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Why Proximity to Parks Is Such a Plus for Inner City Real Estate

When you’re purchasing or renting a home you will often look at the surrounding perks of living in your area. A home’s for sale or for rent page will have the proximity of the property to local schools, supermarkets, public transport, parks, and other points of attraction.

While you might think that the distance that you are from the supermarket is pretty important, if you are planning on living in the inner city you should take particular notes of the distance of your preferred home to the local parks.

In the inner city, more than suburban life, parks are a very important feature to live nearby too. It can be quite wonderful to live near a large park in the inner city, and most of our capital cities have sprawling acreages in some spots that can be wonderful to explore and immerse yourself in.


Why Proximity to Parks Is Such a Plus for Inner City Real Estate


It’s a breath of fresh air in the city

That lush little oasis in the city isn’t just a nice spot to visit, it’s also helping us to breathe more easily, too. Trees are life-giving to us, in that they soak up the carbon dioxide in the air, and convert it into oxygen, which us humans need to breathe to live! So not only does a patch of inner city trees look good, it’s helping us to breathe easier too.


You’ll relish having some open space

Living in the inner city, especially if you are in a small house or apartment, can often feel very squishy. You’re practically living on top of your neighbours, you can hear all sorts of noises at all hours of the day and night, and you might even feel like you just live in a concrete jungle a lot of the time. Having parks to visit where you have a little bit of wide, open space can help you to feel relaxed and calm again in a very busy world.


If you have children, they can play outdoors there

Having a place for children to play in is essential, whether you live out in the countryside and have wide open spaces, or you live in the inner city where there’s not much about. Having playground setups in parks nearby ensures that your children get that essential physical and mental stimulation that they need to grow up into strong, capable, able teens and adults. Taking them out to play in the nearby inner city parks provides a fresh change from being cooped up inside all day, especially if you don’t have a yard and live in an apartment.


It’s important to feel that connection with nature

There is something that feels so calming and right being surrounded by nature. As our cities grow, there becomes less and less of the natural world about, as we pave over the forest and subdivide our homes to sell the valuable real estate. When you take yourself down to the local park you feel like you can finally reconnect with nature again, all without having to take a long road trip out to where things are more lush and green. It provides a welcome respite in a world where nature is slowly getting edged out around us.


They’re great to exercise in

With a big enough park, it can be a great spot to head down to, to do some exercise in. It sure beats pounding the city pavements (which are often crowded with other people, unless you’re exercising very early or very late), hiring an exercise machine for home, or joining a gym. You should look to see if the park has a running track, has boot camp offerings, or some parks are even outfitted with exercise equipment at various stations around the place. If there are none of these things but a nice spot of grass, you can do your own yoga, or hire a personal trainer to help keep you fit out in the park – they’ll usually even bring some equipment to help you.

When you’re planning on buying or renting real estate in the inner city, it really pays to have a look at where the nearest parks are, how large they are, and what facilities they have on offer. Take advantage of your surroundings and get to the park as often as you can to really make the most out of life. We might live in a concrete world, but there are some wonderful corners of it if you just take a look and get out there.


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