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Industrial and Domestic Filtration

Industrial and Domestic Filtration

Filtration media is used to separate water from solids that may be harmful to the environment. It is applicable in wastewater and industrial filtration where there is the removal of solid waste from the water before recycling. The filtered solid waste is often taken to a landfill. In industrial filtration, the media can be used to rid engine oil of impurities that make it lose its lubricating properties. Most engine oils are kept clean through the use of an oil centrifuge.

The oil centrifuge

Engine oil is not something that you change often. Most car owners change engine oil after six months. However, there is some contamination of the oil after prolonged use. When the engine oil is contaminated, it no longer lubricates the engine as it should, and it also does not maintain the hydraulic system. Since you do not want to keep on changing your engine oil, you are advised to use an oil centrifuge.

An oil centrifuge system separates liquids from solids or liquids from other less dense liquids. In the centrifuge system, contaminants in the oil that are dense are removed. Oil centrifuges are more effective than other filtration systems as they remove the contaminants more efficiently. The main reason for the efficiency is in how the system operates. In a centrifuge system, its effectiveness is determined by the differences in the densities of the solids. However, in a filtration system, solids are removed through a sieve where any impurities that can pass through the sieve escape through the system.

If you want to derive maximum benefits from the centrifuge system, mount it permanently on the engine. Installing it on the engine will ensure that your car’s engine oil lasts its entire lifespan. The benefits also extend to cleaning fluids in the gearbox, hydraulic system, and transmission. Depending on the contaminants you want to take care of, you can use the centrifuge system together with another purification device to save you the cost of oil replacement.

Waste Water Filtration

Wastewater from industries needs to be clean and free of impurities before it is released for recycling or to the sewer. Since the water often contains large amounts of solids, a filtration system separates the solids from the water. The solid waste is either incinerated or taken to a landfill for recycling. Employing a wastewater filtration process saves on water expenses as the recycled water can be beneficial for other purposes such as watering gardens.

Filter Media Rolls

These are useful in vacuum cleaners and paint booths. They may also be helpful in lapping, cleaning, hot rolling, cold rolling, food oil fryers, fine machining, and fine grinding. They help trap impurities and odours and prevent them from getting into areas that they are not supposed to access. Filter media rolls are available as large sheet rolls where one cuts a size that fits their intended purpose. 

In conclusion, whether in an industrial or domestic setting, you can employ the services of filtration media in various tasks. The different media available in the market will serve your need as there is a variety of them available. There is no need to risk contaminating the environment or putting your health at risk when filtration media are available to prevent this; look for one that suits your specific requirement. 

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