Why Everyone should Try A Park And Fly Service

When you are travelling, especially internationally, not only is the trip more tiring, there are more chances of delays, missing a connecting flight can be a nightmare. This is where it can be difficult to make affordable and safe parking decisions.

Park and fly type services are one of the most cost-effective ways to be able to have the use of the car before a trip and upon return. Depending on where you live transport to the airport might be difficult, or just not feasible – you may be needing to travel late at night or early in the morning, or you have a lot of baggage, or kids, so hopping on a bus or train just isn’t the right solution for you. When you park and fly, you use your own car to get to the airport, no worries about other transport which may be unreliable – a late bus or train, a friend who has slept in….

Park and fly services are streamlined, travellers are often stressed enough without adding getting to, and parking at an airport to their list of worries. These services have been designed to take away some of the stress, there is no problem finding a parking spot, and no having to wait for hire cars, taxis or friends at the end of a long and exhausting flight.

One of the main benefits you gain from taking advantage of a park and fly service is that you don’t need to rely on family or friends, especially if you fly a lot, you don’t want to be constantly asking people to drop you off or pick you up. Having to wait around on someone can be annoying, are they late, did they forget? Did they sleep in? It’s a lot easier to make the drive yourself so you can do everything you want to do or need to do in a time frame that suits you.

Those who offer park and fly services have taken a lot of steps to ensure your car is parked and secure – it will be there when you get back. This may include a good security camera network or even security guards who walk around. This way you know there is very limited opportunity for your car to be damaged, stolen or broken into.

When you choose a park and fly service, you know exactly what it will cost you, you have a single rate and you know what that rate will be from the start to the end, so there are no surprises at the end of your journey and your return home.

Once you drop your car with the park and fly service you can relax and enjoy a shuttle bus that takes you right to the doors of the airport, with plenty of time to get checked in. When you return home, simply jump on the shuttle bus back to your car, load your luggage, and you’re on your way.


More great reasons to use a park and fly service

  • You know your car is safe, parked in an access restricted, fully gated parking facility that has security patrols 24/7, excellent lighting and security cameras all throughout the facility.
  • If you have chosen to park under cover all you need do is drive up to the drop-off bay. With a valet service you have staff ready to assist with your luggage, and they will even park the car for you.
  • Many park and fly services run a shuttle bus that goes back and forth at scheduled times, other park and fly services operate up to 10 shuttles constantly going back and forth, so you can be sure that there will be a shuttle bus ready to go when you need one.
  • You are always guaranteed a friendly service. Staff are there to assist you and help – where they can – with whatever you need. There is nothing better than returning home to a smiling face, happy to help you get on your way.
  • If you travel a lot why not ask about a frequent parker programme – you’ll get discounts on parking and car care the more you use them, think of it as frequent flyer points, but for your car.
  • If you are going to be away for a few weeks, many services also offer a car washing service, from outside to inside, imagine returning home to a sparkling clean car. You’re on holidays – why not treat your car to a wash and polish while you’re gone.
Professional cleaners

Some Common Winter Cleaning

During winter we tend to spend a lot more time indoors than during the other seasons. And this means a lot more dust, dirt and grime and everyone goes about their day.


And whilst this seems to be a common tribulation there are a few things you can do to keep your house clean without having a breakdown, especially when the kids are home.


Here a few counter attacks when the winter cleaning tribulations set in:


Cleaning the windows isn’t just a summer and spring job when the weather is beautiful and you can work your way around the house sipping on a cold drink. During the winter we are indoors more often and with the cold, the windows can become dirty and grimy from the condensation. Equal parts water and rubbing alcohol will clean your windows in no time. Once every two-three weeks is enough.



With the cold air and everyone indoors more than outdoors this can become a daily issue. When dusting your home to it from top to bottom so the dust from the top that filters down can also be cleaned. Once every few days is more than enough.


The Floors

The cold doesn’t bother the kids so they’ll spend time outdoors and then bring all that dirt indoors when they come home. Making sure the kids attend a winter sport so they get in the needed exercise and also to give your floors and carpets a break. When you have the house to yourself you can mop and then sweep the floors, and vacuum the carpets. That way your home stay cleaner a little longer.


The Flu

The flu virus is spread through contact and if the kids are still in school they’re bound to come into contact with and sometimes even bring it home without realising. Use a disinfectant spray and cloth to wipe down counter, light switches and doorknobs to stop the spread of germs and thus helping that no-one gets sick on your watch.


