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Proper dental hygiene goes beyond brushing your teeth every morning. Flossing – for example – plays an equally important role. It removes any food particles and dirt that could be lodged between your teeth, while at the same time cleaning your gums. If these food particles are not extracted, they may cause decay and even bad breath.

Unfortunately, many people have relegated dental flossing to a once-in-a-while activity or disregarded it altogether. Beyond flossing, rinsing with fluoride mouthwash is a helpful dental habit. It’s psychologically satisfying, but it also gives you an added layer of protection against bacteria, helps fight plaque and tooth decay, keeping your breath consistently fresh.

Make The Dentist Your Friend

Studies show one of the biggest anxiety disorders is the fear of going to the dentist. Odontophobia affects one in every seven adult Australians, and it can lead to decayed and damaged teeth. In some cases, teeth may randomly fall off. This is why you should get a dentist to help diagnose and treat any dental problems you might have.

Another advantage of seeing the dentist regularly, especially in children, is identifying dental problems early in life and allowing ample resources for their repair. Dental treatment has a reputation for being pricy, but that’s because patients wait until the situation is dire before they seek help. Dental emergencies obviously cost more.

A professional tooth-cleaning – for example – costs far less than tooth extractions or root canals, and both are the result of untreated plaque and tartar that eventually rot your teeth down to the bone. Regular dental visits mean problems such as weak enamel, crooked smiles, and bleeding gums can be corrected in good time.

Make Repairs Where Necessary

Neglecting cavities, plaque, or any other form of tooth damage can be detrimental to the health of your mouth. To begin with, plaque provides the ideal environment for bacteria to breed, which can lead to cavities and yellowing of the teeth. Cavities that are left unattended could harbor food particles, which accelerate the rate at which your teeth decay.

Visiting a dental clinic will help you catch and fix these issues before they get worse. Damage to teeth that have been caused by injury, sensitive teeth, and other complications you might have can also be rectified at the dentist. Another way you could improve your dental hygiene is by watching the type of foods you eat regularly. Processed foods and products rich in added sugar are the biggest culprits.

These provide the perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria. You should also pay attention to what you eat in the morning. Acidic foods such as fruit juice, actual fruits and coffee leave your teeth enamel softened, which makes it easier to damage while brushing. This is why you’re advised to wait at least half an hour after eating to brush your teeth, in order to allow for the enamel to harden up once again.



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