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My Favourite Type of Playsets

Are you in the business of providing a safe and fun place for children to play? Perhaps you’re a parent looking for a place set for your pride and joy. Regardless of your reason, there many different types of playsets on the market and it can get a little overwhelming when it’s time to choose a playset suited to your needs.

In this post, my aim is to help you along the way and make buying your playset a little easier. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a playset, whether it’s for commercial or residential use.

The Size of the Playset

The size of the Playset will be heavily determined on your budget and the amount of space you have to work with. Measure up the space in your backyard or recreation centre before you even set foot into a retailer. This will immediately narrow down your choices and ensure you have enough space for your purchase. There is nothing worse buying a playset and getting it delivered to the space only to find out that you don’t have enough room.

Types of Playsets

There are many different types of playset and each one is great for different reasons.

Climbing Playsets

Climbing playsets are great for exercise and developing life skills in children. The climbing action is good for cardio and muscle development. Not only that, it offers children a challenge and when they reach the top they will feel a sense of accomplishment. This helps them learn that a little hard work and belief will bring them a sense of achievement.

Multi Play Playsets

Multi play playsets incorporate a little bit of everything. This includes climbing, sliding, bridges, balance beams, and sensory elements such as things to touch, hit, and move. These are ideal if you’re looking for an all in one solution for a backyard playset. If you have more room to work with, or you are operating a commercial sized business, you can purchase these elements individually on a grander scale to cater for a larger number of children.

Spring Play Playsets

We all remember the spring play playsets from the playground. The ones you sit in and rock back and forth with the help of the spring base. They have advanced a lot since back in the day and now come in all different shapes and sizes. And guess what? They a still a massive hit with the kids. Some things never go out of fashion and spring play playsets are one of those things.

Skyrider Playsets

These are another reboot of the classic flying fox. The Skyrider playset allows the children to climb on board and take flight as they are whizzed towards the other side via a pulley system. Unlike the janky ones of yesteryear, the new ones are a lot safer and more fun. They even come in a double version so the kids can race from one side to the other.

Themed Playset

There are many different themed playsets on the market ranging from castles, to sky towers that have multiple slides. Kids love themed playsets; it allows them to get lost in a world of their own. They can be king and queens of the castle or adventurers in the sky towers. Imagination and creativity play a vital role in the development of young minds and a themed playset is the perfect setting.

Sports Playsets

Sports play sets are great for developing hand eye coordination are the perfect edition to your play set. Basketball and table tennis tables are great fun and the kids love it. Why not opt for an oversize chessboard? It’s never too early to get them started. Who knows, you may have a chess master amidst the kiddy contingent.

Spinpoint Playsets

Who can forget going to the playground and having your parents spin you around on the old carousel until you’re giddy? The new spinpoint playsets have a similar action but they have been stepped up to the next level in both design and function. The new brightly coloured all access carousel looks amazing and spins like a winner. It’s simple and safe to use and will provide the kids with hours of fun.

Swing Playsets

No playground or play set would be complete without a swing. Swings are the classic playground addition for both child and parent. They provide a place for a parent and child to bond while one pushes the other. There is a huge range of different swings on the market. Like other playsets, swings have also undertaken a redesign. They are easier on the eye and function more safely.

A playset should provide a multi-dimensional experience for the children and incorporate different elements to help their development. If you keep this in mind when purchasing your playset, you can’t go wrong.


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