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The Latest Eye-Brow Look

Brows are the fluffy clouds that frame the windows to your soul and this year’s hottest eyebrow looks are swinging towards a more textured look with natural contours and natural lines. The textured brow is a technique that builds body and dimension and is more focused on the variations in the contour of the way the brow sits naturally.

The Textured Brow Method

So to achieve the illustrious textured brow you’re going to want to create varying depths of volume. This done by taking your fine tipped brow pencil and doing small strokes while applying even pressure. This will give the brows some lift and they will begin to take shape naturally. This technique is also known as micro feathering and is used by makeup artists around the world.

Next, you take some brow gel and apply a little to medium brow brush and brush against the grain. This will give your brows lift and enhance the volume somewhat.

If you’re blessed already with a fine set forehead bushes. I mean thick eyebrows. You won’t have to do as much to get the volume needed for a textured brow. Also if you do have a thick set of brows go easy on the product. Dousing yourself with eyebrow gel will only make your brow look heavy and shiny.

The Soft Smooth and Full

Some smooth full, well groomed, naturally full eyebrows are gracing the pages of magazines adorned by the celebs and models that wear them so well. The understated smooth look is in as everybody is looking for more natural shapes with volume and texture.

The smooth look can be achieved by using the highlighter and lowlighted to create texture and volume. Then brush the eyebrows with a fine brow brush in the direction of the hair follicles.

High and Defined

Another trend that is in right now is the high arch defined brow particularly in the urban community These ladies have been laying it down bold, big, beautiful in the eyebrow department.

To get this the actual length of the hair follicle has to be trimmed short and then taper to even shorter on the ends. Some girls have been getting shaped edges and some micro textures. The high and defined look works well when you want to make an impact and strut your stuff.

Soft Opaque Round

The soft, Opaque and round look is in right now. This is achieved by cutting the eyebrows and using a fine light eyebrow pencil to shade it very subtly. This look is a bit tamer than the others and requires less maintenance. It ideal if your girl on the go and you don’t have half an hour on your eyebrows every day.

Using multiple shades of brow pencil has become quite popular as people are gravitating toward the trend because it looks and cool and it’s an easy way to get more height and definition.

The rise in Instagram models has seen the rise of the heavily treated and more dramatic looking brows. It’s like we are caught between two polar opposites when it comes to brow grooming. You either have soft naturally textured brows or big, bold and beautiful. Either way, go with your instincts and find the right look that matches the beautiful contours of your face.

Everybody has been blessed with a beautiful face although some are different to others, so some brow styles will look better on certain faces. Experiment with a style that will suit your face and accentuate some of those sassy features. If you can’t decide opt for a more natural look with some slight texturing.


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