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The best display systems for a conference

Conferences are known to attract investors, potential clients and business competitors. It’s rare to have all business stakeholders under one roof. Therefore, the opportunity should not slip your fingers. Conferences are the best place to market and sell your brand. With the right tools, you can draw in new investors and clients. Whether you are hosting the conference or merely attending, the right display systems can get you the attention you need. Here are some of the best display systems for conferences.



Banners are among the oldest display options used for both marketing and branding. Despite their age, banners remain as one of the most effective display systems for conferences and expos. Over the years the design of banners has changed. Previously, banners were heavy and difficult to assemble. Currently, the designs allow fast assembly and disassembly. The different types of banners are distinguished by their design


Roll-up banners

As the name suggests, the roll-up banner rolls up into its fully assembled, upright design. The print is on a canvas that is safely secured in a retractor base. When the top frame is pulled, the canvas rolls out, and the frame can be secured in its upright position. Disassembly only requires the structure to be unsecured, and the canvas automatically rolls back into the retractor base. A retractable banner makes setting up convenient and fast. Moreover, the retractor base protects the banner canvas when the banner is not in use


Non-retractable banners.

Also called portable banners, non –retractable banners don’t have a roll-up functionality. The frame and the banner are separate. Assembly requires the banner to be rolled out manually and attached to the stand. Non-retractable banners require more work and time to assemble, and the banner can easily be damaged if not handled carefully. Nonetheless, non-retractable banners are lightweight and cheap.


Media walls

Media walls offer great backdrops for press conferences, expos and business conferences. The massive design of the display makes the media wall a conspicuous set up in any conference. It is certain to set you apart from the competition. The wall comes in different sizes to serve a wide range of spaces. The design can reach up to 3 metres that are enough to run from the floor to the ceiling in a standard room. The print on the media wall is also specially designed and printed to retain high-resolution images and texts. If you want your design to be on every video and photo taken at a conference, the media wall is too big to miss.


Tension fabric frames

When putting up signage or an ad at a conference, a convenient, lightweight display system is the go-to option. Tension fabric frames are lightweight, portable displays ideal for expos and conferences. The frame is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. The final set-up has a slim design with an option for a double or a single sided layout. The tension fabric frame can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It can also be set up as a freestanding display. The fabric is changeable, making it cost-effective.

Aside from the type of display, what goes up on your display is essential for effective marketing and branding. Once you have the right display system and graphic design, your brand will be the talk of the conference.


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