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Why Buy When you can Rent?

There is a reason why empty apartments are eerily waiting to be furnished. When you buy a new house. apartment, or office space, it can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. You can’t wait to fill up the vacant space with household pieces. For some people, there actually is a deadline for furnishing, especially for startup entrepreneurs who’ve bought a new space to start their business.

When you know there are going to be potential long-term clients visiting you next week, you can’t help but become obsessed with buying new furniture.

But wait, why buy when you can rent?

Our team has compiled a list of reasons for indecisive folks struggling to choose between buying and renting furniture. We want you guys to own trendy furniture without having to spend a lot of money. So, let’s dig in.

It Makes Financial Sense

There is a huge difference in the cost between buying furniture and renting it. As people have become more experience-oriented, they are willing to share and enjoy extravagant resources instead of owning them. The costs have soared high for almost everything, and people are finding more ways to live a quality life on a tight budget.

Furniture rental services have gained popularity for this very reason. It makes financial sense to be able to set up your whole bedroom by renting furniture instead of being able to buy a single bed. While there is a recurring cost of renting furniture, but that comes with many perks that we will discuss under the next heading.

Time-Saving and Hassle-Free

Renting furniture is time-saving and hassle-free. You can literally get your whole apartment set up within forty-eight hours. It seems like eating dessert as compared to saving up for weeks and buying one piece, and so on and so on!

Furniture rental service providers offer hassle-free services which even cover up the recurring cost of renting furniture. some of these services include:

  • Free delivery
  • Furniture set up
  • Re-location
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Some packages also include furniture swapping!

How fun is all of that!

A Good Option for Chronic Movers/Travelers

If your job entails getting relocated often, then furniture rental service is something you should opt for. People in the military, students,and travelers would benefit from renting furniture. it also saves the efforts on relocating. You don’t need to pack and move everything; your company will take care of it for you.

You can also rent furniture to be used in stage props in theatre, film production, and photography. This way you can swap your furniture easily when needed.

You Get to Own Expensive Pieces Without Having to Buy Them

How many times have you walked into that luxurious interior designer’s guild and swooned upon those sofas and apothecary tables out of your (budget’s) reach? We know how it feels. With furniture rental service, you can rent that luxury furniture and get to enjoy it in a measly part of its total cost!

What’s even better is that once you get bored (which almost always happens) you get to replace it with something else that you’ve been swooning on lately.

The Decision-Making Process Becomes Easy

You get stuck and pressurized when you know you’ll be stuck with a bed you’re buying for the rest of your life. You’re struggling to choose something that is budget friendly, comfortable, and never goes out of style.

With furniture rental, that is not the case. You can buy a hyped-and-seasonal piece without having to worry about it going out of style. The decision-making process becomes a whole lot easier when you know you can change it later.

We hope by now you realize the answer to why buy when you can rent. You can show this list to your traditional uncles, and parents, and grandparents too, who think that renting [basically anything] is never a good idea!



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