Winter Bedding

When using winter bedding a good tip is to have them washed during the warmer months so they’re ready for the winter. A few weeks leading up to winter you can wash all the blankets, duvets and pillowcases so you don’t have to worry about it not drying in the cold months, or using the dryer and wasting energy.


The Fireplace (if you have one)

Make sure to have it checked out for safety before that first freezing cold evening that you will want to use. You can also make sure that it is clean and ready for use and chop or buy wood to place close by. When it’s in use during the winter clean it and sweep around it every few days depending on how much you use it.


Deep Clean

Once in a while, we all get the urge to deep clean everything, the rugs, couches everything. And when you don’t have the time this can weigh heavily on your mind as you sit in your office and think of Goober laying on your beautiful beige couch drooling away. The best way to combat this tribulation is to get in the professionals. They have the equipment, skills and know-how to deal with all the issues that you’re thinking of when sitting at work.

You can have them come in once for the deep-cleaning and then even consider having them come once a week to do a normal cleaning routine. There will be no worrying that you’ll come to a house that looks like a tornado hit it after the kids came home from sport.

We hope these tips help you keep the winter blues away so you can enjoy quality time with your family before the warmer months roll around again.

Early Indicators that a client may be in financial trouble

Early Indicators That A Client may be in Financial Trouble

Let’s face it, along with the rewards that come with doing business; there may come a time when an enterprise runs into financial trouble in its various hues and shades. Your clients may fall prey to this harsh reality, and this may lead to them incurring heavy losses which may prove to be taxing on your part as well.

When such problems begin to crop up, your client may not disclose any word of them to you, but this need not be printed in black and white for you to see the signs. Here are some early warning signs that your client may be facing some tough times. They will help enable you to take a proactive stance with your client and become a problem solver and save both parties from impending doom.


Irregular and untimely payments

This is one of the first signs of financial difficulties. Payments become later and later. To notice this from the onset one should keep a close eye on your credit control records. Sometimes, you may only receive a part payment of your invoices or lump sums in round figures.

This could be a sign of cash flow problems and that your client is paying you only when and how much they can. It is imperative to talk to your customers about these issues and if necessary work out a payment plan so you can recover your outstanding invoices as quickly as possible.


Falling Profits

This is another tell-tale sign. Although it is difficult to ascertain short-term profits for your clients, if you’re working with other businesses or if you live in a small community, you may read about or hear about a decline in their profitability. Maybe they’re not getting as many sales or maybe their costs have increased.

Falling profits could be due to decreasing sales or increasing costs. Therefore, try to work out what the profit margin of a business is likely to be and then look for other evidence of what might be happening to profits.


Low levels of morale among the staff

Poor morale is a sure sign of trouble. If people fear for their jobs, or benefits are being cut, or they are overworked, you’re going to hear complaints, so listen out for them.

Staff morale is a good indicator of a company’s financial health. If you have a good working relationship with a company, talk to the staff and get a general feel for what is happening.


Contentious attitude

It seems like your normally reasonable client goes out of their way to find problems with the service that they received. Sometimes when people are short on funds, they will be seen nit-picking the service they’ve received (regardless of whether their complaints are relevant or unfounded) to get a discount or to at least delay the payment of the bill.

Take a tough stance with these people. They will have more than enough on their plate so won’t want to get involved with disputes they cannot win.


Declining reputation

Sometimes, long-established businesses struggle to adapt to a changing marketplace. You can get a good feel for people’s public approval of a company by watching the press, social media and listening to how people talk about the company. Look out for things like comparisons with other companies and complaint. They should point out that the business is losing touch with what its customers want.

A few other signs include abrupt selling of large assets and payment by credit card where the debit card and cash featured.

When you notice that your client is behaving in a manner that is markedly different, check in and find out if things are going okay. Let them know that you are here to help. Your client may weather the storm or may hit the ground, all that matters is that if you see something be proactive and act quickly to help remedy the situation.

Why A Healthy Mouth Is Good For Your Body

Why A Healthy Mouth Is Good For Your Body

To a lot of Australians, it is unknown that a healthy mouth is closely linked to general health and overall well-being. By showing off a beautiful smile, pearly white teeth are not only a sign of good dental care but a healthy body overall, as keeping oral bacteria under control makes the body more resistant to inflammations and infections. Practising dental care will not only prevent bad breath but tooth decay and gum disease, which are the common oral problems in this country.

