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Industrial Filtration

The Most Important Equipment for Industrial Filtration

The filtration of liquids is an important activity in industries as it guarantees the purity of fluids and the protection of industrial and agricultural installations. As you may already know, a good filtration system has a direct effect on reducing cost in production processes.

In wastewater treatments and petrochemical industries, industrial filtration is utilised to ensure that the water flow, cooling, and operation of the plant can continue without interruption, thereby eliminating the need for costly maintenance and periodic stoppages.

Based on the importance of industrial filtration, it is germane for you to know the most crucial equipment required to execute and complete this process successfully. Keep reading to find out more.


IC45 Manual Clean Centrifuge

The IC45 Manual Clean Centrifuge is a novel high-speed centrifuge that is effective for the removal of solids from liquids in small batches. The centrifuge is ideal for different forms of industrial liquid filtration such as wine production and Biofuel production.

IC45-M Centrifuge is quite mobile as a result of its lightweight and also energy conserving, which makes it ideal for small laboratories and factories. This centrifuge has a high G force of 3000 G at 3900 Rpm and is relatively affordable for low scale operations.


Hoffman Vacumatic Filters

Hoffman Vacumatic Filters are flatbed vacuum units consisting of a continuous metallic conveyor belt filter that allows effective airflow to clean the sludge. This equipment is novel as it utilises three steps to perform sludge dewatering in a cost-effective way.

Air passes through the chamber to dry the material, which helps to reduce the loss of liquids, thereby leading to a more effective process. In addition, the airflow is directed towards the exhausted discharger which lies above the liquid material to help remove floating contaminants via the optional air simmer. Then, the air passes through the filter chamber and aerates the cleaning liquid leading to a purified end product.

Hoffman Vacumatic filter can be used in a number of processes including paint booth filtration, food wastes and machine cooling, making it important equipment for industrial liquid filtration.


Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer is a piece of equipment for oil remediation as it utilises novel techniques to skim oil from the surface of the water.  The machine is made up of a continuous, vertically oriented conveyor belt.

The lower end of the belt is submerged in the liquid to be remediated, and the belt is fully suspended within its lower loop. The process continues with the upper part of the belt moving through its two wiper blades. This helps to complete the process of removing oil or petroleum products that are separated within the belt.

Oil Skimmer is useful for Industrial filtration processes as the synthetic belt can be extended to different lengths, making it a piece of ideal equipment for various remediation purposes.


Filter Media

Filter Media comes in different packages and specifications, depending on your needs. This filter media helps to separate solid matter and allows for appropriate solid retention capacity and flow rate. There are also specialised filter media such as Air Filter Roll, and specialised filter membrane for wastewater and Biofuel filtration.


Moving Forward

Having read this piece up to this level, you will agree that the equipment listed offers an excellent choice for industrial filtration processes.  Some of the benefits of this equipment lie in their ease of use and maintenance. Aside from that, they are cheaper and affordable when compared to other equipment that performs similar functions.


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