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Playground Safety Precautions

Children are naturally playful. For this reason, you should regularly take your kids to playgrounds. Playing also makes them stronger, improves their health, and refreshes their minds and helps with social skills.

That said, playgrounds can be a risky affair. Your kid could get injured, turning what was supposed to be a fun activity into a gloomy day. If you want to avoid playground injuries, you should observe the following practices.


Always Supervise Your Kids

When your kids are playing, ensure that an adult is watching over them. Constant supervision reduces the risk of injuries during playtime. You should keep a close eye on every activity they undertake.

Additionally, you should inspect the playing area for potential hazards such as defective or broken equipment. If you notice a risk, you should notify the person in charge of the playground immediately.

Another thing that you need to check out is your kid’s attire. Ensure that they are wearing appropriate outfits. They should not play with scarves, necklaces, or any clothes with cords that could pose a strangulation risk.


Choose an Age-Appropriate and Safe Playing Area

Toddlers should play away from older kids. The primary reason for this is that older children use larger equipment that is not suitable for their younger counterparts.

If your child is learning to walk, ensure that the playing area is safe. The surface should be even, smooth and free of obstacles and holes.

You should only allow your child to play with swings if they can balance themselves. The recommended minimum age for using baby swings is one year.


Confirm the Safety of the Playing Surface

The playing area should have an impact absorbing surface. Such surfaces are usually made of sand, wood chips, shredded rubber, and so forth. Playing on gravel, concrete, grass, and asphalt increases the chances of severe injury in case of a fall.

If the equipment has moving parts, you should check their integrity before your child starts playing. For instance, the chain on swings should be tightly secured to reduce the risk of falling.



The safety of your child should always be a priority. You should educate them on how to take care of themselves and back it up by ensuring that an adult is watching over as they play.


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