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How to determine the size of a Pull Up Banner for your event

Pull up banners are the staple marketing tool when it comes to making your presence felt in exhibitions and other such activities. One variable that is often overlooked is the size of these retractable banners. It may not play a critical role for your marketing presence, but you should consider it when deciding which banner, you should use for your event.


Size Requirements of the event organiser

The primary reason for considering size would be, some events may have specific size requirements that all participants need to meet. Usually this is to plan of space available for vendors.  Another reason may be the impact you want to have on the potential clients, the bigger the display the more impact you may have.


Position of banner

Another important consideration is where you will position your banner. Say, you plan to have a table top banner, then it will have to be considerably smaller to fit on your table. If you wish to have the banner behind your exhibition stand, then you want to have a large enough banner that can be easily seen from most angles. The basic idea is to maintain the banner’s visibility even if it is behind any obstacles.


Position of information

An important consideration is where you want the information placed. Eye level is the best as it will be hard to miss for the person reading. In the current day and age, the ease of accessing information through Google etc has made us impatient. Which is why you should put the most important information at eye – level, making it easy for your consumers to see what you are selling.


Psychology of the consumer

In addition to the point highlighted above about the importance of keeping important information at eye – level, there are other factors to consider when it comes to the psychology of the consumer. The size of the banner also affects how the consumer perceives the information. Generally, large banners can feel towering and slightly intimidating and so, with respect to the product you’re pushing you may want to go for smaller banners. On the flip side, extremely small banners may not even get a glance since the information is too small and hard to read.


One size fits all

If you are in doubt about which size to go for even after considering all the above, then you may decide to go with the standard size banner. This banner is neutral on all points highlighted above and as such should be your starting point when determining which size best suits your marketing goals. Just be sure to make the most essential information is easily visible.


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