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How to Tell If You Have Real Makeup Artistry Talent
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How to Tell If You Have Real Makeup Artistry Talent

Could you cut it as a real life makeup artist? If your makeup is on point, you’ve got the passion, and you want to succeed, then maybe it’s time to seriously consider a career as a makeup artist. There are some people that are really gifted in makeup artistry, even before doing a formal course. If you taught yourself or learned from YouTube videos, there’s no reason that you couldn’t make it as a real pro. Here are some clues that you may have innate makeup artistry talent just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

You have a steady hand

There’s no winged liner without a steady hand! Like a painter, all good makeup artists have a steady hand. The face is not a large area to work with, and so miniscule movements are needed often to produce the best results.

Your friends ask you to do their makeup for them

If your mates are lined up around the block just for you to help them with their makeup, this is a sure sign that it’s not just you that thinks you’ve got talent. How do you do your friends makeup? Is it exactly like yours, or do you look at their face and play up their best features?

You like to experiment with different looks and styles

Even if your makeup is amazing every day, if it’s always the same thing then that’s what you’re good at – one look. If you like to mix things up and try new things then this is the markings of a makeup artist. If you haven’t branched out yet from just a look or two then its’ time to get experimenting.

You know automatically which colours work best together

Do you sometimes look at other people’s makeup and think to yourself, “those colours don’t match each other at all!”? Do you automatically know which colour to blend into what to achieve your popping smoky colourful eye? Knowing which colours work together means a well put together makeup palette.

You’re a pro at contouring

Contouring is all about giving your face that extra shape – defining the cheekbones, nose, and jaw more. By the end of contouring correctly you may even look like a new woman. There’s a definite art to contouring and we don’t see this trend going away any time soon.

You have different types of all your products in your beauty box

Eyeshadow? Sure, you’ve got powder, cream, crayon, mousse… In fact, for every different makeup item you’ve got a variety of different types to choose from in your kit. A good makeup artist knows that some occasions will call for a powder and some occasions will call for a slick.

You get complimented on your makeup a lot

We all love hearing compliments about ourselves – it can be quite the ego boost! If you’re finding that you’re getting complimented way more on your makeup than you are on your cute new shoes then this could be a good sign that you’ve really got a talent for it.

You can tell the different between a good quality product and a pharmacy one

Some people always buy pharmacy makeup because they don’t want to splash their cash on a quality makeup buy. While there’s nothing wrong with this, if they can’t tell the difference it makes on your face between a quality product and a cheapie, that’s where the problems lie. If you’ve got some quality buys supplemented with the best that you can find in a pharmacy range, then you’re probably on the right track with your makeup.

Even if all of these things don’t describe you, there’s no reason to simply say, “OK, that’s not the career for me then”. With hard work and time put in on a professional makeup artistry course, you too will be able to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the business. While people that already have an innate ability to do makeup will have a head start, that’s no reason why everyone can’t give it a go. If you’re interested in joining a professional makeup artistry course, browse around for classes in your area.

Professional makeup artistry courses may be short, to learn just the basics or a particular style, or long, for those looking for a career in the business. There are also speciality classes that can be taken such as special effects and body makeup classes. You’re sure to find something to suit your personal tastes and desires.


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