But the impact insufficient dental hygiene has on the whole body is quite severe. Oral infections have lately been linked to arthritis and numerous cardiovascular diseases, as bacteria can get into the gaps around the gums and cause an inflammation. These germs may then enter the blood and clog the coronary arteries, a condition that can eventually lead to stroke.

Research also suggests that gum disease might be the cause of premature birth and low weight newborns since bacteria can travel from the mouth and cause infections on in other parts of the body, thus practising good dental care is even more crucial for pregnant women. Furthermore, people suffering from diabetes are more vulnerable to gum disease since the chronic condition reduces the body’s resistance to fight infection and inflammation due to the weakened immune system. As the mouth is the pathway for many diseases, oral health professionals assume that 90% of diseases can be detected early through a saliva test and give clues on the bodies overall condition about nutritional deficiencies and infections. The health experts have also likened oral inflammation to Osteoporosis and Alzheimer ‘s disease and once again emphasise how important a healthy mouth is.

Without proper dental care, bacteria might get into the gaps and in-between the teeth and gums which can cause inflammation commonly known as gum disease or periodontitis. It is therefore crucial to practise oral hygiene by brushing teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily to prevent remaining food stuck between the teeth. Dentists advise that if there is no toothbrush at hand after meals to brush the teeth, one should rinse the mouth with water as in a lot of Australian states fluoride is added to tap water to keep the rising number of tooth decay down. Having a healthy mouth also means producing enough saliva. The saliva not only washes away toxins but contains antibodies which reduce inflammation and therefore prevent gum disease. Saliva also dissolves food and helps to neutralize acids that build up plaque and cause tooth decay. Sugar-free chewing gum will also help to neutralize bacteria in the mouth after meals as it stimulates saliva production and prevents tooth decay.

But of course, one of the key elements of maintaining a healthy body is taking in a well-balanced diet as the right choice of food will influence the health of gums and teeth. Consuming lots of sugary snacks and drinks such as sodas, fruit juice and even muesli bars, which are held in shape by sugars, will contribute to tooth decay. A healthy diet should be low in sugar and high in whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and lean meat such as beef, poultry and fish.

Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable diseases and it is recommended to see a dentist at least once a year for a regular checkup of oral related problems. If these are identified early by an oral health professional, bigger issues can be prevented and tooth decay or gum disease immediately treated before they become a serious problem.


What are Industrial Centrifuges Made from and for?

A lot of us are familiar with laboratory centrifuges, but industrial ones are a lot less common. They function on the same principle, in the sense that they spin at high speeds as a mechanism to separate liquids and solids. This is mainly applicable for filtering wastewater, though individual scenarios differ broadly.

For example, you can use a centrifuge to recycle water that was used to wash fruits and vegetables before and after peeling and slicing. Before peeling, the water is full of soil, stones, and any chemicals that the food was exposed to in the garden. After cutting, the main contaminant is starch. This type of centrifugal filtration is a crucial process in jam making, canneries, or potato crisp factories, for example.


Cleansing fruits and vegetables

Another popular use is separating fruit pulp from extracted liquids in the manufacture of wine, beer, syrups, or fruit juice. In both cases, fruit pulp and vegetable starch are organic, food grade products, so they can be re-used in subsequent manufacturing processes, or packaged and sold as separate products.

In the food industry, the focus is usually on harvesting recyclable water, while the target in other industries is extracting toxins so that the water can safely go down sewers and the solid can be dumped in a land fill. For this reason, industrial waste is drier than food waste, and the centrifugal tools and processes are different.


Past the water and into the oil

Oil Centrifuges can also be used to filter petroleum products, fuel and oil, removing water and ‘bio bugs’. Another popular use is pushing air or water at high speeds and pressures, as seen in vacuum cleaners, washing machines, pumps, rudders, propellers, and similar machinery. In filtration devices, they are sometimes used to create vacuum chambers.

The material used to make centrifugal equipment depends on its function. They generally need to be resistant to corrosion and rust. They have to be lightweight, to avoid dragging down the machine and impeding speed and motion. It helps if they are easy to clean, and can withstand heavy usage, because these are high rotation machines. Let’s look at some of the constituent materials for centrifugal equipment.


