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Winter Makeup Tips To Warm Your Spirits

Winter can be dreary and miserable, so some uplifting make up could be just thing to warm your spirits and put a beautiful smile on your face. You probably want to try out shimmers and sparkles to give yourself bright eyes and cheerful cheeks, and that’s always a good thing.

However, the biggest challenge of the winter season is actually keeping your make-up on your face. Between the drizzles, the humidity, and the fabric rubbing your face, it’s hard to make your beauty enhancers last all day. Your gloves, scarves, and muffs will keep wiping it off your skin, and that’s if the rain doesn’t wash it off first. So before you delve into deep liners and bright shadows, take some time to get your skin base right, ensuring that the make-up stays on.

During Australian winters, the sky might be wet, but the air is dry. This leave your skin prone to irritating itches and dry patches. Your face might even begin to sting. While a good layer of foundation or compact powder might give your skin a moist, silky look, you need to treat the skin beneath the make-up first.

Facial winter hygiene must begin with overnight face masks to hydrate your skin while you sleep. You also need early morning exfoliant. It will scrape off the dead skin and expose the fresh, youthful cells below.

Be sure to use a gentle facial scrub, since you’ll have to use it every week and you don’t want to make your skin sensitive and raw. After exfoliating, and while your skin is still damp, moisturise your skin with a nice, even layer or your favourite face oil, cream, or lotion.

You might need to change up your cleansing routine as well. On hot summer days, a gel with lots of foam might do wonders for your skin. But if this same cleanser now feels tight on your face, you need to make a switch, just for the cold season. Try something a little creamier. It will feel silky on your skin, and soothe the raw dryness. Cleansing milks and creams are gentler on dry facial features, and they don’t strip those essential natural oils that you need during winter.

You could change the way you use the cleanser as well. Instead of foaming up with soap and water, try putting the cream onto your skin while it’s dry, rubbing it in, then wiping it off with face tissues or moist cotton pads. A humidifier could also help to soothe your skin while you wash it.

Don’t use standard foundation in winter. In summer, excess foundation cakes up. In winter, it smudges. Dilute your foundation with an equal amount of moisturiser, or skip it all together and use tinted face cream instead. Another essential element is sunscreen. You might neglect it since there’s less sunlight in the air, but sometimes, the intensity of the winter sun is stronger by contrast, so be sure to give you skin some UV protection.

Remember those scarves and muffs we mentioned earlier? They have an added function. They can protect you from harsh winter winds, which can do just as much damage as summer sunburns. Yes, windburn is an actual thing. In addition to manually protecting your face, look for a specialised moisturiser that has a salve with emollient qualities. And don’t forget to put some on your neck, and pay extra attention to your nose, since it bears the brunt of wind damage.

Now that your base is secure, let’s look at the surface make-up elements. If your skin tone is light and prone to redness, balance it out with concealer, or with foundation that has a green undertone to counteract the rouge effect. Speaking of rouge, a little blush goes a long way to warm up your chilly cheeks and brighten your icy smile.

Invest in waterproof eye make-up to fight off the rain, as well as wind-induced tears, and set your make-up with pressed powder, preferably the translucent kind. Tinted lip balm is great for dealing with dry, flaked, wintry lips. During this season, matte all-day lipsticks are a no-go since they will dry you out even more.

And remember to drink lots of water, since that’s a key part of any beauty routine, and the winter chill might tempt you to skip it. Try warm water, or tea infused with lemon, herbs, minimal sugar, or a few drops of honey. This will help boost your liquid intake if plain water is too much of a chore.


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