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How to Pick The Right Wood Heater
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How To Pick The Right Wood Heater?

Nothing should get into your way of enjoying a good time with family, not even the cold weather. During the cold winter nights, we all want to change our rooms from being frosty to cosy. Therefore, get a quality heating solution that is unique, stylish, efficient, and practical. Among the many available options in the market, the wood heater should be among your top choice. The wide variety of wood heaters make it challenging to choose a particular one. Thereby to help transform your home into a warm and comfortable living space, below is a guide on the criteria you should use to choose a wood heater.

Size of the Wood Heater

For practicality, it is necessary to factor in the size of the wood heater and the available space in your room.  A large wood heater is a potential fire hazard for small spaces since they are slowly fired and have high heat output. This results in creosote build-up, which increases the risk of chimney fires or the release of toxins. Studies show that a heating space of 1500 feet requires a firebox of approximately 2 feet and a heat output of 50,000 BTU per hour.

Decide Between Freestanding and Fireplace Insert.

Wood heaters are categorized into fireplace inserts and freestanding. The installation of a freestanding fireplace does not require any masonry fireplace. On the other hand, some prefer a freestanding fireplace as it is efficient and gives better radiant heat.


In accordance with EPA, heating solutions are supposed to have an efficiency of 60% and above. These should be the criteria you use to get to your ideal wood heater. With high efficiency, you will be able to reduce the amount you spend on fuel. This means less chopping and wood hauling, which works towards minimizing toxic environmental emissions. As per the EPA standards, wood heaters should restrict their emissions to 2 grams per hour.

Design Style

When choosing the right wood heater for your home, preference and style play a significant role. Since the wood heater design is an integral part of your house, you would want to complement your interior design. You will be able to broadly choose between the functional modern look or the warm traditional style.

Heat Output For The Heaters

You should be able to understand the heat requirement of your room before getting a wood heater. This will allow you to choose a heater with heat output proportional to the room’s size and heat requirements.

Installation Process

Once you have purchased the perfect wood heater, the next step is the installation of your gadget. You need to adhere to specific manufacturer’s instructions and your local building regulations when installing your heater. Some aspects of installing might look simple, but consider getting it installed by a qualified professional.

A qualified professional will be able to run through the installation process with you. They can also advise on some essential tips to follow and any insurance requirements you would need to look into, especially if this is your first-time installation.

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