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Wedding Dress Trends Through Time

Can you imagine a time during the twentieth century where brides-to-be went through magazine cuttings of their favorite wedding dresses, during warm summer afternoons while sipping tea, and having conversations with their friends?

Bridal dresses have gone through a process of evolution like every other apparel. Let’s move through time and see how it has evolved into the latest trends.


The 1900s: Loose and Floaty Dresses


Loose and Floaty Dresses


During the 1900s, loose and floaty dresses were a hit. Modesty ya’ know? This was the time when dancing at weddings became a custom!


The 1920s: Flapper Dresses


Flapper Dresses


In the 1920s, bridal dresses were largely inspired by the flapper style which was in fashion. High necklines, low waist, slim fit, and a lacy veil were the staples on this decade.


The 1930s: Simpletons




This was a time for less is more kind of simplicity. The bridal dresses were elegant and sophisticated with body-hugging silhouettes, long sleeves, and high necklines.


The 1940s: DIYs!


1940s DIYs


During World War II, wedding dresses were considered somewhat of a luxury and many brides wore dresses that they made themselves or borrowed from family and friends.

Some women even wore their service uniforms. Corset waists, V-neck, and padded hips were in style those days.


The 1950s: Ballgowns and Strapless Dresses

During this decade, the bridal dress fashion went through a drastic change and big poufy ballgowns came into style instead of the straight, slim wear.


This was also the time when strapless wedding dresses came in fashion. These were however still considered slightly risqué and not all women were ready to let go of the sleeves.


The 1970s: Slim Again, plus Shorter


Slim Again, plus Shorter


The new mini skirt trend was catching on and many women had their wedding dresses tailored right above the knees. The straight column style was back into fashion these years.


The 1980s: Strapless Everywhere


Strapless Everywhere


By this time, it was pretty difficult to buy a bridal dress that wasn’t strapless! The ones that had sleeves on them were puffy shoulder-sleeves and slim-fitted. This was also the year Lady Diana got married and everyone went cray-cray for her wedding style!


2000: A-Line Dresses


A-Line Dresses


Tight A-line, sleeveless white dresses were a thing in 2000. Wedding dresses had started becoming more diversified.


The 2010s: The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding


This was the decade Kate and William decided to tie their knot and a few years later, younger brother Harry followed suit with Meghan Markle as his wife. The royal, regal, elegant and finely put together wedding dresses with long tails, full sleeves and lots of lacy material came into fashion.

Meghan Markle showed off that less is more and rocked her wedding dress.


2019: Sheer and Flirty


Sheer and Flirty


As of now, sexy is the new black. Lacy, see-through, barely their dresses with sheer material and slits are en vogue these days. Trendier options include mermaid and trumpet silhouettes.

And that is how the wedding dress evolved throughout two centuries. I wonder what’s next!


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