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For some women changing their hair colour is like changing their outfit every day. They like doing it often and are always looking ahead at a new colour they would like to try out. Some colour jobs can be done in one sitting, but what if you want to go from brown to blonde? Will it also take just one visit to your stylist?

How_long_will_it_take_to_go_from_brown_to_blonde1. More Than One

If you were hoping that your dark brunette tresses could be dyed to the honey blonde colour you want in one sitting think again. The darker your hair is and the lighter you want to go means the more appointments you will have. If your stylist knows what they’re doing you will be back maybe four or five times, more if needed.

2. Consult, Consult, Consult

Sit down with your hairstylist and ask him or her what the process is going to entail. What products you’ll have to buy, and how long in between appointments you’ll be walking around with a colour you might not like so much before you reach the end destination of those buttery blonde locks. Your hairstylist will give you the lowdown and honest truth so you know what to expect during the transition process.

3. What Shade

Keep in mind that the blonde that Blake Lively is sporting might not suit your complexion. So look for celebrities and women who have the same eye colour and skin tone as you. This will give you an idea of what the blonde shade would look like on you and if it is what you want at the end of the day.

4. Is Blonde For You

The one question you have to ask yourself is, is blonde truly for you. Yes, there are many different shades and tones but will it suit your personality? Will you love the end product? Make a 100% sure that it is what you want, talk it over with your hairstylist, they will always give their honest opinion.

5. Upkeep

Going from brunette to blonde means a lot of upkeep. You can’t just go home and wash your hair with the same shampoo you’ve been using for the last year. Your hairstylist will suggest what the best shampoos, conditioners and leave in treatments are to use on your newly coloured hair. Don’t forget a visit to the salon every now and again to keep your hair in a good and healthy condition. Blondes do have more fun but when you aren’t a natural one, the work is a lot more.

With all that being said, change really is as good as a holiday. And we’re sure you already take amazing care of your hair. So what’s a few extra steps when you know you’ll be getting the locks of your dreams.

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