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Benefits of a backyard playground

Playtime is an important aspect for any child’s development; one way of aiding in this development is by taking your children to a playground. However, there may be multiple reasons for you to install a playground installment within your backyard.


Typically, you may take your child to the local park so that they can play at the playground. However, they may be exposed to various hazards as well as elements. Having a playground within your backyard allows you to have much more control over your child’s playing environment. Within a public playground, your child may get a cut when using the slide and may contract a disease such as tetanus if the slide is metallic. Perhaps the other children may have airborne diseases and may easily transmit these diseases to your child in a public environment. Another, somewhat extreme, example may be your child getting lost within the park. Having your child close to your house within your locus of control makes it easier for you to mitigate these risks. Furthermore, as your child’s well-being is at risk whenever using the playground apparatus, you’re motivated to preserve and maintain the apparatus and the surrounding environment.

Emotional Development

Children are naturally predisposed to playing and so playtime is a natural aspect of their daily lives. In this respect, having a playground within your backyard makes it much more accessible to them. Children have a much smaller emotional capacity than adults and so get frustrated easily. This means your child may come home from school upset or otherwise withdrawn. Having a place for them to play once they’re home allows them to find an easy outlet for these frustrations and, in so doing, helps them alleviate their mood. This may assist in being an ice breaker since you may even interrupt your child in the middle of playing and ask them what is bothering them, fostering a better environment for your children to talk about their daily problems. In the long-run, your child may even associate the playground with a place for light reflection on the day and this may help them process situations better and help them grow emotionally.



Perhaps overlooked, by adding a playground to your backyard you inadvertently make your child’s ‘world’ smaller. What this means is that your house is what they associate with their parents, what they associate with family and now, what they associate with playing. This makes your home a much bigger aspect of their lives and so makes it homelier.

Furthermore, having the playground within your compound increases the chances of interaction within the family (such as you playing with your child). This leads to better communication between your and child whilst fostering the right environment for growth.


Another reason for having a playground within your backyard is the time that you save in various aspects. Perhaps the time your child gets home may make it impractical to head to the local playground and so having a playground out back may be useful in fostering that environment. Having the playground in the back also reduces the effort of having your child within the play environment and so makes it easier to have your child play every day.

If you’re interested in getting a playground up and running then you may contact your local outdoor playground builder to assist in setting up the playground.

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