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Autumn Eye Trends to Try this Year

A change in the seasons calls for a change in your makeup routine, and what better way to welcome in the fall than with a set of new eye makeup designs?

Don’t think for a second that you have to completely replace your collection of eye shadows, pencils and brushes to make the transition into the new season. Most of the below designs can be easily recreated from what you might already have in your makeup bag!

Bigger, fuller eyelashes with muted palette

One way to make a larger impact without throwing away your existing makeup kits is to emphasise just one aspect – your eyelashes.

Thick, natural looking eyelashes on top of your existing lash line can make your eyes look larger and your natural look will be more polished. For a fresh autumn look, keep the rest of your makeup muted so you look professional and not overdone.

Copper eye shadow

To update the traditional smoky eye with a warmer look, try using copper shadow at the centre of your eyelid and then blend outward to your usual darker browns, charcoals and grey. Pair with a warm-toned, sheer lipstick and blush, and you have a look that can take you from the office to the wine bar.

Jewel tones

Emeralds, bright blues, yellows and indigo’s can add a much-needed injection of colour without jarring with the cooler, frostier colours of the upcoming winter season. A dash of colour used as part of your new smoky eye routine can dramatically change your look, alternatively, combining the harmonising colours, such as emerald and yellow, can upgrade your after-hours and weekend makeup game.

Sunsets for days

Using gold, oranges, reds and lighter browns, you can create a gorgeous and warm makeup effect that can make you natural eye colour pop. Use a concentrated gold eyeshadow on the centre of your eyelid, colour around the eyelid, socket and into the fold with some lighter oranges and reds. Finish with the application of a warm brown to the middle of the socket and underneath your lower eyelid.

Smudging the line

The grungy, unfinished look of smudged liner looks fabulous with thick, lush lashes. Combined with grey or metallic silver eye shadows, this design works well with sheer, cool-toned lipsticks and understated peach blush.

Glitter all the way

The application of glitter doesn’t have to make you look like a victim of a time warp; larger glitter pieces in gold and silver can look terrific either limited to the eyelid in a robust coat or scattered across the outer corner of the eye and cheekbones as a tiny glittery starburst.

Graphic eyeliner

Thicker application that goes beyond the winged eyeliner is making a huge impact this autumn. You can create an ancient Egyptian-esque look by using bold lines below and above the eye and winging to the temples. Some artists are painting the entire eyelid, and extending into the socket to create a strong, almond shaped block of colour.

Bright corners

One way to change your look quickly and effectively is to finish your natural eye makeup routine with a dash of bright colour to the inner corners of your eye. Extend the colour just a smidge on the upper and lower eyelid, and you have a new, refreshed look for your weekends with friends and after-work drinks.

Natural, shaped, full eyebrows

Eyebrows are still looking to be full and natural, but with more structure than previous seasons. Clean up rogue hairs, fill in with pencil and then highlight with under-brow eyeshadow in a cream, pearl or taupe colour for a professional finish.


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