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Things most of us forget when cleaning our kitchens
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10 Things Most of Us Forget When Cleaning Our Kitchens

Chores. The thing we all need to do but would rather bully the kids into handling. Unfortunately, when it comes to certain tasks, its easier to do it yourself that foist it onto your children. While they can do a passable job of washing the car or raking the leaves, youll probably save yourself a lot of hassle if you do the kitchens and bathrooms yourself. Probably the laundry too, unless you want all your clothes to end up pink and shrunken.

Bathrooms are sensitive areas, because not only are dirty bathrooms icky and unhygienic, they can get mouldy and spread infections. Kitchens are even more sensitive because any stray bacteria can end up putting your whole family in the hospital, or leaving an even worse impression on house guests.

If youd like to keep your kitchen spotless, you could hire a bi-weekly cleaning crew to come through and do all your scrubbing. But unless you also have a personal chef, youll still have to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. As you do your routine after-dinner cleaning, its easy to overlook a few things. Chances are some of these cleaning tasks have never even crossed your mind.

Whats the first thing you do when you walk into your kitchen in the morning? As a hint, its also the last thing you do when you leave at night. Thats right, you flip the switch. Now, think about everything else you do before you touch that switch. You touch your face and hair. You use the bathroom. You run your fingers over surfaces, looking or dust. You dip your hands in sticky food and dirty dishes. You drip soap suds. And all of that ends up on the light switch, yet you never once think of wiping it down. You might not even realise how filthy it is until you take a conscious look at its grimy, darkened form. Oops!


10 Things Most of Us Forget When Cleaning Our Kitchens


Theres another type of switch that you neglect: the power outlets in your electrical appliances. If you move the fridge or microwave to clean the power plugs, youll notice another thing you frequently forget to clean. How often do you wipe or scrub the space below, beside, or between your appliances? They accumulate a lot of dust and gunk from your devices, but while you wipe the counters, the floors, and maybe even the devices themselves, you rarely look around or beneath them.

That deals with the large permanent appliances, but what about the smaller, more portable ones? When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker or the electric kettle? You probably refill them several times a day, but you do need to dismantle them and give them a thorough cleansing every now and then. And if youre a typical home resident, you probably need to give some extra attention to your toaster, sandwich maker, or waffle iron as well.

In terms of your kitchen linens, you can probably tell that you need to wash your dishcloths or counter wipes when they start to smell or lose colour. Hopefully, you dont wait that long. But two things you definitely forget to clean are the hooks and racks that your linens hang on, so give them a quick wipe now, or scrub them if they have grubby hand stains.

Also, how often do you clean your dish rack? You probably havent considered it, since it holds clean dishes, but as the water drips off the dishes and settles on the rack, it often collects dust. And as the water sits on the rack, it can get filmy and leave water marks, so be sure to wash it once youve put your dishes away.

Youre probably pretty good about cleaning your fridge, but when was the last time you cleaned your ice cube trays or ice maker? And have you checked at the door and outside walls of your fridge and cooking stove? Have a quick glance and do the necessary. While youre cleaning out your fridge shelves, dont forget the rest of your kitchen shelves and drawers. While the items inside them may be clean, the storage spaces themselves are likely thick with dust.

Finally, inspect your kitchen furniture. Its routine to clean table tops and seat cushions, but if you bend your head just a tad and look beneath the furniture, youll see that chair legs and tables catch food stains too. They probably have a lot of palm prints from little hands as well. At that angle, youll also spot unexpected stains on the doors and walls of your cupboards and floor-level storage, so get to it!




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