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Four Things Baby Gift Baskets Should Contain

Baby gift baskets are attractive, intricate displays of most essential and practical items for babies. But let’s face it, cute as they may look, some baskets are full of impractical and useless things. So, how do you know which items must be in a baby gift basket? To ensure that the essentials are covered when looking for the perfect baby gift basket, here are four must-have items for your baby gift basket;

Diapers and Wipes

‘I have more than enough diapers and wipes,’ said NO mom ever. New moms will always need these two essential items. Let’s not forget that wipes can be used for so much more than cleaning a baby’s bottom. Be sure to check the size of the diapers according to the weight and age of the baby. Some babies do not wear newborn size because they come out heavier than other babies.

Just in case you buy diapers and wipes that the baby is allergic to, be sure to keep the receipt so that the parents can replace them if possible. If the new parents are die-hard environmentalists, you can buy cloth nappies instead.

Swaddle Blanket

Your gift basket must have a swaddle blanket. New parents use this thin, breathable blanket to snuggly wrap their baby for safety, to settle them, or help them sleep. However, this versatile item is helpful in several other ways too.

Aside from its obvious purpose and as a photo prop, it can be used as a nursing cover, a bib, car seat cover, burp cloth, stroller cover, changing pad, and a regular blanket. It can also be used as a diaper – moms who’ve left the house and forgotten to pack a diaper know what this means.

The Celebrate His Arrival baby gift hamper, is ideal as it comes with a luxurious cotton knitted baby blanket, Alimrose Designs Knit Mini Moss Stitch Ivory Blanket, Franjos Kitchen Currant and Coconut Lactation Cookies, Wildwood Kids Heart Teether in Pink among other essentials perfect for a new mom.

Grooming Kit

Infants are delicate little beings, and their grooming needs are not the same as a toddler’s. They need a carefully put-together set of basic medical and grooming supplies that aren’t in a regular bathroom cabinet. The items in the kit are specially made for babies.

Caring for a baby is stressful enough for a new mom. Take some of that pressure off with the perfect grooming kit in that baby gift basket. A typical grooming kit comes with a thermometer, baby nail clippers, nail file, nasal aspirator, baby comb, hairbrush, and a teether.


Save a new mom from the endless laundry with this critical accessory. Bibs are a baby essential and must-have in a baby gift basket. Right from the moment they are born, babies will need bibs for keeping their clothes free from milk spills and stains. As they approach the weaning stage, they’ll need them to soak in drool. At six months and older, feeding bibs come into play. Consider the age of the baby you’re buying the gift basket for.

For newborns, the bandana bib not only keeps the baby’s clothes dry and stain-free, but it also keeps baby looking stylish. They are typically made with cotton which is a breathable and absorbent material. Perfect for the drooling baby. For health-conscious parents, you can opt for the organic cotton bibs. Keep in mind that bibs with ties pose a strangulation risk. The ones with stretch, snaps and Velcro are better options. You can’t go wrong with these four items in your baby gift basket. They are practical, useful, and versatile. Even with other items in the basket that are simply cute and not-so-practical, you’ll have covered the essential ones and that’s what matters.

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