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How a Wardrobe can Bring Your Room to Life

An organised wardrobe is the trendiest feature of your bedroom. After all, it’s the space which entails all of your fashion, glamour, and statement pieces.

Whether you have fitted wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, or custom wardrobes, your bedroom can transform if it is properly styled according to the size of your room.

We have some chic ideas to make your wardrobe an elegant space that will complement your bedroom even more!

Creative Curtains

Whoever discovered curtains found a cheap but effective way to hide away the mess in plain sight. You can DIY curtains to your open wardrobe in case you don’t have a built in wardrobe and a small bedroom.

My roommate in college did this amazing thing when we were struggling to get a wardrobe inside our tiny dorm room. She found a narrow space beside the bathroom door and installed railings to hang clothes. She separated both our sides with a curtain and viola, we had a brand-new wardrobe within no time!

Throughout the semesters we experiment with the fabric of our curtains and even hung fairy lights on them to make our room even cozier!

Experiment with the Closet Walls

If you have a fitted wardrobe, you can add a pop of colour of your closet walls to breathe in a fresh look to your bedroom. Bold and geometric designs are so in style these days, and what better way to add the wow factor than somewhere which holds all your cherished dresses in one place!

You can change the wallpaper and paint after every few months and even do it yourself! Or, you can hire professionals to take care of it and revamp the look of your bedroom!

Psst.I’m not supposed to tell you this, but Betta Wardrobes have some epic designs and a fifteen-year warranty (yes, you heard me right) on all their wardrobes and cabinets!

Stylish Hanging Rails

Place your railings in a way that utilises enough space to add some shelves above and below that can contain your shoes and handbags. You can get matching hangers in contrast to the colour of the railings.

Sleek designs never go out of fashion!

Sleek, Clean, and Tidy

This goes without saying but if you’re intimidated by all of the above steps and can’t figure out where to start, simply turn on the Marie Kondo series on Netflix and begin by tidying up your wardrobe.

No matter how much efforts you put into decorating your closet, if it isn’t clean, it will kill the whole look. AND your mood, who loved finding a black shirt in a pool of leggings?

That is all for bringing your room to life with a wardrobe, I hope you found this useful. Share your wardrobe stories in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!


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