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Some Common Winter Cleaning

During winter we tend to spend a lot more time indoors than during the other seasons. And this means a lot more dust, dirt and grime and everyone goes about their day.


And whilst this seems to be a common tribulation there are a few things you can do to keep your house clean without having a breakdown, especially when the kids are home.


Here a few counter attacks when the winter cleaning tribulations set in:


Cleaning the windows isn’t just a summer and spring job when the weather is beautiful and you can work your way around the house sipping on a cold drink. During the winter we are indoors more often and with the cold, the windows can become dirty and grimy from the condensation. Equal parts water and rubbing alcohol will clean your windows in no time. Once every two-three weeks is enough.



With the cold air and everyone indoors more than outdoors this can become a daily issue. When dusting your home to it from top to bottom so the dust from the top that filters down can also be cleaned. Once every few days is more than enough.


The Floors

The cold doesn’t bother the kids so they’ll spend time outdoors and then bring all that dirt indoors when they come home. Making sure the kids attend a winter sport so they get in the needed exercise and also to give your floors and carpets a break. When you have the house to yourself you can mop and then sweep the floors, and vacuum the carpets. That way your home stay cleaner a little longer.


The Flu

The flu virus is spread through contact and if the kids are still in school they’re bound to come into contact with and sometimes even bring it home without realising. Use a disinfectant spray and cloth to wipe down counter, light switches and doorknobs to stop the spread of germs and thus helping that no-one gets sick on your watch.


Winter Bedding

When using winter bedding a good tip is to have them washed during the warmer months so they’re ready for the winter. A few weeks leading up to winter you can wash all the blankets, duvets and pillowcases so you don’t have to worry about it not drying in the cold months, or using the dryer and wasting energy.


The Fireplace (if you have one)

Make sure to have it checked out for safety before that first freezing cold evening that you will want to use. You can also make sure that it is clean and ready for use and chop or buy wood to place close by. When it’s in use during the winter clean it and sweep around it every few days depending on how much you use it.


Deep Clean

Once in a while, we all get the urge to deep clean everything, the rugs, couches everything. And when you don’t have the time this can weigh heavily on your mind as you sit in your office and think of Goober laying on your beautiful beige couch drooling away. The best way to combat this tribulation is to get in the professionals. They have the equipment, skills and know-how to deal with all the issues that you’re thinking of when sitting at work.

You can have them come in once for the deep-cleaning and then even consider having them come once a week to do a normal cleaning routine. There will be no worrying that you’ll come to a house that looks like a tornado hit it after the kids came home from sport.

We hope these tips help you keep the winter blues away so you can enjoy quality time with your family before the warmer months roll around again.


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