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How Fillers Can Change the Shape of Your Nose (Temporarily)
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How Fillers Can Change the Shape of Your Nose (Temporarily)

Next, to boob jobs, nose jobs are the most well-known procedures in cosmetic surgery. Most people think it’s a surgery that makes your nose straighter, but not everyone gets a rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons. Some patients have rhinoplasties to widen their nose canals so that they can breathe better, and they are lucky enough to come out with deeper breathing as well as a prettier nose.

What exactly do you know about rhinoplasty? You might know that sometimes, the surgeon takes a piece of bone from the patient’s rib or their ear. The surgeon uses this bone to change the appearance of the patient’s nose.

But did you know that it can take a month or more for your nose to recover after surgery? It can also be quite painful because it’s an invasive procedure. There is bruising and swelling, and before your face heals.

These concerns have made some patients opt for a less intensive form of treatment for their noses. One solution that is getting more and more popular is fillers. No, they’re not just for plumping your lips and to even out forehead creases. Now you can use them in your nose too. You should keep in mind that when it comes to remodelling your nose, fillers are only a short term solution. To maintain the shape of your new nose, you will either need to repeat your sessions or get a more long-term solution like surgery.

So, how do nose fillers work? Well, they are made of something called hyaluronic acid, and they are injected into your nose. It takes less than half an hour and the difference is immediately visible. No splints or heavy bandages, no pain in your ears or ribs. You simply walk in with one nose and walk out with another. The effects can be seen both from the front and from the side and can be tastefully subtle or beautifully drastic, depending on your preference. Either way, the effect looks completely natural.


How Fillers Can Change the Shape of Your Nose Temporarily


This filler is biologically safe. Its constituent chemicals are very close to the natural material found in your joints, your skin, ad your eyes. It’s not a permanent filler. With time, it gets broken down by your body’s natural functions, then it dissolves into your system, at which point you can have another filler session. The effects usually last for a year or two.

The procedure for inserting nose fillers is stress-free and low in pain. The doctor will begin by applying a cream on your skin that significantly numbs the area. The doctor will then inject you at strategic pre-planned points on your nose. The filler itself is laced with lignocaine, which has anaesthetic properties that further reduce pain.

Once the doctor is done, he or she will massage your nose to help you relax. The main purpose of the massage is to manipulate the positioning of the filler, contouring your nose into its desired shape. Doctors can make your nose longer and sharper by inserting filler at the tip, or they can make it narrower by filling out the bridge and the sides of your nose.

All beauty procedures have the potential for side effects, but nose fillers leave little to no unwanted effects. Your nose might swell a little, but it’s barely noticeable and the swelling goes down much faster. Some patients may have tiny, barely-there pin pricks at the points where the needle went into the skin. This fades quite quickly as well. A few patients get a little redness during the first week after their filler sessions, while others have some bruising on the bridge of their nose. All these skin reactions will fade in a few days, but in case of any issues, you can always ask your doctor and he or she will take care of it for you.


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