Heavy duty cast alloy

This mix of metals is used to build the casing of the centrifuge. It’s strong enough to encase the other parts of the machine and to keep all those moving parts safely contained, despite the potential bangs and dings of extreme speed spinning. It can also withstand the high temperatures generated when the machine is in operation, and it can handle the temperature differentials of any coolants or cold fluid that may pass through the machine for filtration.


Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel

This glossy material is used to mould the bowl or drum of the centrifuge. This is the portion of the machine that contains the liquid to be separated, and it works by spinning on a rotor at nearly 4,000 rpm. 304 stainless steel can handle all sorts of liquids from greasy cutting fluids to murky water filled with glass shards and metal fibres. It’s resistant to abrasion, so the foreign particles in wastewater can’t harms its gleaming surface, and it’s resistant to acid and rust, as well as mechanical damage if the drum bumps the sides of the machine. The drive shaft of a centrifuge is also built using 304 stainless steel.


316 Stainless Steel

For discharge tubes, this steel variant is preferred. The difference between 304 and 316 is in the constituent metals that form the alloy. 316 has more nickel and less chromium, as well as 2% of added molybdenum. This extra ingredient makes your 316 steel better at resisting heat, chemicals, and chloride corrosion. This makes 316 steel better for external parts that receive more exposure to the elements (or in this case, to oxygenated liquids) while 304 works better for relatively protected internal parts like rotary drums. The tubes are coated with tungsten carbide for additional protection.


Digital screens

Centrifugal equipment may seem like industrial machines that populate dingy factory floors, but they also contain a high level of technology. They are fitted with touchscreens that make them easier to operate. Machine operators can calibrate pressure gauges, inlet volumes, rotational speeds and much more. Touchscreens also allow them to monitor any potential mishaps in the equipment, reducing downtime, avoiding accidents, preventing damage, and extending the lifespan of your centrifugal equipment. Touchscreens work in collusion with audible alarms, motion sensors, and warning systems that trigger ‘sirens and flashing lights’.

Outdoor Heating Options to Suit A Rustic Décor

When it comes to home design, there are so many different trends, opinions and brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming. There’s no harm in incorporating a variety of colour palettes and styles across your home, but there’s a real danger of going overboard when doing this. Some people prefer to play it safe, keep it consistent, or they just know what they like.

Our advice? Choose a theme and run with it – that way, you can create a balanced look throughout your home, both indoors and outdoors.


How to achieve a rustic décor outdoors

One of the most popular home décor trends right now is the rustic look. This timeless look is full of character and suits a huge variety of homes.

The best part is, it’s so easy to create a rustic feel in your home, especially outdoors. One of the most important things you have to do is work with your surroundings. A small space suits cobbled flooring and rich brown hues with hints of burnt orange, whereas large open gardens can afford to broaden the colour palette and play around with different textures including stone and marble.

Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time for the fun stuff – the decorating! You’ll need a few trips to the garden centre, as outdoor greenery is essential to creating an overgrown look, which will add natural beauty to your garden. Next up, furniture. Wooden seating and tables are perfect for authenticity and you can find some really beautiful handmade pieces. Do some research on any local woodwork artists and tell them you’re looking for rustic pieces. Soft and warm lighting is perfect for creating a relaxed ambience, so it’s worth purchasing a few lanterns and candles for decoration.

Outdoor heating is on element that is not to be overlooked for both practicality and style. There are so many outdoor heating options that will suit a rustic décor, but you need to know what to look for.

Indoors, fires are contained in small compartments for safety reasons, which can create a really cosy atmosphere. The Lopi fireplaces are a great example of a rustic indoor fireplace. One of the best examples of indoor heating is the inbuilt wood fireplaces Sydney.

But when it comes to the outdoors – the possibilities are infinite (well, almost!) The open space allows for greater versatility in design, which is best shown with the open plan Regency gas fireplaces. The fire table range reflects the great outdoors, as it gives the illusion of open air flames with the safety of a durable outdoor construction and panel. The spectacular flames sit right in the centre of your coffee table or cocktail bar (depending on your chosen model) which provides a stunning centrepiece while adding to the rustic décor.

