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Exercise Alternatives

Keeping your body fit and healthy is essential, but for some people, the thought of going to the gym and lifting weights sends chills down their spine. Luckily, there are many other forms of exercise that are beneficial to your body that doesn’t involve the monotony of lifting weights or running long distances on the road. If the gym is not your thing, don’t worry, in this post, we look at alternative forms of exercise that might be up your alley.



The word Yoga means “union’. The ancient Indian practise unites the body, mind, and soul. Yoga is also great for cardio, flexibility, and strength training. There are many different types of Yoga that range in intensity.

The two most popular types of Yoga in the Western world are Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Vinyasa is an Indian word which means flow. A typical Vinyasa class goes for an hour to an hour and a half where you will lead through a range of dynamic poses and stretches that will increase your strength and fitness levels. Yin Yoga is a slower style design to ease tension in the body and mind. In a Yin class, there are fewer poses which are held for more extended periods.

The Yoga community is generally a non-judgemental, inviting space where you can socialise and get a great workout. If slogging it out alone isn’t your thing, and a group fitness class is more your style then Yoga could be perfect for you. The easiest way to get involved is head on down to your local studio and sign up for a class. Sometimes it’s best to try out a few different studios to find one that resonates with you.


Boxing Training

Whether you consider yourself the next Rocky Balboa or you need a great work out, boxing training might be more your style. It combines strength, hand-eye, and cardio training all rolled into one. In a session, you will be put through a series of drills and exercise, three minutes in length which mimic the duration of a round in a boxing match.

In a typical session involves cardio in the form of shuttle runs and shadow boxing. You will also find yourself doing bag work, which is excellent for strength and toning the body. It’s also stress relief. You can imagine the boxing the bag is your boss and really let loose. Head down to your local boxing club or community club to get started.


Mixed Martial Arts

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a fighting style that combines different elements from multiple disciplines. Mixed martial arts is a great way to get in shape while challenging your body and mind. They call it a discipline for nothing, and that is precisely what you’ll need to excel in the sport. MMA training is also excellent for those who are after a varied full-body workout. At practice, you will be taken through a variety of drills from stand up bag work to Brazilian jujitsu.

MMA is huge at the moment, with events televised weekly. There MMA gyms are popping up across the country, even in regional areas so you will be sure to find a gym or club in your area.


Cross Fit

Are you a hardcore fitness freak? Cross Fit will push your body to the limits and put your endurance to the test. Cross Fit is a range of movements and exercises that are designed to build strength, cardio, speed, flexibility, and balance. It’s fair to say that Cross Fit is an all-body workout that will well and truly get you into shape. It combines weight training with cardio and other elements. One day you will be dredging out shuttle runs and launching yourself onto a platform over and over again, and the next day you could be powerlifting weights in the gym.

Cross Fit has a reputation for attracting the die-hard fitness fanatics who love to push their body to its breaking point. The defence forces use Cross Fit training for their elite forces. This will give you an indication of the dedication and commitment needed to complete the training session.

Did that scare you? Well, don’t be. Cross Fit is all-inclusive and caters to all levels of fitness. Of course, it may take some time before you’re training like the elite special forces, but you have to start somewhere.

It’s great to have options, and hopefully, this post has given you some ideas and motivation to get fit and healthy this year.  Try out as many as possible and find one that resonates with you. That way, you will be more likely to stick of it. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive when there are so many options available.


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