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New Features to Consider for Your Online Catalogue

Your online catalogue design should represent your brand and Catalogue design provide an immersive, engaging experience for the customer while maintaining a simple and informative look. After all, your catalogue is a sales tool and the more user-friendly and stylish it is the more likely customers will have a positive experience which will convert into sales.

The more positive shopping experience your customer has while shopping using your online catalogue, the more likely they will be to recommend your business to a friend, thus creating a snowball effect that will drive sales and give your business the much-needed exposure it deserves. Gone are the days of letterbox dropping paper catalogues. Online catalogues have come along leaps and bounds. They have a myriad of features such as interactivity and social media options that will help your business thrive while putting your best foot forward and clearly represent your brand.

Interactive Pages

A new feature for you to consider when designing your online catalogue design is interactive pages. Interactive pages engage the customer and it gives them the opportunity to zoom in or receive more information on the product by hovering over or clicking items. You can also create a page turning effect that gives the aesthetic of paper catalogues, further engaging the customer.

Backgrounds, Buttons, and Banners

Use backgrounds, buttons, and banners to stylize your online catalogue to keep your customers engrossed and engaged in your catalogue. Pop up banners within the catalogue will alert your customers to sales and featured products.


Online catalogues now support the use of multimedia such as animations and videos. As they say, a picture says 1000 words – well a video or infographic says a lot more. Add videos to your online catalogue to inform your customer of the best attributes of your product and make their shopping experience as streamlined as possible. Text is great to inform people, but a video is better as it makes the whole experience easier for the customers.


Your catalogue should provide a direct gateway for users to easily purchase products. Online catalogues can be connected to your website so that customer can easily view and purchase at the click of a mouse button.

Real Time Pricing

Create real-time pricing so you can keep your customer informed of any discounts and sales available. This cuts down on the time you have to spend updating your catalogue.

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Customized Branded User Interface

As I said earlier, your catalogue directly represents your brand. It’s natural that you would want the design to feature your company colours and logo. Customized branded user interfaces ensure that your online catalogue will stand out from the competitors. It’s now possible to completely customize catalogue interfaces from buttons all the way to navigation menus.

Page Notes and Bookmarks

This feature allows your customer to make notes and bookmarks, so they can find the product easily in the future, perfect for if they get interrupted having a read. This is great a tool for the consumer and will make them feel engaged and in control of their decision-making process from start to finish. They are more likely to purchase the product if the online catalogue browsing experience is a pleasant one.


Customers can create a wish list of products that they intend on buying. This makes the shopping process more user-friendly as the customers have a virtual shopping list. The shopping list can then be converted into a buyer order, linking you directly to the customer.

Product or Keyword Searches

Some customers will know exactly what they want before they even open your online catalogue. Providing them with search capabilities will save them flipping through your catalogue trying to find the product they are looking for. The more time you save your customer the more pleasant their shopping experience will be.

Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are a great way of gaining subscribers and converting potential customers into actual customers. Once your customers are on your subscriber list you can alert them of sales and special offers. Keeping your customers informed and letting them know you’re still around will convert into more sales in the long run.

Mobile Version

Everyone has a mobile phone these days. Having a mobile version of your catalogue is paramount as more than likely a majority of your customers will be viewing your catalogue from a handheld device.

The catalogue game has changed dramatically due to the online nature of today’s market. There are many tools out there to help you convert people browsing into sales and give your business the online edge needed to survive in today’s climate. So, when it comes to designing your online brochure, have an in-depth discussion with your designer about the features you need for your catalogue.

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