If you’d prefer a really simple yet practical outdoor heating option, check out the outdoor brazier. This understated look blends in so well with an outdoor rustic décor because of the design and the use of coals. The brazier’s main function is to provide heat, but it also doubles up as a container for coals. Nothing says authenticity like cooking your meat over hot coals, does it? This easy to assemble and affordable option would look great at both ends of your outdoor seating area, as it will create a really warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, the Regency HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace is the perfect option for those seeking to implement the best in quality and durability into a rustic décor. This fireplace delivers dramatic looking flames, which reflect against the stainless-steel body with the choice of ceramic garden stones, reflective crystals or logs (the latter of which will look the most rustic). The easy access on/off switch is perfect for those households seeking a low maintenance outdoor heating solution, without sacrificing on style. Another great thing about this covered gas fireplace is that it will see you through all the seasons, come rain, wind or shine. You can eat, drink and relax outdoors all year long and enjoy your beautiful rustic outdoor area.

How does The Park and Fly Concept Work?

You want everything to run smoothly when you are heading to the airport, with park and fly services you can get away easily and on time, every time. You simply drop your car off with the valet style parking and catch a shuttle bus to your terminal. Your car is parked for you safely in a secure car park with 24/7 security surveillance. You can go on your holiday or to your business meeting safe in the knowledge your car is being looked after and will be there when you get back. You don’t have to deal with catching a taxi, bus or train home.

Park and fly is a simple to use facility that will be located close to major airports – for your convenience.

It is recommended for passengers flying from the domestic terminal they arrive at the airport at least one hour before their flight and two hours before a flight from the International terminal.

When using park and fly allow yourself an extra 20 minutes for your airport parking check in and then the shuttle bus ride to the terminal. This is simply to allow for any unexpected delays.

There is a height restriction on vehicles, with the facility only being able to cater for vehicles 2 meters high or less – including aerials and roof racks.

While you do not need to make a booking, it is recommended to reserve a spot in a park and fly’s facility to avoid disappointment. As you can imagine there are times where parking at the airport is in high demand – school and public holidays, Christmas etc. If the parking building is full, only those who have made a booking will be able to leave their car.

Booking a spot is simple and fast, just head to the website and go to the Book Now page. Booking online will also save you time when you check in.

If you are travelling with small children, that is not a problem, children over the age of 7 will be allowed to ride in any of the shuttle buses that operate frequently. If you have children under the age of 7, they may need to be restrained in a suitable and approved child restraint. Two of the park and fly shuttle buses are equipped with child restraints suitable for children aged between 1 and 4.

There are also E-type booster seats that can be used for children in the 4-7 age group or 14 to 26-kilo weight range.

Due to the fact that the number of shuttles equipped with child restraint seats is usually limited, it’s suggested to drop children under the age of 7 off, with an accompanying adult at the terminal first, before dropping your vehicle off.

If you have anyone in a wheelchair, please note that the shuttle buses may not be equipped for wheelchairs. It’s recommended you drop passengers in a wheelchair off at the terminal first, with an accompanying adult if necessary and then head to the park and fly facility.

Park and fly services are perfect for the businessman or woman who regularly travels, from overnight to a week and wants the convenience of having their car there for them when they return from a trip. This system is also perfect for anyone who has to drive a distance to reach the airport if you book your car in before you get there, you know you are assured of a parking space, and you can leave your car and enjoy your time away knowing that your car is safe. You can opt to park your car in a nearby street and walk to the airport; you just don’t know if your car will be there when you get back, or if it has been damaged.

Parking safely at the airport is the only way to enjoy peace of mind while you are away. These services take a lot of hassle out of going away and are the only way you can be sure your car will be right where you left it when you return.

Why secure and convenient parking at the airport is so important for frequent flyers

If your job requires you to fly four or five times a month, you’re probably an expert in certain elements of airport survival. You know the most efficient airlines, the most friendly airport attendants, the cleanest bathrooms, the best places to eat, and the fastest airport checkouts. You probably also know all the right places to park.

For most travellers, it’s possible to get a ride to the airport. You can take a cab, or ask a friend or relative to drop you off. You can follow the same procedure after you flight back home. However, there are situations when these aren’t viable options.

You might be taking a family vacation, so there’s no one left to do the pick-up and drop-off. Or your flight may be at an awkward hour. Not everyone is willing to do an airport run at 3.00 a.m. so that may limit your options. Maybe you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like asking for favours, especially the kind that get people out of bed.

Also, if you fly that often, you probably don’t want to be a consistent bother to loved ones. And if you live far away from the airport, those taxi fares can really accumulate. While your office will cover your flights, they will often leave the taxi prices to you, and it can get very expensive very quickly.

