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5 Tricks to Choose the Right Pool Builder for Your Home

As the global climate changes, summers are becoming warmer and could soon be unbearable. For this reason, many homeowners are thinking of installing swimming pools in their backyards. After all, what’s better than taking a plunge in cool water when it’s hot outside? Furthermore, pools add beauty to your outdoor space.

Despite its many benefits, a swimming pool doesn’t come cheap. From breaking ground to applying your desired finish, it’s a project that consumes time and thousands of dollars. 

One of the most critical decisions when constructing a swimming pool is choosing the right pool builder. Read on to discover the factors you need to consider when hiring a contractor. 

Do You Have a Plan?

Before anything, choose the type of swimming pool you want. This involves selecting between above-ground and in-ground pools and the materials used for construction. 

After settling on the type and material, consult a pool professional. They will recommend the best size and style that fits your preferred construction site without overstretching your budget.


Once you have a quotation, the next step involves finding the right contractor. You can start by searching for locally available installers online. Remember to check reviews from previous clients when browsing the websites of potential contractors. If there are few or no reviews, move on to the next option.

Alternatively, you can ask for referrals from your neighbours or workmates. Inquireabout how long the project took and their experience with the contractor. This should help you narrow down your list to a few options.

Look for Accreditation and Insurance

A pool installer must have accreditation from recognised professional bodies. They must also have licenses to install and maintain swimming pools in your region. 

Accreditation and licenses are vital since they prove that the company meets the construction standards and adheres to the local building code. Hiring a licensed installer also allows you to seek legal compensation if they do a shoddy job.

Insurance covers are also essential because they exempt you from compensating workers who get injuries during construction. 

Request a Timeline

How long will it take to complete the swimming pool? This mostly depends on the type and material used in construction. Above-ground pools are the fastest to install and can start functioning immediately. On the other, you need to wait for months before you start swimming in an in-ground pool, especially if it’s made using concrete. 

When choosing a builder, ensure that they provide a reasonable timeline. You don’t want a pool that isn’t ready for use a few days before summer.

Trust Your Gut

During your search for a pool builder, be observant and check for any red flags. When you meet them in person, please pay attention to how they handle the conversation, as they’re likely to take your project similarly. 

If you notice that the contractor is focusing too much on selling you an idea or asking for a lump sum deposit, walk away immediately. The same applies to contractors without an office or a portfolio of previous projects.

Wrapping Up

A swimming pool should last for many years without major repairs, which is why you need to follow the steps mentioned above when choosing a pool builder. A shoddily done pool is not only a loss of time and resources, but it also creates an unsightly mess in your backyard.

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