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Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

Can I Get Hair Extension for Curly Hair

We get asked every week by gorgeous ladies with curly hair on whether they too can have extensions to enjoy the volume and length of their straighter-haired sisters.

Put simply, yes you can!

Curly hair extensions are used every day for fashion shoots, shows, weddings and even day-to-day activities; but there are some limitations.


Limitation of curly hair extension


The Extensions don’t Come Curly

All extension products are provided as straight hair, with some retailers selling them heat-treated in a general curling style for party-wear.

For long-term wear, getting the perfect set of extensions requires multiple visits to your stylist to perm the hair to match your curl before installation. Once curled, the extensions are coloured to match your hair and left to dry. Only then are they attached to your hair, before being trimmed and styled to blend.


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If you want some flexibility with your look, opting for straight extensions and curling to suit can work just as well. Just make sure to use a salon recommended heat protector to shield the hair from heat damage.

While clip-in extensions that can be removed and inserted by the wearer don’t have the same longevity, they can be easier to style when removed. Lots of wearers pre-curl their clip-ins and let them cool in-form while doing the rest of the hair.


Not All Curly Extensions Are Permanent

Unless you’re investing in a set of hair extensions with an additional perm and colour, your extensions will be unable to hold a natural curl once wet.

The highest grade of real human hair used for extensions, wigs and hairpieces.
is 100 percent Remy human hair, with this grade of hair your extensions have the most natural look because the hair acts and responds to conditions just like your naturally grown hair.


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Mimicking Your Natural Curl can be Difficult

Despite best efforts, it can be difficult to recreate the same tight, natural looking curl that you are so familiar with. Generally, we find greater success for customers with looser curls and waves where the reproduction of the natural hair curl is more forgiving and can be blended into existing hair.

In addition, relying on the same products that you would use on your hair normally to preserve curls are a no-go zone. Salt sprays, mousses and some hairsprays are off-limits, while an approved heat protector is now a must-have for your hair styling toolbox.


There Are Lots of Ways to Curl Your Hair

There are proven ways that you can curl your hair effectively, here are some of the most popular:

  1. Relaxed night-time waves: smooth an approved styling product evenly over your hair then section it off into equal portions before braiding. A thicker braid creates a larger wave, while a tighter braid creates a smaller kink. Sleep in the braids and gently unwind in the morning.
  2. Barrel of laughs: work a heat protector and approved holding product through your hair. Using a hot barrel tong, wind your hair from tip to root around the barrel and hold until the whole hair shaft is warm. Release the tong and either clip the curl to preserve its shape or let it hang for a looser look.
  3. Crimped and primped: smooth a heat protectant and styling product through your hair. Section off hair evenly, and crimp the hair. Once cool, use a loop brush to add volume, depth and movement to your hair.



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