In such cases, airport parking becomes an essential part of your flight itinerary. You need a safe place to leave your car, whether it’s for a few hours or a few days. You need the reassurance that it will be safe and clean when you get back and that it won’t have accrued ridiculous parking fees.

Some airport parking services charge less than $50 a day, and the longer you stay, the lower your daily fees. You have the option to park your own car, or you can use the valet service to keep your car sheltered. This is especially important during winter when constant drizzles could turn your car mouldy. It’s also helpful if you’ll be gone for a while and are worried about the Aussie sun baking your car and cracking your paint job.

Parking bays are sometimes far away from the main airport area, so parking services offer free shuttles from the car park to the terminal. If you use the valet service, drivers will collect your car when you arrive and bring it straight to arrivals when you get back. They’ll help with your baggage, and they’re also pretty good about securing items you might have forgotten in your car, as long as you let them know to keep an eye out.

As for the security of the car itself, parking services provide 24-hour surveillance, so your car is probably safer at the airport than it is at home. And if you’re stickler for cleanliness, you can ask the service to wash your car while you’re away. You can ask for a basic wheel and body wash, or more thorough steam and wax that includes your car interior.

Washes are often done by hand since there are no machine wash facilities at the airport. This can be an advantage, since the wash is more detailed and meticulous, thanks to the human touch. Handwashing also improves the chances of staff finding and securing any valuables you might have left behind.

Since you travel often, the airport can give you more than frequent flyer miles. Many airport parking services offer frequent parker bonuses. Your accumulated points have a cash value that can be traded in for discounts on future parking.

When you’ve been away from home for a while, jetlag isn’t your only concern. You want to get right back into your regular rhythm. Driving home in your own car helps, especially if your car smells nice and fresh. Airport parking is a reassuring, cost-effective way to make that happen.

Car Maintenance Goals for 2018

Let’s chat about #cargoals! Nah, not talking about that Maserati that you want to buy for yourself one day, we’re talking about your own car – the one that you have already right now. Until you get your hands on your dream ride then “if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with”… (apologies to Crosby, Stills & Nash).

Hey, your car, as they say, is an extension of yourself? Are you a rusty banger that doesn’t give a…? Or do you care about yourself a little bit more than that? I know that I do. So, I’m going to start off my list of car maintenance goals for 2018. Feel free to pick and choose as you wish.

Service my car on time

Ah, that little sticker on my windshield reminding when to take Ms Maz. (the non-Maserati) in for a service when she’s due. There have been times when I’ve gone way waaay over my dates and felt quite guilty to her about it. Those dates are there for a reason – to make sure that she keeps purring along nicely and doesn’t leave me stranded by the side of the freeway anytime soon or blow up in my face. You know, I’m not 100% happy with my current mechanic, so next time this year she’s due for a service I am going to take her to someone new – but it’s definitely going to be on time. You deserve it Maz!

Quarterly detailing

Maz deserves a little bit more love and affection (attention?) than just taking care of her insides. I need to take care of her outsides (and interior), too. Getting her detailed more often is high on my list of #carmaintenancegoals for 2018. She deserves better! I should treat her like the queen she is! She always loves a good detail, it takes years off her age. It’s kind of like when the Mrs goes in for a facial and some Botox, she says she always feels a million bucks and looks younger too! Next time I might even go in with her… but until then, Maz can have the car facial and Botox instead – every 3 months. Cause you deserve it Maz!

No scratches or scrapes

I’m not the best at parallel parking – especially forward parallel parking. Don’t tell anyone. So, instead of running the risk of looking like an absolute nong and trying 5 times to parallel park or run the risk of scraping poor Maz, this year I’m going to avoid parallel parking altogether. Or at least forward parallel parking. Reverse me and Maz can generally deal with. So if there’s a spot down at the harbour in Elizabeth Bay and there’s a pile of traffic behind me, I’m just going to turn the corner and try a back street instead. They say that patience is a virtue, so I can be patient and find a spot that I know I’ll be cool to get into. I’m sure that Maz will thank me later.

No Maccas in the car

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the lingering smell of stale McDonalds is one of the worst smells that can happen to any car. It might even be worse than the smell of stale ciggie smoke – the jury is still out. So, in 2018, I’ve banned McDonalds from Maz. It’s eat in, or Uber Eats. She cannot be used for transporting Maccas. No wonder all those taxi drivers from when I used to go out all the time refused to stop at McDonalds, even when I offered to buy them a cheeseburger…