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Underground Water Tanks Free Up Space for Your Family

When looking at water tanks, underwater tanks are among the most durable water storage options available in the market. Underground water tanks have a huge storage capacity compared to above ground tanks. Most people prefer underground tanks because of the temperature control it offers. In certain places like Australia, the winter temperatures can drop to extreme lows. Unfortunately, water in above ground tanks easily freezes during such occasions. Consequently, the water becomes unusable. Moreover, the more the water freezes, the more it expands and damages the tank. During the summer, water in above ground tanks heats up. Underground water tanks are free from freezing and heating problems. Underground tanks maintain water at a constant temperature notwithstanding the season. Underground water tanks are less accessible rendering them protected from vandalism a damage. The biggest selling point of underground water tanks is the amount of space it saves.

The structure and space

The first consideration to make before installing a water tank is how much space it will take up. Above ground tanks and underground water tanks take up different amounts of space. The structural build of each of the tank varies greatly:

Above ground tanks.

These are traditional water storage solutions that offer limited capacity. The structure of an above ground water storage system has a storage tank and a supporting foundation to bear the weight of the tank.  Although the sizes of above ground tanks are limited, they take up a lot of space. The foundation is usually made from concrete with reinforced steel. It’s always slightly wider than the base of the tank and more often than not the foundation is raised. Some tanks have a housing structure that encloses the entire tank.  All these structures take up space around your home. The more tanks you have, the more space you need

Underground water tanks

The structural build of underground water tanks varies depending on the type of tank. Some underground tanks are buried polyethylene tanks while others are concrete tanks. Both designs save on space. The tanks do not need any above ground structural build except for a hatch to access the tank. Otherwise, the entire tank and all its components are buried deep in the ground. Since the tanks do not require an above ground foundation or a housing structure, they save up on space that can be utilised for other purposes.

The capacity and space

When it comes to water tanks, the bigger the capacity, the bigger the tank. However, this fact has different implications depending on whether you have an underground tank or an above ground tank:

Above ground tanks

When it comes to capacities, above ground tanks have limited options. Bigger tanks are set up on their own foundation system while smaller tanks can be installed in attics. Unfortunately, the design of the tanks is also limited, therefore bigger tanks cannot be redesigned to take up less space. Tanks with large capacities have wide bases to support the weight of the tank and evenly distribute pressure on the supporting structure.

Underground Tanks

Underground tanks have an unlimited capacity depending on the design. Buried polyethylene tanks are limited since they are manufactured to meet specific designs. However, concrete tanks can be built to any design. Limited space cannot limit the capacity of an underground tank. Although space is limited above ground, underground space can stretch for as long as your budget allows. The tanks can run deep into the ground even with limited length and width allowance. Consequently, an underground tank can be designed to hold an unlimited capacity depending on the structural design you choose.

Value of space

Above ground tanks reduce the value of a space. Once you have set up an above ground tank you cannot use the ground for any other purpose. Above ground tanks are an eyesore, therefore, setting up an aesthetic installation next to it is pointless. Moreover, the tank ruins the exterior design of your house and makes a bad view from your porch. Since the tanks also take up a lot of space, you cannot use your yard for other purposes. Underground tanks, on the other hand, free up space for other uses. You can have a garden or a barbecue area set up above your underground tank. The only space an underground tank occupies above ground is the space for the access hatch.

If you have a small compound and you want to make use of all the space around the house, build an underground tank for your water storage.


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