operates correctly.

It is more environmentally-friendly.

Since solar heating systems use the sun’s heat- a clean and renewable energy source- to run, they are more eco-friendly than the alternatives. Therefore, you also lower your carbon footprint when you opt for this system.

It extends your pool’s useable period.

Without the means to heat your swimming pool, its use would be limited to when it is hot outside. However, this device allows you to enjoy the water at all times of the year. Thus you get more use out of your investment. No matter the size or variety of the swimming pool in your backyard, installing a solar pool heating system will only improve it. Therefore, you get to increase your pool’s utility in a clean, low-cost, more environmentally friendly way. Indeed, there can be no better incentive to obtain one.

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