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Best Nutrients to Nourish Your Hair
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Best Nutrients to Nourish Your Hair

It’s lush, it’s healthy, it’s bouncy, a turn of the head and the hair whips around with the grace of a horse’s mane in slow motion. How does it do that?

It’s not a secret that healthy hair is essential to many of us, it’s a symbol of virility, physical attractiveness, freedom, among others. To achieve the desired full head of hair and thickness, you need to get a few things right. To start you off, you must eat right. But what exactly do you need to start the journey towards achieving that Chris Hemsworth/Thor hair?


1. Protein

Your hair is made up of keratin. This material is fibrous and makes up your nails and provides cover for your skin cells. Keratin is made up of protein. So, if you need to wow that person you’ve been eyeing, you need to consume adequate protein. A lack of protein in your diet has been observed to promote hair loss and encourage balding.


Protein Nutrients to Nourish Your Hair


An excellent place to start, as it is a cheap source of protein, is eggs.  You can also use Biotin, which is a type of B vitamin to aid in your efforts.


2. Vitamin C

Yes, it’s not only important in ensuring you don’t develop scurvy as you serve in Black Jack Anderson’s crew, but it’s also an excellent anti-oxidant.  These anti-oxidants help protect hair from damage that may be brought on by harmful elements either in the environment or from your own body.


Vitamin C Nutrients to Nourish Your Hair


The body also synthesises collagen from vitamin C. This is a type of protein that the body uses to strengthen hair and other vital parts like skin, bones, and muscles. It is the most abundant protein in your body.

You can get Vitamin C from a variety of citrus fruits and berries such as oranges, but the granddaddy of them all is the strawberry, which can give you close to 150% of your daily needs.


3. Vitamin E

This is also an excellent antioxidant that is well-known for protecting the skin, especially the scalp. Damage to the scalp can result in hair loss and poor follicle formation.


Vitamin E Nutrients to Nourish Your Hair


A good source of vitamin E is Avocados. Where would the world be without them? They would be the ones to bring about world peace. I digress. They should be an essential part of your diet as not only are they delicious, they provide you with essential nutrients such as fatty acids and essential oils that your body cannot synthesise.


It is only bout what you put on your hair but what you eat. Keep to a healthy lifestyle and look after your locks and you can get there.


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