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Why Spring is a Great Time to Install A Garden Shed in Sydney

Spring has sprung, the weather is warming up, and it’s time to get yourself outdoors and into the action with some camping trips, bike rides, boat trips – and all the rest. It’s also time to spend some quality time in the man cave outdoors with the boys having a yarn and catching up on a Friday over the week that was. Maybe even catch a game of cricket on the tele.


Of course, the wife won’t want you and your mates getting rowdy in her well-kept house. It’s understandable because some of the boys are much to be desired when it comes to grace and poise in front of the opposite sex.


You need a place where you can get loud and rowdy and not have to worry about dropping the F-bomb when your favourite team is getting slaughtered by the underdog and the bet you made is looking like it’s on its way south.


You need a place to store all your toys for the summer. The dirt bike, the boat, the jet ski, and all the tools that you will never use to fix them. Most importantly, you need a space to relax and unwind where everything is allowed, and a women’s intervention is not welcome. Yes, that’s right everyone needs a space and a place to congregate, free from judgement where you can be the beastliest self you can. That my friends,is exactly what a man cave is for.


If you haven’t already got one, it’s time to start shopping around for one that will suit your needs and house all your priorities in life – such as the jet ski or the dirt bike.


Setup is crucial when it comes to a man cave. You need a practical space where you can work on your vehicles. At least one car bay is optimal, but then again, what about the dirt bikes? They can hardly be left out in the cold weather to suffer! Two car bays should be ample space for your bikes and your car. Don’t worry about the wife’s Barina, it can be parked outside in the drive, where it belongs.


Let’s be honest, apart from shopping and a run around vehicle, what pleasure does that car bring to anyone’s life? It hardly makes the hairs on your head stand up, as the roar of the engine fires up, your hands grip the wheel, knuckles drained of blood and burning with desire. That, of course, is left to the high-powered performance vehicle that needs to be kept in safely in the shed.


Your tools will also need a home, preferably next to the cars for easy access, obviously. A well maintained and arranged tool area is a godsend when it comes time to giving the toys some tender loving care or general maintenance.


Then comes the most important thing. The entertainment area decked out completely with a stereo that’s way too loud, a TV that’s way too big, and maybe some video game consoles for the boy’s nights in. Spring is a great time to install a garden shed for practical reasons too, not just for your own hedonistic endeavours.


Here is the boring part. Your mower and all yard maintenance equipment need a home, too. Obviously not as much as your dirt bikes’ but they still need to be protected from the elements, because mowers and all that jazz are rather expensive and keeping them safe and sound undercover will extend their life dramatically. Now is the best time to install a garden shed, regardless of which season it is. But it happens to be Spring, so get your butt into gear and get yourself a backyard shed. It will improve your life in so many different ways.


For starters, your relationship with the wife or girlfriend will improve, because you will have somewhere to go and give you and her some necessary space that is required for a healthy relationship.


Secondly, you will have a home for all your toys and tools to keep them safe and out of the weather. These cost a lot of money so it’s worth shelling out a few bucks for the shed to keep them in tip-top condition this spring.


And last but not least, you will have a place for you and the boys to watch the big games and get as loud and as rowdy as you like, without having to worry about offending anyone, particularly your better half. So do yourself a favour get a shed this Spring. You will thank me for it later.

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