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My Favourite Gas Heaters Of All The Time

Coming home on a cold winters day, ready for some respite from the harsh daily grind, and chilly temperatures is something to look forward to. Unless you’re coming home to frosty bitten tundra and your only salvation is packing on layers and huddling with your dog under the blankets!

A gas heater in your home can remedy all this and will see you coming home to a toasty warm house where the flames flicker and radiate, the glow and warmth seeping out to the delight of all those in the vicinity. It’s hard to choose favourites when it comes to gas heaters as there are some many options available. But with much deliberation and research, I have decided to write this blog and give you a list of my favourite heaters of all time.


The Regency GF900

The Regency range is one of the best brands  out there. Designed beautifully with functionality in mind, they do the job well whilst looking great. This inbuilt model features an extra-large looking glass so you will be sure to enjoy the splendour and marvel of the flames as they lure you in and keep you there, in a state of peace and tranquillity.

Regency also have standalone models for a more rustic charming effect. They look more like a traditional fireplace and are a welcome addition to any lounge room. The standalone fireplace is a great way to add a unique antique charm to your lounge room. The Regency is built for maximum warmth and will be more than enough to heat your largest of rooms.


Gas Heaters


The Bordelet Suspended Range

This range is my absolute favourite. The unique approach of a suspended fireplace looks amazing. The flume like exhaust hanging straight from your ceiling has a tendency to intrigue people at first and you will often have to explain what the hell it is. These beautiful unique fireplaces are the ideal indoor heating solution and will become the centre of attention in your home.

Guests will gather and mill around the fireplace, besotted by the open flame as it dances randomly to its own beat. The Bordelet range is open flame, meaning there is no looking glass to impede your view. Full omni-directional heating and viewing make this fireplace my favourite heating option of all time. Like an art piece or fish tank, this stylish and functional heater will complete any living room and enhance the space so it’s cosy, comfortable and inviting.

The beauty of gas heaters is that you’ve no need to keep stockpiling timber. This is can get a bit messy at times and it takes a little more time and effort. Gas heaters are an ideal and convenient option for those who want an instant fire at the flick of a switch. Gas heaters burn cleaner and cut down on emission and won’t leave your house smelling like a bushfire.

Buying and installing a gas heater in your home has never been easier and with a myriad of options out there, there is surely something to suit your home. Heaters have evolved leaps and bounds since the original pot belly and are more efficient, and have many features such as fans and heat control making them a practical and functional option for your heating needs. Not only do they provide heat, but will also add a dynamic visual appeal and a place to congregate in your living room.

Electric heaters are also an option but they are generally not as warm, not as visually appealing, and not as energy efficient. An electric heater can make a useful second addition as a portable heating option to your home, so you can wheel it into a kitchen or bedroom if you’re feeling a touch chilly at times – but gas is definitely better.

These are just a few of my favourite gas heating options. There are so many on the market that look great and do the job of heating your home efficiently. Your best option is to scout around on the net for the perfect home heater that will keep you warm this winter as well look great. Nothing beats sitting around the fire with your favourite glass of wine, soaked in warmth.


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