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You Can’t Go Past The Charm Of Inbuilt Fireplaces

Choosing the right fireplace for your home will be determined by your stylistic and practical requirements such as the size of the area you are heating. Also, the amount of floor space available will impact your decision on whether to go for a standalone unit or an inbuilt fireplace. Standalone units look great but can take up space and for those who are short on space, an inbuilt option is probably more practical. However, if you do go for the inbuilt model, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice looks for practicality.


The extensive range of inbuilt fireplaces on the market will enable you to find the perfect heating solution for your home. Inbuilt fireplaces come in a range of shapes, sizes and fuel sources so whether you’re after the more traditional wood fire or the convenience of gas, there is an inbuilt fireplace for you. There a number of beautiful inbuilt fireplaces that will add rustic charm to the living room and provide a nice warm area for your family and friends to congregate in and take shelter from the cold winter. In this blog, we will take a look at some inbuilt fireplaces for your home.



Seguin offers a range of inbuilt fireplaces with a modern twist. These fireplaces have a sleek design and will gel well with a modern home. Seguin also has three-sided models. The three-sided models will allow omnidirectional viewing of the fire. As you sit back in your favourite chair with your favourite drink and find solace in the mesmerizing flames, your Seguin fireplace will keep you toasty warm. Seguin fireplaces are well designed, manufactured to the highest of standards and the extensive range will ensure that you find the perfect fireplace for your home.



Lopi’s inbuilt range is designed with a more traditional aesthetic. The cast iron colouring and the regal design make this the ideal fireplace for those looking for a more traditional appeal. Lopi has been a player in the fireplace game for many years and you can be sure their fireplaces are tried and tested to will stand the test of time. They are brilliantly designed for maximum efficiency and maximum aesthetic appeal. Lopi has won industry awards for their fireplaces and are a go to if you want maximum quality and efficiency.



Inbuilt Fireplaces



Known for their double-sided and triple sided fireplaces, Axis offers a range of beautifully designed fireplaces that offer Omni directional viewing. It’s easy to why Axis fireplaces are an industry leader. Their fireplaces are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and will look great in any home. Although I would say they are more suited to modern homes, even a traditionalist would have a hard time walking past Axis fireplaces.



Inbuilt Fireplaces




The Regency range of inbuilt fireplaces combines modern appeal with traditional stylings and will be a welcome addition to your lounge room.  Designed and built in Canada, Regency are well versed in the art of keeping you warm this winter. They offer a limited lifetime warranty which gives the consumer the confidence that these fireplaces are built tough and built to last. The inbuilt fireplaces at Regency are designed for maximum efficiency and they have a string of features that will keep you cosy and warm this winter.



Not exactly inbuilt heaters, the Bordelet range is what’s known as suspended fireplaces – meaning they are literally suspended from the ceiling of your home. When looking your fireplace, the Bordelet range is definitely worth considering and will add visual appeal to your living area to become the centrepiece of your home. They were designed by famous French designer JC Bordelet and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They are efficient and look amazing in any home. The Bordelet range is a modern twist with a traditional appeal and like a great piece of art hanging in your living room, it will create an amazing aesthetic that will have your dinner guests complimenting your stylistic decisions.



The decision on whether you want to go gas or wood for your fireplace fuel source will entirely depend on preference. Wood is great for a more traditional approach – collecting the wood, building the fire, and finally lighting. This ritual is fun for the whole family when everyone gets involved. Gas is a simpler convenient solution and your fireplace can be lit with the flick of a switch and heat your home in a matter of minutes. Regardless of your chosen fuel source, an inbuilt fireplace is a great addition to your living area while providing you and your family some much-needed warmth this winter and a place to make precious memories as you all relax around the fireplace while being mesmerized by the tantalising flames.



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