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Tips for Going Back to Blonde

Going from brunette to blonde is a big jump on the hair colour spectrum and can tricky to pull off. Certain steps need to be taken so you can get the best results. Also deciding on the shade to go back to is something that needs to be considered. Just because you want a certain colour does not necessarily mean you will be able to achieve it, especially not in one sitting. It will often take a few trips to the salon.

In this post, we will give you the best tips for going back to blonde.

Choosing a Colour

There are many shades of blonde and choosing a colour that will suit you is integral when wanting to look your best. People with olive skin should avoid going to blonde as it will look unnatural and washed out. The best way to decide which blonde works best for you is to use colour swatches against your skin and this will give an indication of which colour is best suited to your complexion.

Hair Care

Before embarking on the endeavour you should make sure your hair is in great condition. Use hair masks and conditioners so your hair is strong and up to the challenge of going through multiple bleaching sessions. Bleaching isn’t the healthiest thing to do to your hair but having healthy strong hair will help the process and reduce the damage.

The Process

The process varies from stylist to stylist and how fast you want results. Of course, you can bleach your hair so it will be light enough to recolour but this method can cause damage to the hair and it’s a last resort. Lighten your hair colour in gradual stages, over a period of time and use plenty of conditioner and hair masking products in-between each session to rejuvenate the hair and make it healthy. It is recommended that you go to a salon for the best results as they have been specifically trained for the task and will be able to perform the colouring with minimal damage. If you must do it yourself, you will have to bleach your hair and if you do ensure you use plenty of conditioning products after.

Colouring your hair in gradual increments will also give you an indication of how certain colours will look and fair well with your complexion and style. Who knows, you might even find a shade of colour that you like and may not need to complete your journey to the blonde destination.

So get ready for a few trips to the salon and to fork out some pennies to return to blonde. If blonde is your natural colour you can always wait for your hair colour to grow out and back to your natural colour. If you’re impatient, be ready to put your hair through some intensive strain.

The key is to recognise when your hair has become fragile and brittle and lay off the dye or treatments for a while and only use products that will nourish and enrich your hair. That means no bleaching, straightening, or perming.

To avoid a do it yourself look that consists of a weird cartoon yellow and obscure orange tones there are a variety of products on the market that can help. Toning shampoos, such as purple will help cancel out some of the cartoon yellow and are a relatively inexpensive way to get the look you desire.

Before you embark on the journey, understand that it will cause your hair some stress and it’s of the utmost importance to maintain and use products to make your hair healthy. If you’re returning to your natural colour, the best thing to do is wait it out. It may take months or even a year but your hair will thank you for it. It will also save you from having to cut it short due to all the damage caused by the drastic bleach jobs.. Good luck and hopefully you will make the best decision that is best for your hair.



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