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My Favourite Wine And Chocolate Hampers

Wine and chocolate: two of the necessities of life that every man and woman should have access to. These gifts from Mother Earth have been enriching people lives since life began. Or something. Anyway wine and chocolate. Those two words send tingles up my spine and make my eyes light up in anticipation. They go together like peas and carrots, cocktails on the beach and Forrest and Jenny.

There is nothing like cracking a bottle of your favourite wine and indulging in some finely crafted artisanal chocolate hampers. Hmmm. Excuse me, I have just have to go the kitchen to grab something.

Ok, I’m back *cork pops, package opens*. Now let’s get down to business.

Wine and chocolate hampers are one of the best things on this planet. To give. And to receive. This post is dedicated to highlighting, in my opinion, some of the classic gift baskets filled with my two beloveds. Wine and chocolate.

The Luxury Chocolate Hamper

Oh my god, can somebody get me this for next birthday? This hamper is jam-packed with gourmet goodness, chocolate heaven, brown gold. But seriously, this hamper is in my dreams. Its packed with Zokoko Goddess chocolate’s heavenly flavours, as well as some of Byron Bay Cookie Company’s finest cookies. There are also many other goodies to get your mouth moist and drool all over the keyboard while ordering it online. It’s a complete package of bountiful delights and will fill the recipient with absolute joy.

Chocolates and Red

As the name suggests, this basket has a bottle of red wine and chocolate. Not just any chocolate and not just any wine. The gift basket features a bottle of premium DArenberg Shiraz. One of McLaren Vale’s finest Shiraz paired with an array of the finest chocolates and caramels to tantalize your taste buds and send a warm fuzzy feeling over your brain, down your spine and all the way to the very tips of your toes. Whoa.

Chocolate Bliss

Sweet, sweet chocolate bliss. That’s where this gift basket will send the receiver. This basket contains everything chocolate. Where do I start? Ok. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate rocky road, chocolate fudge biscuits, chocolate fudge, and chocolate salted caramel melting moments. Whoa, that was a mouthful and so will the chocolates be, when I stuff my face with as many as I can fit in, all at once. Excuse me while I fetch a napkin and wipe the keyboard.

Gift Hampers

The Sparkling Surprise Gift Basket

This gifts basket is bit lighter and more bubbly. It features some sparkling brut wine and a mix of white and dark chocolates. To mix it up, the Sparkling Surprise Gift Basket also contains some chocolate coated peanuts. This is a great basket that will be a welcome surprise for the lucky person that receives it.

The Wine Lover

For the wine lover, obviously. This basket contains two bottles of liquid gold. DArenberg shiraz and a beautiful prosecco that would be perfect paired with some of your favourite cheeses. It also comes with a wine dictionary so you can talk the talk as well as you can drink the wine. Next time you have friends over for some wine you will be able to impress them with your new found vocabulary as you describe the fruity tones of tannins with poise and composure.

Death by Chocolate

And what a way to die. I could think of plenty of other worse ways to die than overdosing on chocolate. In the Death by Chocolate hamper, there is a mountain of chocolate to eat from all different chocolatiers from around the world. So start at the base and eat your way to the peak. You probably won’t die from consumption. I think death, in this case, is referring to you being sent to heaven by this delicious hamper.

You can’t really go wrong when gifting someone with wine or chocolate. There are not too many people on the face of the earth that would turn their nose at these two gifts from God. Well not even a gift from God. It will be a gift from you. So next time you need to shop for that lucky someone, jump online and check the extensive range of gift baskets and hampers online and take the guess work out of buying gifts. Chocolate and wine is a winning combination and will always be.

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