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What We Overlook When Cleaning

Its amazing how many places we completely *over look* when we clean our homes each week. Of course, this oversight isnt always intentional maybe its something as simple as an item is too heavy for you to move, or youre just not tall enough to reach, or maybe you just never even gave it a *second thought* – its just a place you never thought to clean.

Heres a list of things we forget to clean but should.


What We Overlook When Cleaning


  1. Throw pillows – while most of us know how important it is to clean our bedroom pillows, those throw pillows on the bed or sofa are forgotten about. You rest your head on them, or you place them under your feet and over time these pillows collect a lot of dirt. You don’t have to do it weekly, but try and remember once a month to remove the pillow covers (if you can) and place them in the wash, or use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and give them a good vacuum.
  2. Handles, knobs and switches  keep in mind – especially if you have children that a lot of dirty hands in the house grab door handles, knobs and turn switches on and off. You’d think they would be regularly disinfected, but again they are overlooked. Next time you clean, use disinfectant wipes over all these items – especially in the bathroom and bedroom
  3. Overhead lights  we all love those shades and light fittings on the ceiling, but be honest – how often do we clean them? Most of us just clean what is in our line of sights and forget that there is dirt and dust accumulating there every day.
  4. Remote Controls – again these are devices everyone touches every single day and when we touch them they start accumulating a lot of germs and oil from our hands. It’s important to wipe them over regularly especially if you have young children in the house.
  5. Rubbish Bins – most of us have some form of small to medium sized rubbish bin in the kitchen – bathroom and bedrooms, for those little everyday pieces of rubbish and food scraps. Hands up how many of us just pull the rubbish bag out, and replace the bin with a new bag, without even looking inside? A lot of bacteria can still make its way inside the bin – especially if the bag has a rip or tear in it, so you should always wash out your bin regularly to keep it smelling fresh and free from germs.
  6. House Plants – you don’t realise what *dust collectors* house plants can be. We remember to water them regularly to keep them nice and fresh – but we forget to wipe off the dust. Try it today and you’ll be amazed how much dust you wipe away.
  7. Wall hanging – whether these are picture frames or wall hangings – like dream catchers etc you should clean them regularly too you’d be amazed how much dirt and dust they collect over time.
  8. Window Tracks – include cleaning the tracks of your sliding windows as part of your regular routine. We always remember to clean the glass of the window, after all, all that dust, smeared fingerprints and grime can be seen easily, however we overlook cleaning the track of the window. Over time a lot of dirt and dust builds up in those tracks and when you have the window open, all that dirt and dust is being spread around your home. Grab the vacuum cleaner and attachment and clean these tracks regularly- BEFORE you clean the glass.
  9. Hairbrushes and combs – are the perfect environment for bacteria – we use these objects every day and yet we forget to clean them. Over time hair, sebum, conditioner, styling products, dust, shampoo and conditioner residue gets trapped on your hairbrush, to avoid allergies and rashes – always remove hair every time you brush or comb.
  10. Shower Curtains – the humidity inside your bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for germs to grow. We scrub the floor tiles, the sink and the bath every week because we know these damp humid areas are perfect places for mould and bacteria to grow. However, we forget that the shower curtain is subject to those same conditions. Once a month take your shower curtain down, most can be hand or machine washed, wash it and pop it out on the clothesline to dry – the sun and wind will do it good! Shower curtains are often made from synthetic fibres and won’t take long to dry – even in winter.


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