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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin

It can be difficult to choose which is the right foundation for you. A product that your best friend swears by could make you break out, make you super dry, or even enhance your fine lines and wrinkles. It’s important to choose the right foundation so that you look gorgeous, enhanced, and not “cakey” or fake. Here’s our best tips for finding the right foundation for your skin.

1. Which formula and coverage is right for your skin?

Used to use a full coverage liquid foundation and felt like your skin could never breathe, or that it gave you zits? There are many different types of formulas with different coverage, and some are better suited to some skin types than others:

Loose or pressed powder – light to medium coverage (depending on application technique), suitable for medium/combination to oily skin

Loose or pressed mineral powder – light to medium coverage (depending on application technique), suitable for medium/combination skin

Liquid – full coverage, suitable for all skin types (oily skin types should use a water based liquid foundation with pressed powder to finish)

Mousse – medium coverage, suitable for all skin types

BB Cream – light coverage, a tinted SPF formula, suited to all skin types but not really a foundation

2. Get professionally matched

If you’re looking to purchase a foundation with one of the more premium brands, then it’s time to take advantage of department store makeup counters. If you have a brand you like, or you’ve researched and they sound like what you’re after, you can go in to get your foundation professionally matched. The makeup assistant will ask what formula and coverage you prefer, and then match your skin tone to one of their shades. If you choose to get your full makeup done at the counter, it will usually come will a fee attached, which is waived if you purchase makeup to the value of the fee or more.


6 Tips for Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin


3. Use an alternative foundation chooser

If the brand, type, or shade that you usually use is discontinued, or you just can’t find it anymore, then Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix is your new best friend. You can search for your brand, type, and shade, and then get similar shade matches in other brands, so you can be sure that even if you order online, that you’re going to get a formula that matches your skin tone.

We’ve all had those favourite makeup products that get discontinued so this one is a bit of a lifesaver if it happens to your favourite foundation!


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4. You should use a summer and a winter foundation

Unless you’re diligent about using SPF 50+ every day on your face, you’re likely to get a bit more sun kissed in the summertime, and paler in the wintertime. The difference is especially pronounced if you like a bit of a tan or spray tan! What this means is that your colouring between winter and summer is different, and you should use a lighter foundation shade in winter and a darker shade in summer. A bit of a hack for this is to mix in a light shade of the same foundation into your summer shade – and you can adjust your colour throughout the year.

5. As you get older, cheap brands might not work for you

When you’re younger, and your skin is still plump and relatively smooth, you can often get away with using cheaper makeup products as they apply more smoothly. As the quality of your skin changes over time, the foundation that was once your go to might not work as well as it used to. While a good primer or base can help, it may be time to upgrade your foundation to a premium brand. Premium brands generally use quality ingredients, whereas cheaper brands will use a cheaper substitute to bring the price down – and the difference is noticeable, especially as your skin changes over time

6. Get samples of different choices so you can decide in your own time

Most makeup counters will provide you with a very small pot of a foundation, so that you can test it yourself at home. If you’re trying to decide between a few different foundations, then you can grab a few to see what you prefer. The other place you can find small sample sizes is Ebay, or some specific makeup websites. For a couple of dollars you can ship a sample sized pot of foundation right to your door so that you can try it out yourself in your own time.


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